Apparently You Should Never Wear A Hairband Like THIS. The Reason Is Terrifying!

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Many girls and women are into the new ribbon hair ties that don’t leave marks when you wear a ponytail.  We use them over and over again, and sometimes wear them on our wrists, in case we decide to put our hair up later.  They get washed from time to time, but I can at least say for myself after watching this cautionary video, definitely not enough!!

The following footage that you are about to watch below, is told by Audrey Kopp whose story is really frightening.  She had been wearing her sparkly hair tie on her wrist, as she always did when not using it in her hair.  She noticed a red mark on her wrist, which she at first thought was a spider bite.  It kept getting more and more inflamed and painful, which luckily got her to go see a doctor.

The unwashed hair tie had picked up bacteria, possibly in part because of the sparkly texture, which caused a really deep infection.  If it had been left untreated, it could have resulted in sepsis, which would have been live threatening!

The doctor had initially given her an antibiotic, but the infection worsened, eventually requiring an emergency surgery! A surgical incision and drainage to remove the puss-filled abscess, by Dr. Amit Gupta at Norton Healthcare, is explained in the video below.

The bacteria from Audree’s hair tie had made it’s way beneath her skin into her pores and hair follicles.  She, in fact, had 3 types of infection: strep, staph and gram-negative.  Listen to Audree’s description of what she went through and how grateful she is that the infection was treated before  “[her] body shut down…and [she had gone] into a coma”.

She and her doctor felt this was so important to share on Facebook; no one would ever dream that placing a hair tie on their wrist, which so many people do without even thinking, could have such dire consequences!  Be sure to wash your hair ties regularly and keep them off your wrists!

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Video: Daddy Puts Newborn’s Arm Beneath The Covers. But Baby’s Other Arm Just Won’t Cooperate.

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Having a newborn baby can be stressful; as the saying goes “your life will never be the same again”…but the magical and adorable aspects definitely outweigh the stress.  Every movement and new development leaves parents in a state of awe.

Often parents watch their baby blissfully sleeping, never expecting something completely hilarious to occur.  The video you are about to watch shows the new parents of baby Tyler, settling him into his crib, as he has already fallen asleep.

As they try tucking him in with his blanket, they notice one of his little arms is up in the air, and they attempt to lower it so that they can cozy him up.  What happens when they gently push his arm down is laugh out loud funny…watch and enjoy!

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