THIS Girl Who Only Ten-Years-Old Did Not Survive This Huge Waterslide. THIS Is How The Unthinkable Happened To Her!

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When you’re a kid, one of the most fun things you can do in the summer is visit an amusement park.  The rides are super exciting, the attractions are engaging and unique, and the food and snack options are usually tasty and delicious.  Amusement parks are meant to be wildly entertaining and fun for the whole family and safety is always one of the top priorities at such places.  While parks are regulated closely and many feature safety checks beyond what is required, there are some things that people simply cannot prepare for.   

When Tina and Gerry Eisenbeis took their 10-year-old daughter London to Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth, Michigan they never imagined that the day would end in tragedy.  London had been waiting to ride one of the water slides at the park and since she had finally reached the height requirement of 48 inches, she was more than ready to go. The 273 foot slide was the parks tallest one and shortly before she went on it Landon spoke on video about how excited she was.

As London prepared to go down the slide she turned to her dad and smiled widely, gave him a thumbs up, and then set off down the tube.  The ride only lasts about 7 seconds but by the time she came out the other end, she was already in cardiac arrest. The excitement from the water slide had thrown her heart into an abnormal rhythm where it was beating chaotically.  

After being rushed to the hospital her family found out that she had suffered from Long QT syndrome.  Long QT syndrome is an inherited heart rhythm disorder that can cause fast chaotic heartbeats, palpitations, fainting, drowning, or sudden death.  The condition can trigger sudden fainting or seizures and if the heart beats erratically for too long, it can lead to sudden death. In most cases the condition is treated with medication but sometimes surgery is a better option where a device is implanted to help manage it.  However, many people are completely unaware that they even have it, they don’t show any of the common signs or symptoms. Oftentimes it’s only discovered after genetic testing or learning it through family history and EKG results.

Doctors say that in Landon’s case, excitement caused her heart to beat erratically and abnormally.  The anticipation and adrenaline from going down the water slide was simply too much for her heart to take.  Despite being airlifted to the University of Michigan’s Children’s Hospital, London died nine days later after suffering severe brain damage from a lack of oxygen.  

While her parents were shocked and heartbroken, they are trying to spread awareness of the condition and advocate for better safety measures and training for park employees.  They started a non-profit in her name, the London Strong Foundation, where they offer CPR training courses. They also believe that defibrillators should be readily available and onsite, with workers trained to use them.  For now they are simply focused on getting the word out and preventing what happened to their daughter from happening to other children and unsuspecting families. 

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This Girls Insides Sucked Out of Her Body When She Sat On The Suction In a Pool. THIS Is What Happened!

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Salma Bashir was just five years old when she went on vacation with her family to visit Alexandria, Egypt.  She had been splashing around playing in the kiddie pool when she accidentally sat on the main suction valve.  In an instant her whole life changed. Even though she screamed for help and the lifeguard on duty jumped right in to rescue her, it was too late.  

When the lifeguard reached her, he couldn’t get her out.  Salma’s father rushed over and tried to get her out of the pool as well, but the force from the suction valve was too strong.  Finally, a couple of people were able to get her out of the pool, but the damage had already been done. When they carried her out of the water the full horror of her situation set in; her small intestines had been ripped out of her body by the pool suction.

The pain and trauma from what she had just been through caused Salma to pass out.  After doctors assessed her injuries, they gave her just weeks to live. There was still hope though, Salma could get on the wait list for a transplant and with nothing to lose her parents decided they had to try.  The family moved to Pennsylvania for her treatment and after raising $300,000 and waiting a year and a half, she finally had the surgery.  

While she had hoped and prayed that the surgery would be the start of a new, normal life, it turned out to be worse than anyone imagined.  Salma’s body rejected the small intestines transplant after just 6 months. She had to have it removed and her large intestines and gall bladder were taken out as well. 

In addition, her stomach had to remain open to the point she could see her insides. If she wants to try another transplant again, she’d need to have her small intestines, large intestines, stomach, liver, and pancreas all replaced at an estimated cost of $3 million.  There is no guarantee of success and yet Salma wants to try.

Through all the pain, surgeries, and disappointment, Salma has remained steadfastly strong and determined.  She hasn’t given up on healing and getting better, she still smiles and chews her mother’s food just to get a taste, even if she can’t swallow it and must spit it out. 

Salma’s outgoing and naturally charming, she’s already raised over $75,000 on her GoFundMe page and has over 100K followers on her ‘Slay With Salma’ Facebook page where she does makeup tutorials.  Even though she has faced setbacks and enormous obstacles, she hasn’t let them get her down and continues to fight. Hopefully she will prevail and get the surgery she needs and deserves.

