Bear Hit With a Tranquilizer Is Suffering In The Water. Then THIS Guy Swims Towards It and Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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Most people have very few interactions with real wildlife. Sure, you might see the occasional rabbit in the garden or deer crossing the street. However, we mostly see pest animals like squirrels, seagulls, and a bug or two. Seeing a rare animal is equally intriguing as it is dangerous.

One day, in Alligator Point on Sait James Island, Florida, such an interaction occurred. A 375-pound black bear was sniffing around the neighborhood. Naturally, when he entered a home, wildlife conservation officers were called. When the officers arrived, everything was going fine. That is until they shot the bear with a tranquilizer.

A common misconception about tranquilizers is that they all immediately neutralize the recipient. This is, of course, true of some. To the dismay of everyone involved, this situation was not one of those examples. Instead of subduing the creature, the tranquilizer sent the bear into a panic.

The bear bolted with the officers close behind. He quickly reached the nearest body of water and began swimming out. It was at that point that the sedative began to take effect. The bear began to lose its bearings.

Back on land, one of the people handling the situation was Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Warwick immediately noticed the bear’s change in behavior and knew that if he didn’t act quickly, the bear would surely drown. Without hesitation, Warwick dove into the water and started swimming toward him.

Warwick grabbed the bear and began swimming back towards shallow water and the other officers. The bear was not entirely asleep and tried to stay afloat by climbing on top of Adam. The bear’s attempts were in vain as it was losing control of its legs. In retrospect, this was probably what saved Warwick’s life. He safely got the bear back to the officers with barely a scratch on him. Despite immense risk, Warwick miraculously put his own life on the line to save the animal. Would you do the same?

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Giant Bear Was About To Drown In The Ocean! But You Will Never Believe What This Man Does About It!

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Bears are one of the strongest predators on the planet. They can smell a scent 20 miles away upwind, run upwards of 40 mph, are have teeth and claws that are over an inch long. Attributes like these mean that they are built for hunting and it’s always best to try and avoid them.

These days it seems that there are more and more run-ins between people and bears, specifically black bears. They have proven to be incredibly resilient animals who’ve learned to adapt to our human ways and that has led to an uptick in the number of incidents.

Oftentimes the bears are simply being bears and looking for an easy meal. They smell a birdfeeder or trash and will rummage through it to get a bite to eat. On a few occasions, bears have been known to break into cars to get at a candy bar or tasty treat inside, and left the vehicle torn to shreds in their relentless pursuit of a snack.

In many states when a bear becomes a nuisance, by continuously breaking into dumpsters or other sources of food and being too comfortable around humans, they get tagged and trapped. The bear is then relocated far away from where it was captured and released in the hopes that it will not find its way back.

This was what authorities in Florida were trying to do when they received reports of a 400 pound black bear wandering through a residential neighborhood in Alligator Point, Florida. The bear was spotted going through the trash before entering into a home and had already been ear tagged, so they knew it wasn’t the first time this particular bear had wandered too close for comfort.

After locating the massive animal they hit it with a tranquilizer dart, but that spooked the bear and it took off towards the ocean. The bear started to swim out into the Gulf of Mexico just as the tranquilizer was taking effect.

If he went out too far, he would certainly drown and so a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist looking on went in right after him. Adam Warwick jumped into the ocean without even thinking twice about his own health and safety in order to try and rescue the huge bear. He swam out to it, grabbed the bear around the neck, and started kicking his way back towards shore.

When he first reached the bear it was still awake, but the tranquilizer was quickly causing it to lose its ability to move. The panicked bear struggled to stay afloat and like any drowning animal, it tried to climb on Adam to stay above the water, pushing him down in the process.

Thankfully for Adam, the bear stopped struggling soon afterwards and he reached shallower water. Working calmly, he grabbed the bear by the scruff and dragged him as far as he could using the water to buoy the bear’s massive weight.

Once they reached the shore, it became too difficult to move the heavy animal and so a backhoe was brought in and picked up the groggy bear. From the beach it was loaded onto a truck and driven far away, eventually being relocated to Osceola National Forest.

In the end, the bear survived the traumatizing ordeal and suffered no injuries. Incredibly, Adam suffered only one scratch from his daring rescue mission.

At any moment the semi-lucid bear could have easily bit or swiped at him, but it never once even tried to. All in all, it seems that the worst case scenario of the tranquilized bear running into the ocean turned into the best case scenario of a successful rescue with no one harmed.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Lady Waves At A Bear As They Drive By. But How It Reacts OMG!

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Bears don’t always wave back but when they do, it’s because they’re ultra-smart and friendly! At least one part of that statement is true because bears are seriously clever animals. In fact, many experts believe they are the most intelligent animal in all of North America.

However, the vast majority of bears are not friendly, after all they are wild animals who act on their instincts. People should stay well away from them if they value their health and continued existence on this planet.

Even so, there are always those rare individuals who end up surprising the heck out of us and bears are no exception to this sentiment. The big friendly Kodiak bear in this short video is one of the friendliest, most laid back bears you’ll likely ever come across.

He lives in Washington state at the Olympic Game Farm, a sanctuary that focuses on animals that were used in show business. Perhaps he’s just used to people and likes them, or he’s loving retirement, but this bear is really nice!

As the people in the car filming pull up alongside the gentle looking giant the woman in the passenger seat throws up a hand and waves at him. Much to their surprise the bear, who’s sitting comically on his rear end in the dirt near the road, returns the gesture and waves right back at them!

It’s almost as if the bear knows the people and is waving at them to say hello. This is something you have to see to truly appreciate how cool it really is, it’s easily one of the most hilarious and awesome bear-moments caught on tape!

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