She Places Marbles Inside This Sticky Mixture. But When She’s Done It’s Unexpectedly Brilliant!

It’s spring and almost summertime! Time to fill yourself with the life that is thriving everywhere. Fresh food, bright colors, vibrant cocktails, and sunshine are all in abundance this time of year. You can bring the spirit of summer into your home with fun do-it-yourself crafts like the one in this video.

It’s super easy to make these beach reminiscent coasters at home with just a couple simple materials and a little bit of time. You can even get creative and make whatever design you can imagine.

First, you start with a silicone coaster mold. Fill the molds with floral stones, of whatever color variety you choose, to decide how many stones you need for each mold. In the video she uses yellow, green, and blue, but you could use whatever colors you like or arrange them together to make multi-colored coasters.

Once you have your designs, remove the stones from the molds to get ready for the mixing of your concrete or cement. Follow the instructions on the package that you purchased. You will be mixing a number of parts concrete to the necessary parts of water.

For example, in this video she uses one part water to four parts cement, which she translated to a quarter cup of water to one cup of powder. Mix the concrete and pour just enough into the molds to cover the bottoms. Then, place your stones in your desired design and press them into place. Let the concrete dry and pop out your new coasters! These can also be used as colored tiles to spruce up your patio.

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