Husband Builds a Beautiful Tree Stump House For His Wife

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It’s always really sad when an old beautiful tree dies on my land and then needs to be cut down. After the tree is cut down and any dangerous areas that could potentially fall on someone are removed a left over stump sits there on the ground. Not only is it a reminder of the loss of the majestic tree but it can be pretty a big eye sore.

A married couple faced this exact scenario with an unsightly stump right smack in the front of their yard, after her husband chopped the old dead tree down. They were faced with a dilemma. To they bring somebody in to remove the left over stump or maybe come up with something imaginative in it’s place

In the footage below, the man’s wife decided to come up with one of the most creative, magical and charming idea for that eye-sore of a stump.  Knowing that her husband is great with his hand woodworking and cutting with a saw she knew her vision could be executed in just a short time.

She explained her idea to her husband who was surprisingly super excited to get started on the project.  In the video below she takes us through each step and all the materials (which she clarifies are all very cheap and affordable), and were bought at the local Lowe’s hardware and the Dollar Store in their town, that went into this magical and whimsical creation.

Together the couple transformed an unsightly stump into a creative, beautiful and inviting ‘Tree Stump House For Gnomes’. It really adds such a nice pleasant piece of wooden art that gives their front yard some amazing character.  All their family and friends want one to and love coming over to check out the magical little Gnome house.  It gives them pleasure each day and has been enjoyed by friends and neighbors alike.

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Look At What Happens When He Enters The Key And Opens It Up. The Result Made My Jaw Drop!

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This cabinet is a completely unique and one of a kind piece, that has hidden secrets that will blow your mind.  As well as the cabinet being completely amazing, it also has a very interesting history. It was first built in 1778 and finished in 1779 by, David Roentgen, a world renowned carpenter who was a true master of his craft.

He used different types of wood, metals, ivory, mother of pearl and silk to finish this beautiful piece of art.  When he was finished constructing the complex cabinet, Johann Christian Krause pulled it all together by incorporating the mechanical features. This craftsmanship is truly one of a kind and legendary.

Three of these cabinets were made, with slightly different looks and were all sold to European royal families.  This specific piece was bought by King Frederick William II of Prussia.The most mind blowing part about this cabinet is that it was built before there was any modern technology.

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