Dad Confronts His 2 Dogs About Who Ate His Shoes. How The Guilty 1 Confesses Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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We know that dogs understand commands, and as all you dog owners out there know, we do plenty of talking to our furry friends that is more complex than simple commands like Sit and Stay.  We go on and on asking them questions, telling them how much we love them etc. etc.

Do we all believe that they understand us as we babble on and on?  Well, if you have any questions about this reality, the VIDEO you are about to watch below will make you a believer in your dog’s level of comprehension.  Daniel Martino discovered one of his slippers had been chomped on and confronted the two culprits…his two adorable Dachshund and Pit Bull pups.

As the interrogation begins about which one of them was responsible… “Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?”, each of their reactions are priceless!  They are literally like two children whose hands were caught in the cookie jar.

The Dachshund stands up to the pressure, alternately lowering his eyes and trying to win his human over with his expression, but the Pit Bull’s guilty reaction is a hilarious sight to see!

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