This ‘Optical Illusion’ Cake Is Breaking The Internet. Watch The Unexpected Surprise When It Starts To Spin!

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Everybody loves cake, right?  Right!  We have all heard the expression “Presentation is everything”, and that saying definitely pertains to the incredible creation you are about to view in the video below.  I love watching cooking shows that involve baking with such talent, that the final result ends up looking like a piece of art that you hesitate to eat, because of it’s beauty.

In the case of this optical illusion cake, that Ayarel has come up with, it is not only totally delicious, but she has ingeniously created a mind-blowing way for the cake to change colors!  Using  two different techniques, she illustrates how this illusion can be done, even by those of us less talented than she is.

The tutorial begins with an iced cake, upon which Ayarel creates a swirling pattern of ridges with an “icing comb”.  With an airbrush she shows us how to apply different colors at certain angles, so that that each color only hits one side of the ridges she has made.

She goes through the steps slowly, so that if you are an adventurous baker you can give it a try, and the end of the tutorial is a sped up version.  The secret to the illusion will be revealed, and the result is mesmerizing!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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If You Keep Your Eyes On This Black Dot For Long Enough Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown!

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If you can’t believe your eyes, you may be looking at an optical illusion. That’s because optical illusions, by definition, are images or sights that strongly disagree with physical reality. When we suddenly realize that not all is as it appears to be, our brains light up and we pay extra attention to whatever it is that’s playing tricks on us.

Since it is our brains that interpret and make sense of all the incoming sights, we often love looking at optical illusions because they’re new challenges for us to take on and figure out. According to Aude Oliva, a cognitive research scientist at MIT, “Anything that is new and surprising is something we naturally like because it means that we may learn something from it.”

It’s no wonder so many of us enjoy illusions, and this one here is no exception! The video features a black and white image of Dunstanburgh Castle, a centuries old fort located on the sea coast of northern England. The directions that accompany the clip tell you exactly how to view the picture and all it requires is that you stare at the dot in the middle of the screen.

As the picture changes from black and white to color, and then back to black and white, your eyes will have a hard time keeping up with it. The cones in the retina of our eyes are responsible for color vision, but when you stare at the bright false color image that the picture switches to, they quickly become desensitized.

That’s why, when the black and white castle appears for the second time, it looks to be in full color. It is because our cones are still briefly sending color signals to our brain and need time to readjust to the new color scheme. After a few seconds they should have re-adjusted and you’re back to seeing the black and white castle.

Here’s a little background information about the interesting visual phenomenons we experience. When it comes to optical illusions, they are all about the eyes, brain, and perception. Specifically, the eyes visually perceive an image which the brain then processes as not fitting in line with or matching the stimulus source that it’s emanating from.

In other words, it’s when you look at something and end up seeing something else that’s completely different. You look at X but think you’re seeing Y. Generally speaking, there are many different types of illusions and optical ones, also known as visual illusions, happen to be the most well known sub-category. To experience one right now, check out the video.

It’s a fun way to fool your senses so have fun and enjoy!

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At First I Thought It Was A Normal Hummingbird But When His Head Starts Moving An Unexpected Surprise!

If you live in North America and see a hummingbird you’re likely looking at the ruby-throated kind, which is the most common species of the tiny birds. They usually spend summers breeding in the Eastern states before heading south to winter in Central America. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are naturally very inquisitive and if you put up a feeder they will be drawn to it because their curiosity always seems to get the best of them.

The beautiful little birds are lightning quick and love to zip around, so it can be hard to get a good look at one. To gain a new perspective on just how brilliant and good looking the ruby-throat is, check out this amazing video of a male one up close.

As the bird moves his head back and forth the sunlight reflects off his neck and throat feathers, causing them to change colors. This iridescent plumage glitters and seems to magically shift through different jewel tones. It’s one of mother nature’s most colorful displays and absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

The feathers are not actually the color of any of the hues we are seeing. Instead, there are many evenly spaced tiny slits on the feathers which act in unison to create an illusion of different, and ever-changing, coloring. As the light hits the feathers it interacts with the slits and gets diffracted, and that separation causes new wavelengths, which our eyes see as the sudden color changes.

If you didn’t previously understand why people love and go out of their way to feed and attract hummingbirds, perhaps this video will show you why. Plus, the lively little birds are not only pretty to look at, they are also very friendly.

They easily become accustomed to being around people and won’t hesitate to feed at flowers or nectar feeders located close to windows and houses. Support your local ruby-throated hummingbirds today and set up your own feeder. Then you can watch them play and interact with each other as they zip around and magically change color. They can do all that and more, so what else could you ask for?

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