It Looks Like A Normal Beach But It’s Not. What Happened at :35 Left Me SPEECHLESS!

There’s nothing like a relaxing vacation by the beach with the family.  Warm rays of sunshine, the relaxing rhythm of the water in the ocean, the sound of water splashing up against the vertical rocks in the distance, what more could you ask for? Especially when you are at an exotic location with a beautiful barrier reef to add to the drama of the setting. Most people in the video below figured they were in the perfect safe paradise where nothing could ever go wrong, however this stunning reef has a little secret.

The beautiful reef is called the Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.  Vacationers were sitting, enjoying the peaceful, gorgeous beach when nature presented an awesome surprise. As if an act from the heavens above a giant wave all of a sudden breaches the mountains.

Watch this video to enjoy the magnificent moments that occur to the amazement of the vacationers.  An enormous wave crosses over the barrier reef to be followed by several more spectacular ones.  Enjoy this breathtaking moment of mother nature!

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