That Car Parks Directly In Front Of This Dog. Now Watch The Dog’s Back. WOW!

Oh my god, this is adorable. I could watch this video over and over and still giggle every time. The dogs feels the groove! When a car pulls up playing an upbeat tune, a dog on the street starts dancing to the sound. He bounces up and down in perfect time, taking small steps in no particular direction as he wiggles.

The pup doesn’t seem to think much of the event, which might mean that its a typical part of his day. When the music stops, he straightens his legs and continues on his way. I’ve never seen anything like it! Here is a dog that really knows how to get down. It dances like no one is watching and practically drops the mic when it’s done.

The canine must have exceptionally strong muscles around its knee joints from all the bending and lengthening of its legs. One might think that perhaps it spent some time in dance lessons, but clearly it is intuitive in its boogie because its moves and timing come so natural. Does it change its step to different genres?

If some good ol’ Sinatra was playing, would the dog get some swing in its swagger? Or maybe it knows the samba or conga and waltzes to slow songs. Certainly the dog has a lady friend roaming the streets that he pulls in for a tango when the time is right. And I’ll bet a little funky disco gets his bones going in the morning.

Don’t be surprised when you see him sway and spin under the sparkly stars, because this dog’s jive ain’t ever slowing down.

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