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She Died Because She Posted THIS On Facebook While Driving. Her Final Post Tore My Heart Up!

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We have all watched public service messages concerning the tragic results of texting and driving, or for that matter any form of distracted driving. Despite the warnings which equate this with the dangers of drunk driving, people still look away to communicate things with their friends and family, that can certainly wait until they are off the road.

The statistics bear out that the danger of texting while driving is actually not equal to drinking and driving; it is actually 6 times more dangerous than drinking and driving! It is an absolutely terrifying problem; despite the fact that using hand-held devices while driving is illegal in almost every state in the US, nearly 660,000 Americans attempt to use their phone while driving, at any given moment each day.

That is why reporting on Courtney Sanford’s tragic death, and others like it, continues to be so important. She was a beautiful 32-year-old young woman driving along in a great mood.

She felt the need to post on Facebook while driving to share the fact that listening to the song “Happy” on the radio, “made [her] feel so happy”. Ironically, this moment of happiness was the last communication of her life.

Looking away from the road for the 5 seconds it took to post on Facebook, driving 55 mph, Courtney went over the median and hit a recycling truck head-on.

The video you are about to watch below imparts the rest of this tragic story.

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Two Sisters Ran Their Mom Over With A Car. The Reason Left Me In Tears!

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You are about to see two sisters tell you a story that changed their lives forever. You often hear stories about a mother’s primal instinct to protect her children, but it is rare that you hear it in such a dramatic and powerful way. The saying, “everything in life, is minutes and seconds…”, was the first thing that came to mind as I tried to fully comprehend what had happened; it is often the most unexpected random occurrence that has an impact such as this one.

Fate sometimes deals people a terrible hand, but it is what they do with tragedy, that makes all the difference.
Chloe and Annie Veron chose to tell their story in an unusual way, that you will see makes the impact of their words all the more resonant.

They describe a moment where they and their younger brother, nearly lost their lives in a tragic accident, and the far-reaching implications of their mother’s instincts. I am in awe of a love that transcends all thought of one’s own safety; of how their mother sacrificed herself, so that they are here to explain how her actions changed their family’s life forever.

You will be brought to tears and be moved beyond imagination by the incredible courage, strength and survival of a family that are forever bonded by love, devotion and gratitude.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this story!

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All She Did Is Put Her Feet On The Dashboard But It Would End Up Changing Her Life Forever

Parents are always warning their children not to put their feet up on the dashboard when they ride in the passenger seat. “It’s dangerous” is what my own mother used to say when I called shotgun and propped my legs up to comfortably rest on the dash, which she’d promptly swat away.

She, and everyone else who said that it was dangerous, is absolutely correct in their warnings. According to the website, airbags typically deploy at around 200 mph. They need to open faster than the accident is happening, which caused them to deploy, so they can provide the protection they are meant for. However, such rapid deployment can result in serious injuries, and sometimes they are even be fatal.

Bethany Benson knows this all too well. Back in August of 2010 she was just 22 years old when her life changed drastically. She was returning back from her aunt’s house along with her boyfriend who was driving her mom’s 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. She was trying to get as comfortable as possible so she reclined the seat back, propped her feet up on the dashboard, and fell asleep.

The chain of events that happened next would seriously affect her for the rest of her life. A car and a motorcycle collided, which tragically cost the biker his life. A transport truck came upon the scene and suddenly hit the brakes to try and avoid the accident. The Sunfire was right behind that truck and Bethany’s boyfriend tried as best he could to avoid crashing into it, but it was too late to avoid. The car slammed into the back of the big rig and the passenger side airbag slammed into Bethany’s legs.

When the airbag deployed it hit her hamstrings, which caused her feet to push up through the windshield, and her knees to drive back into her face. When her knees slammed into her eyes they cracked her left eye socket and cheekbone, broke her nose, dislocated her jaw, and caused a tooth to slice through her lower lip. Both her feet were broken in multiple places and she lost her spleen along with her memories. Worst of all she suffered a brain bleed and her entire personality changed.

Now she is moodier and angrier than she was before the accident, and understandably depressed, but these changes caused her to lose friends and even the boyfriend she once had. She’s in constant pain and has been struggling to deal with the after effects of that night ever since. Bethany wants to get one thing across by telling her story. She wants people to know that everything she had, and who she was, all changed because she put her feet up on the dashboard. Please help pass on her story, if it can help save a life or prevent such massive injuries from ever happening, then some good can come from it all.

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