Husband Builds a Beautiful Tree Stump House For His Wife

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It’s always really sad when an old beautiful tree dies on my land and then needs to be cut down. After the tree is cut down and any dangerous areas that could potentially fall on someone are removed a left over stump sits there on the ground. Not only is it a reminder of the loss of the majestic tree but it can be pretty a big eye sore.

A married couple faced this exact scenario with an unsightly stump right smack in the front of their yard, after her husband chopped the old dead tree down. They were faced with a dilemma. To they bring somebody in to remove the left over stump or maybe come up with something imaginative in it’s place

In the footage below, the man’s wife decided to come up with one of the most creative, magical and charming idea for that eye-sore of a stump.  Knowing that her husband is great with his hand woodworking and cutting with a saw she knew her vision could be executed in just a short time.

She explained her idea to her husband who was surprisingly super excited to get started on the project.  In the video below she takes us through each step and all the materials (which she clarifies are all very cheap and affordable), and were bought at the local Lowe’s hardware and the Dollar Store in their town, that went into this magical and whimsical creation.

Together the couple transformed an unsightly stump into a creative, beautiful and inviting ‘Tree Stump House For Gnomes’. It really adds such a nice pleasant piece of wooden art that gives their front yard some amazing character.  All their family and friends want one to and love coming over to check out the magical little Gnome house.  It gives them pleasure each day and has been enjoyed by friends and neighbors alike.

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These Guys Were Just Walking On A Frozen Lake But When The Camera Pans Down My Jaw Dropped!

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Mere mortals can only dream of walking on water, but a group of hikers came close to doing exactly that. They walked on ice that was so crystal clear and smooth that it looked as if they were walking on water. Tomas Nunuk was trekking through Slovakia’s Tatras mountain range with some friends when they came upon a lake called Velke Hincovo Pleso.

The beautiful body of water is located 6,300 feet above sea level near the looming Koprovsky stit mountain. This isn’t just any old lake, it’s the deepest one in all of Slovakia, measuring 176 feet at its deepest point.

When the hikers reached the waters edge, a spectacular sight met their eyes. The surface of the lake was completely frozen solid but the ice was crystal clear, to the point that it was see through. There were no white spots or gas bubbles marring the clarity of the ice and the rocky bottom of the lake was perfectly visible in the shallow spots.

Thomas recorded the moment that he and his friend stepped out onto the ice and they can be seen gingerly walking across glassy surface. The video quickly went viral after he posted it online, with many people calling it beautiful, and others expressing skepticism about whether or not it was truly real.

The skeptics claimed the ice was too thin to hold the men and that ice that clear simply doesn’t exist in nature. Those claims were subsequently proven false by locals, weather experts, and science. A Slovakian man, Igor Ludma, explained that ice can look like glass “when the temperatures fall from being relatively mild to very cold very quickly, and at the same time it’s important that there has not been any snow which tends to make the ice very cloudy.

And we have had those conditions lately which would explain this very clear ice.” AccuWeather, a provider of weather forecast services worldwide, affirmed that Slovakia had experienced the type of weather conditions described by Ludma. In addition, when addressing the video in a post online, AccuWeather also cleared up the other issue surrounding the clear ice.

They added that according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, “clear ice is about twice as strong as white ice since it is much more dense…Ice looks cloudy and white when it has air bubbles due to thawing and refreezing.” Thus, the ice could have indeed held the men and exist in the first place at that time, in that area.

It seems to be that the lake ice that day was simply another one of mother nature’s beautiful and strange phenomenons. One thing is for certain, the footage of it is amazing and I’d love for the chance to be able to walk across a lake like that!

Would you walk across this ice? Let us know!

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She Coils Her Hair Around This Regular Straw. When She’s Done An Unexpected Stunning Surprise!

Do you love curly hair, but lack the time and patience it takes to attain it? If you’re short on time in the morning and have flat or unruly hair, then you know how much of a pain it can be to try and style it into the perfect look. Most of the time people just throw their hair up in a bun or let it fall as it may. When it comes down to it, achieving beautiful looking hair is hard to do outside of a salon, especially well defined and perfect curls.

It takes time, patience, and a lot of heat and styling products to get frizz free curls, at least that’s what most of us commonly assume. However, there is a much easier and less expensive alternative to traditional methods of curling hair. Best of all, you can do this yourself at night right before you go to bed.

When you wake up all you need is 5 minutes or less for your hair and that’s it! There is no heat, irons, or dryers necessary for this, you don’t even need to shower, but you will need a brush, plastic drinking straws, a spray bottle with water, and some bobby pins.

First you should brush your hair to get any tangles out and make it easier to work with. Take a section of hair and damp it with the spray bottle and water. Then take a straw and wrap the hair around it, starting at the top near your scalp, and working down to the ends. Once the section of hair is completely wrapped around the straw, take a bobby pin and secure the top part to your scalp.

