Can You Find The Hidden Cell Phone? Most People Can’t.

At first glance nothing about the photograph below of a table sitting on a rug sticks out. The white end table is basic and plain, whereas the black and white floral patterned carpet is detailed and kind of busy. They go together well but there’s nothing all that exciting or different about the picture.

However, as the age-old saying goes, looks can be deceiving! There is actually a very common object hidden somewhere in this photo. Look closely and see if you can spot the cell phone. It’s there right in front of your eyes, hiding in plain sight. Can you spot it!?

This picture has been making the rounds online because it has managed to stump so many people all over the world. In fact, the majority of people who attempt to find the mobile phone simply end up staring at the image in vain. They just cannot detect where it is because it blends in so smoothly with the background!

Don’t worry if it takes you longer than you ever expected to find it, or can’t detect it at all. In a way, this image search is similar to when you misplace something and go crazy looking all around for it, just to find out that the whole entire time it was right in front of your face! Here’s a hint if you need one: the cell phone is near the right table leg.

Check it out and look to see whether or not you’re able to spot the cell phone. Good luck!

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Can You Find The 6 Hidden Words In This Vacation Scene?

If you are in need of a fun distraction then look no further! This hidden picture puzzle is the perfect thing to keep your mind and eyes busy for a minute or two.

The cartoon drawing of a father fishing with his two children below has six words concealed somewhere within it. The strategically hidden words all relate to the vacation scene in one way or another and depending on how fast you pick up on them this could take you six seconds or six minutes to solve!

The G-rated cartoon drawing featured below contains a total of six words that are hidden somewhere within it. They have all been strategically concealed in the cheery picture of two children fishing off a dock alongside their father who’s relaxing and reading a book.

Each word is related directly to the vacation scene depicted here in one way or another and while some may stand out to you, a few will take some searching to find! Depending on how fast you pick up on them all, this may take you five seconds or five minutes to solve. See how quickly you’re able to complete the challenge.

Illustrations like this are great for passing the time and keeping yourself or anyone else, especially young kids, occupied. Pass it along, and test yourself to see if you can find all six hidden words!

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Can You Spot The Hidden Dog In This Picture?

There is more than what initially meets the eye to this simple black and white drawing of an old man wearing a hat. The illustration was created by Valentine Dubinin, a cartoonist and animator from Russia who works as a freelance artist. But before reading any further, take a good look at it and see if you are able to spot the dog that’s hidden within it!

Were you able to find the dog, or can you only see the old man? After staring at the picture for a few seconds and reading this, most people are able to make out both the man and the dog. If you still can’t decipher the dog, keep looking because it’s in there somewhere!

These images are called ambiguous figures, which are a type of optical illusion, and some people also refer to them as ‘illusory figures.’ Ambiguous images are pictures that take advantage of how we perceive and interpret things visually. They do so in such a way that the figure presented to us, like the old man, can be viewed multiple ways because they end up producing multiple images, i.e. the dog, each of which are correct.

It turns out that images like this one have intrigued researchers from across a number of different fields for well over the past hundred years. Scientists and psychologists cannot figure out how exactly they work, what part of our brain holds the key to understanding them, or why people can even switch between the two images in the first place. Some people cannot do the switch at all, they only see one thing or the other, which just adds more to the mystery surrounding them.

Pass this fun image on with friends and family and see if they are able to spot the hidden dog or not. If you’re interested in illusory figures and pictures like this one, there are many more out there for you to explore, so check them out and enjoy!

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Can You Find The 12 Hidden Pandas In This Picture?

At the end of last year Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás posted a winter themed illustration on his Facebook page. The drawing was a hidden search puzzle filled with to the brim with snowmen and included the caption “There’s a panda amongst them! Can you find it?” People loved the challenge and ever since then hidden picture search puzzles have exploded in popularity!

It’s easy to see why, nothing is as relaxing, mentally stimulating, and enjoyable as undertaking a new search puzzle image. They offer us a break from all of the dull, common stuff that we tend to come across and instead give our eyes and brains a much needed change of pace.

So if you happen to be one of the many who love hidden picture puzzles, you have to check out this new one from artist Steve Read. Hidden among the beautiful tropical landscape are a total of 12 panda bears waiting to be discovered! The picture is filled with colorful flowers, butterfly’s, waterfalls, and twelve pandas that have been strategically concealed in the image.

One would think that it’d be incredibly easy to spot a bunch of panda bears, after all the black and white animals stick out, but it’s proven to be much more difficult than expected. Give it a try and see just how fast you’re able to spot all 12 panda bears! How many pandas did you find? let us know!

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Can You Find The Hidden Dog Amongst This Herd Of Cows?

If you’re a fan of hidden search puzzles, you’re in luck! The image below is the latest and greatest one to hit the internet and it’s sure to keep you busy for at least a moment or two. Somewhere in this bovine themed picture is a single dog waiting to be found.

The image is filled to the brim with a bunch of cows that have been stacked in neat rows one atop another. The animals hand drawn faces all appear to be quite similar, which makes it that much harder to spot the lonely pup! When you factor in the very bland and basic color scheme of different shades of gray, brown, black, and a soft reddish-orange, the difficulty only increases

While most people look at the picture and assume it will be really easy to spot the dog, it’s not that straight forward. For many, this image has proven to be a lot more difficult than they ever expected and so the saying “looks can be deceiving” aptly applies here! Have at it and test your powers of perception. See if you can spot the camouflaged dog below. Good luck!

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Can You Find The Hidden Object In This Picture? Most People Can’t!

At first glance nothing about this photo of a car seat sticks out. The colors are mostly the same shade of muted gray, save for a small red spot near the top left hand corner. There’s nothing exciting or even different about it. However, looks can be deceiving and there is actually a common object hiding somewhere in this photo. The item is right there in front of your eyes, in plain sight, can you spot it?

Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to find it or can’t detect the object at all. This photo has been stumping people left and right, they can’t seem to figure out what it is they’re really looking at because the item blends in so smoothly with its surroundings. This image search is kind of like when you misplace somethings and look all around for it just to find out that the whole entire time it was right in front of your face!

Check it out now and look to see whether or not you’re able to spot the thing. Good luck!

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