Their Kids Grew Out Of Their Cribs But Instead Of Throwing Them Out They Transformed Them Into THIS

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When we have our first child, we find out just how expensive things are that are critical for a baby’s safety, comfort and stimulation.  Amongst the most expensive things, are those engineered to keep children safe; car seats, strollers and CRIBS are definitely up there.  These expensive items can be passed down to other children, but are ultimately time-limited.

Cribs can be really beautiful pieces of our kid’s necessities, that we hate to let go of.   The video that you are about to watch below has put together 28 incredibly creative and esthetically appealing ways to repurpose your baby’s crib.  Brought to you by BEAUTIFUL DIY, you will get to see a compilation of how some people chose to reinvent the crib!

Honestly, I had to watch this footage twice, as it was such a delight to see reinvention at it’s best.  Our children’s cribs hold many of the most treasured memories that we have, so it makes sense that holding on to them in a new form would be a choice many would make, if given the opportunity.

It is a wonderful way to keep those memories alive.  Let us know which redesign stood out for you.

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Two Sisters Ran Their Mom Over With A Car. The Reason Left Me In Tears!

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You are about to see two sisters tell you a story that changed their lives forever. You often hear stories about a mother’s primal instinct to protect her children, but it is rare that you hear it in such a dramatic and powerful way. The saying, “everything in life, is minutes and seconds…”, was the first thing that came to mind as I tried to fully comprehend what had happened; it is often the most unexpected random occurrence that has an impact such as this one.

Fate sometimes deals people a terrible hand, but it is what they do with tragedy, that makes all the difference.
Chloe and Annie Veron chose to tell their story in an unusual way, that you will see makes the impact of their words all the more resonant.

They describe a moment where they and their younger brother, nearly lost their lives in a tragic accident, and the far-reaching implications of their mother’s instincts. I am in awe of a love that transcends all thought of one’s own safety; of how their mother sacrificed herself, so that they are here to explain how her actions changed their family’s life forever.

You will be brought to tears and be moved beyond imagination by the incredible courage, strength and survival of a family that are forever bonded by love, devotion and gratitude.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this story!

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‘Ghost Boy’ Was Trapped In His Body For 12 Years Until She Noticed Something That Would Change Everything!

It’s the thing nightmares are made of; being trapped within your own body and having the ability to think and feel, yet lacking a way to communicate or move. That was Martin Pistorius’s reality for over 12 long years. Martin grew up living a normal life in South Africa.

When he was 12 years old he suddenly began to lose the ability to move on his own and soon afterwards he fell completely into a coma. Doctors couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with him, he had no significant brain activity, and they told his parents that he would likely never wake up.

Three years later, Martin’s mind did start to wake up. It came back slowly at first, and by age 19 he says that he was fully aware of everything around him, yet he still could not move. Over the following years Martin was trapped inside of his own body, unable to speak, move, or tell anyone that he was awake and could hear and understand everything going on around him.

He was a silent witness to life and had only his own thoughts to keep him company. At one point he heard his mother say she wished he could find peace and finally die. He had to find a way to deal with the feelings of despair and doom, so he taught himself to disengage his thoughts. He made life bearable by clearing his mind and thinking about nothing, and thus further disappeared into himself.

Finally, a woman who was one of his caregivers, Virna van der Walt, noticed that he would often react to some of the things she said. She told his family and recommended that he be sent for tests at the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. There it was confirmed that Martin was conscious and aware and they found he could even respond and communicate. He was 25 years old at this point in his life.

With the help of communication software and a renewed sense of life and purpose, Martin began to heal and re-engage his thoughts. He slowly broke free from his confinement and fully integrated himself back into the world and society.

In 2008 he met a woman named Joanna, the two hit it off, and a year later they married. Martin wrote a book about his life and journey, titled Ghost Boy, and has regained limited control of his head and arms in recent years. Life is no longer a living hell for him, and his story is truly inspirational.

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Bikers Get Word That A Child Is Being Abused Here. They Arrive and Have The Perfect Response.

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I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve seen a group of bikers my instinct is to recoil, because their look and typical reputations are of being really tough men and women.  Some groups of bikers have been known to be violent, which has supported the negative stereotype.  The truth is that biker groups are all different, often brought together by not only a love of motorcycles, but a need for an extended family.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, is about a young girl who was the victim of child abuse at the hands of her stepdad.  Initially, a very well adjusted, happy and fearless child, “Fa” was diminished to a withering ball of fear.  Hearing about the circumstances that had occurred, a group of bikers called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), appeared to become her guardian angels.

In interviews with the bikers, the girl and her mom you will be so moved and inspired by this story, and the work that BACA does.  Their commitment to each individual child of abuse, is demonstrated by not only physically presenting protection, but inspiring the courage to face and prosecute their abuser.  They stay on in close contact with the child until they are able to internalize this caring and vigilance; eventually overcoming their fears and victimhood to build the confidence to rely on themselves.

What BACA did to change the life of this girl is beyond remarkable.  Her story is an incredible example of how this dedicated and loving group of men and women, can turn a victimized child’s life around completely.

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