Man Goes Face First Into One Of The Biggest Waves On The Planet. What The Camera Caught Is UNTHINKABLE!

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If a 50 foot wave was barreling down upon you, the last thing you’d do is sit there and dive right into it! Waves are incredibly powerful and way too easy to underestimate. Even a 10 foot one is quite daunting to face, let alone one over six stories tall. Only a few brave souls on Earth would dare do such a thing and the majority of them, if not all, are big wave surfers.

Clark Little likes to surf but he takes on monster waves for a different reason, one that doesn’t involve riding a board. He gets in the water for the unique photo opportunities the waves present when they break on the sandy shore.

The avid wave photographer is no stranger to danger. For him, being tossed and thrown about by the ocean surf crashing onto the beach is all in a days work. The images he has managed to capture are absolutely beautiful and majestic. They’re full of light, liquid, movement, and are worthy of being framed and hung up on the wall for all to admire. You can view some of them in the accompanying video where he talks about his passion and love for what he does.

Little didn’t ever plan on making a career out of photographing waves. He kind of fell into it after his wife came home one day with a piece of art that featured the nearby Waimea shore break. He looked at the photo and thought that he could capture an even better picture so he took a waterproof camera and headed to the beach.

He proved himself right and the awesome photos he’s taken over the years speak for themselves.

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It Looks Like A Normal Beach But It’s Not. What Happened at :35 Left Me SPEECHLESS!

There’s nothing like a relaxing vacation by the beach with the family.  Warm rays of sunshine, the relaxing rhythm of the water in the ocean, the sound of water splashing up against the vertical rocks in the distance, what more could you ask for? Especially when you are at an exotic location with a beautiful barrier reef to add to the drama of the setting. Most people in the video below figured they were in the perfect safe paradise where nothing could ever go wrong, however this stunning reef has a little secret.

The beautiful reef is called the Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.  Vacationers were sitting, enjoying the peaceful, gorgeous beach when nature presented an awesome surprise. As if an act from the heavens above a giant wave all of a sudden breaches the mountains.

Watch this video to enjoy the magnificent moments that occur to the amazement of the vacationers.  An enormous wave crosses over the barrier reef to be followed by several more spectacular ones.  Enjoy this breathtaking moment of mother nature!

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