Take another bobby pin and fold the bottom portion of the straw back, so that it naturally seals the lower end of the hair, and pin it into place. Repeat these steps for the rest of your hair until all of it has been sectioned off and secured in place. At a minimum, wait a couple of hours or longer until you’re positive that all your hair has completely dried before taking it out.

The longer you keep the straws and bobby pins in the better, and you can leave them in overnight. When you wake up, or are sure that your hair is dry, simply take a section of hair and remove the bobby pins before sliding the straw out. You can tussle it up and disarrange it for a messier look and add a little hairspray to better hold the curls.

For a quick volume boost try flipping your hair over and spritz some hairspray near the roots, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then flip your head back up. All in all, it’ll only take about 5 minutes to style your curls and you’ll look great.

It really is easy to master and this technique can give you bouncy, frizz free, beautifully defined curls. There’s no need for any products or gadgets, and since it can be done overnight you’ll free up a lot of time in your morning routine, yet still look great.

This video will show you exactly how to curl your hair with straws and it provides a lot of great tips on the process. Check it out and try it tonight!

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At First I Thought It Was A Normal Hummingbird But When His Head Starts Moving An Unexpected Surprise!

If you live in North America and see a hummingbird you’re likely looking at the ruby-throated kind, which is the most common species of the tiny birds. They usually spend summers breeding in the Eastern states before heading south to winter in Central America. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are naturally very inquisitive and if you put up a feeder they will be drawn to it because their curiosity always seems to get the best of them.

The beautiful little birds are lightning quick and love to zip around, so it can be hard to get a good look at one. To gain a new perspective on just how brilliant and good looking the ruby-throat is, check out this amazing video of a male one up close.

As the bird moves his head back and forth the sunlight reflects off his neck and throat feathers, causing them to change colors. This iridescent plumage glitters and seems to magically shift through different jewel tones. It’s one of mother nature’s most colorful displays and absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

The feathers are not actually the color of any of the hues we are seeing. Instead, there are many evenly spaced tiny slits on the feathers which act in unison to create an illusion of different, and ever-changing, coloring. As the light hits the feathers it interacts with the slits and gets diffracted, and that separation causes new wavelengths, which our eyes see as the sudden color changes.

If you didn’t previously understand why people love and go out of their way to feed and attract hummingbirds, perhaps this video will show you why. Plus, the lively little birds are not only pretty to look at, they are also very friendly.

They easily become accustomed to being around people and won’t hesitate to feed at flowers or nectar feeders located close to windows and houses. Support your local ruby-throated hummingbirds today and set up your own feeder. Then you can watch them play and interact with each other as they zip around and magically change color. They can do all that and more, so what else could you ask for?

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He Touches This Strange Silver Sculpture. But When The Wind Hits It Blew My Mind!

Anthony Howe is an accomplished artist who works with steel to create 3D kinetic sculptures that are visually striking and hypnotically beautiful. For over 30 years he has been making them at his Orcas Island, Washington workshop by hand and with the aid of a computer. His wife helps him run the business and sell the artwork, which depending on size and materials can range in price anywhere from $40,000 – $400,000.

Howe’s inspiration was born out of a desire to find beauty and elegance in things that are the opposite of that, awkward and ugly. He explains that it’s the awkwardness of objects, like things that bang against each other or which seem physically impossible, are what sparks his ideas and draws him in.

He strives to both streamline and make things work more beautifully, and his eventual art is masterfully hammered and molded into undulating pieces that move and flow in ways that seem to defy logic. The sculptures he creates resemble optical illusions as they twist and turn in on themselves then fold back out into space, and they’re mesmerizing to watch.

The artistic journey Howe’s been on began years ago soon after he moved to New York to become a painter. As luck would have it he instead ended up working as a superintendent at a warehouse in Manhattan and noticed all the surrounding steel.

He decided to make sculptures out of the metal and explains that he was “bored with everything being static in my visual world, I wanted to see stuff move.” With that concept in mind he set to work creating visually spectacular sculptures that move easily in a breeze, as if they are dancing in the wind.

While the sculptures may look as if they were completely hand-made they are not truly 100% done by hand and Howe does use a computer to help design them. He conceptualizes his basic idea on a computer program first which allows him to see how a certain design will later move in a 3D-type of visual space.

When it comes time to construct a sculpture Howe begins by forming a foundation for the piece and starts it off with a specific individual design. Then he multiplies that design element over and over again, adding it into random or repeating patterns, that eventually come together and make up the completed sculpture. Some of his works appear to always be in motion, even when they are not, because Anthony adds mirrors that reflect and refract light at all times.

Howe clearly loves his craft and excels at making visual works of art. Check out the video to see them in action and to learn more about the artist and his life’s work. Through it all his desire to find elegance in the awkward can be seen as he continues to be inspired by movement, angles, and nature.

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