This Girls Insides Sucked Out of Her Body When She Sat On The Suction In a Pool. THIS Is What Happened!

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Salma Bashir was just five years old when she went on vacation with her family to visit Alexandria, Egypt.  She had been splashing around playing in the kiddie pool when she accidentally sat on the main suction valve.  In an instant her whole life changed. Even though she screamed for help and the lifeguard on duty jumped right in to rescue her, it was too late.  

When the lifeguard reached her, he couldn’t get her out.  Salma’s father rushed over and tried to get her out of the pool as well, but the force from the suction valve was too strong.  Finally, a couple of people were able to get her out of the pool, but the damage had already been done. When they carried her out of the water the full horror of her situation set in; her small intestines had been ripped out of her body by the pool suction.

The pain and trauma from what she had just been through caused Salma to pass out.  After doctors assessed her injuries, they gave her just weeks to live. There was still hope though, Salma could get on the wait list for a transplant and with nothing to lose her parents decided they had to try.  The family moved to Pennsylvania for her treatment and after raising $300,000 and waiting a year and a half, she finally had the surgery.  

While she had hoped and prayed that the surgery would be the start of a new, normal life, it turned out to be worse than anyone imagined.  Salma’s body rejected the small intestines transplant after just 6 months. She had to have it removed and her large intestines and gall bladder were taken out as well. 

In addition, her stomach had to remain open to the point she could see her insides. If she wants to try another transplant again, she’d need to have her small intestines, large intestines, stomach, liver, and pancreas all replaced at an estimated cost of $3 million.  There is no guarantee of success and yet Salma wants to try.

Through all the pain, surgeries, and disappointment, Salma has remained steadfastly strong and determined.  She hasn’t given up on healing and getting better, she still smiles and chews her mother’s food just to get a taste, even if she can’t swallow it and must spit it out. 

Salma’s outgoing and naturally charming, she’s already raised over $75,000 on her GoFundMe page and has over 100K followers on her ‘Slay With Salma’ Facebook page where she does makeup tutorials.  Even though she has faced setbacks and enormous obstacles, she hasn’t let them get her down and continues to fight. Hopefully she will prevail and get the surgery she needs and deserves.

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She Ignored a Weird Spot On Her Leg. After 4 Days Of Pain She Got An X-ray. The Result Is Scary.

Our lives are filled with strange occurrences and mysteries that cannot be explained. We often don’t fully understand or know why certain things happen and a few of these events go on to haunt us forever. Heather Charlebois, a 42 year old woman from Florida, knows this all too well. She went through an experience that will stay with her forever and is now scarred for life.

It all started this past July 4th when she attended a live music show and fireworks display in the city of DeLand Florida. Heather and her friends were sitting at a table in the Cafe DaVinci at around 10:30 p.m. when they suddenly heard a loud pop. At the same time, she felt an intense pain shoot up her thigh and assumed someone had maybe hit her, even though she didn’t see anyone around. After heading to the bathroom to check out her leg she discovered a small puncture wound in her thigh and concluded someone had lit off a firecracker and part of it hit her leg. Since she was not bleeding a lot she wrote it off and went home.

Four days later and still in a lot of pain, she decided to seek medical attention. She explained, “everyone was telling me it looked like a bullet hole so they wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did.” After inspecting her wound and doing tests doctors confirmed that she had indeed been shot in the thigh. A surgeon told her that a .38 caliber bullet had penetrated into her leg almost 4 centimeters and couldn’t be removed because it was too close to her femoral artery.

Despite having been shot, a bullet still in her thigh, and ongoing pain from it, the mother of four is grateful that she is alive and that things didn’t turn out worse. She is choosing to be positive and upbeat about the whole situation and told the the local news “I feel very fortunate. I have four kids and we’ve been through a lot.”

Local police have yet to find out who shot her and speculate that someone fired a gun in the air during the fireworks display and the bullet came down and hit her. For now, the shooter and how Heather came to be shot, remain a mystery. Whatever the truth may be, she is simply happy to be alive.

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