THIS Guy Discovered An Airplane Hidden Deep In The Jungle! But The Most Unthinkable Surprise Is Revealed Inside!

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There are so many things on this planet that we haven’t yet discovered. Whether it’s a medicine found from the venom of a snake to cure and incurable disease, new species of sea life deep in the oceans, new ideas that will change the world forever, incredible technologies exc..

Some people by nature are just curious and love to find things that haven’t been discovered yet.  The thrill of the hunt and finding out the truth about something that no one has yet known about can be a huge factor that drives these very special individuals.

This brings us to today’s incredible story. We are featuring a very briliant and wealthy resturant tycoon named David Tali. He owns and operates many restaurants all over the world and is well known in the restaurant community. He is also a veteran who served his country during World War 2 as a copilot.

After the war is when his restaurant life would begin, but because he had been a pilot he was pretty obsessed with planes for his entire life! As his restaurants were all extremely successful and he was making big money he was able to start his own airplane collection! His favorite hobby was buying old broken down planes and restoring them back into pristine condition. However, in this story David discovers a mysterious abandoned airplane in the middle of the jungle! According to David this incredible find is his number 1 most important achievement of his life..

As his money grew his love for planes expanded even further. He not only wanted to just buy planes from people he wanted to hire a team and map out places where abandoned planes could potentially be found. After his team was hired and did their homework they believed there was a pretty good chance that one of these planes could be located in in the jungles of Papua Guinea.

David and his team quickly booked their flights and headed out to their destination. He would need this team to help him navigate through the jungles so he wouldn’t end up getting caught out there alone. He wanted to avoid a tragedy at all costs so he made sure this team of experts were the most exceptionally qualified candidates for this hidden treasure adventure.

After they flew out and began searching through the deep and unforgiving jungles of Papua, New Guinea they found the plane they were looking for within only a few short days….

Watch the video below for the full story:

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An Elephant Charges Full Speed At This Guy But Somehow He Knew To Do THIS!

This is one of the most astounding wildlife videos I have seen in a while.  A tourist is in the jungles of Thailand and spots an elephant, in the brush, perhaps twenty feet away from where he is standing.  He watches and waits, with his camera in hand.

Within seconds the elephant charges and lands practically nose to trunk with the tourist…who doesn’t move!!  Shockingly, the elephant turned and ran away.  The tourist turns around and calmly smiles at whomever is doing the video.  Now I know you frequently see the term “jaw-dropping” on internet videos, but I have rarely viewed a moment where that description so aptly applies!

I don’t know if this tourist knew that the best thing to do in a situation like this was to stand completely still, or if he was frozen in shock?  Instinctively, I think I would have run, but according to biologists that would have put me in extreme danger.

Standing still, and a mere wave of the hand, signaled the charging elephant to back off.  Not moving sent the message that the man was not a threat, which instinctively removed the elephant’s desire to attack.

Watch this amazing video which illustrates the best thing to do, when faced with what was a potentially life-threatening situation.  The fact that this situation was diffused still boggles my mind.  I had to watch the video several times to really believe my own eyes!

What do you think you would have done in a jungle if an elephant charged at you within inches of your body?

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