If You Massage This Point On Your Leg At Night Before Bed THIS Is What Happens To Your Body!

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The incredible benefits of natural remedies in Chinese traditional medicine, such as acupuncture and acupressure, have been incorporated in Western medicine as they have come to witness health improvement.

Although acupuncture has received somewhat more acclaim, many of the same results can be achieved without needles. Chinese medicine has located “acupressure points” that are associated with channels in your body.  These channels, known as meridians, are the same points of energy used in acupuncture.

The theory is that pressing on these exact points improves blood flow, which raises the amount of oxygen delivered that in turn promotes healing.

In the following video you will watch a tutorial using acupressure massage in what is known as the San Yin Jiao (SP6), known to relieve stress and promote healthy sleep.

Additionally, acupressure at this point is known to help with: Abdominal Distention; Digestion; Menstrual Disorders and Pain; Urinary Dysfunction and Lower Limb Problems.  Cleansing and cleaning the kidney and spleen is also attributed stimulation of this point.

San Yin Jiao should not be stimulated during pregnancy, as it can bring on labor.  However it can help in pain alleviation during labor, and has been used for women struggling with infertility.  Watch the footage below so that you can find the exact point and how to perform the acupressure.

Repeating this mode of massage should be repeated for 5 minutes on each leg, to relieve insomnia and stress!

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She Ignored a Weird Spot On Her Leg. After 4 Days Of Pain She Got An X-ray. The Result Is Scary.

Our lives are filled with strange occurrences and mysteries that cannot be explained. We often don’t fully understand or know why certain things happen and a few of these events go on to haunt us forever. Heather Charlebois, a 42 year old woman from Florida, knows this all too well. She went through an experience that will stay with her forever and is now scarred for life.

It all started this past July 4th when she attended a live music show and fireworks display in the city of DeLand Florida. Heather and her friends were sitting at a table in the Cafe DaVinci at around 10:30 p.m. when they suddenly heard a loud pop. At the same time, she felt an intense pain shoot up her thigh and assumed someone had maybe hit her, even though she didn’t see anyone around. After heading to the bathroom to check out her leg she discovered a small puncture wound in her thigh and concluded someone had lit off a firecracker and part of it hit her leg. Since she was not bleeding a lot she wrote it off and went home.

Four days later and still in a lot of pain, she decided to seek medical attention. She explained, “everyone was telling me it looked like a bullet hole so they wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did.” After inspecting her wound and doing tests doctors confirmed that she had indeed been shot in the thigh. A surgeon told her that a .38 caliber bullet had penetrated into her leg almost 4 centimeters and couldn’t be removed because it was too close to her femoral artery.

Despite having been shot, a bullet still in her thigh, and ongoing pain from it, the mother of four is grateful that she is alive and that things didn’t turn out worse. She is choosing to be positive and upbeat about the whole situation and told the the local news “I feel very fortunate. I have four kids and we’ve been through a lot.”

Local police have yet to find out who shot her and speculate that someone fired a gun in the air during the fireworks display and the bullet came down and hit her. For now, the shooter and how Heather came to be shot, remain a mystery. Whatever the truth may be, she is simply happy to be alive.

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