He Takes A Lighter And Holds It Under His Key. The Reason Is Genius But a Little Scary!

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When it comes to keys, they often get misplaced or lost and many seem to disappear when you need them the most. Some of us are vigilant and make copies to have on hand in case we ever lose them, but most people don’t bother to get a spare made.

It’s a minor inconvenience to go to a hardware store and have one made, yet people put it off and eventually forget about getting it done until it’s too late. If you have ever been stuck with a lock and no key to open it, then you know how frustrating and hopeless the situation can be.

The only options you really have are to break the thing open, try and cut the lock, hire an expensive locksmith, or give up on it. At that point, it’s more than likely that the thought “why didn’t I make a stupid spare key for this?” is going through your mind.

Now you can make a spare key in the comfort of your home, without going to the hardware store or spending any money. YouTube’s very own MacGyver, the man with a solution for just about anything, DaveHax, shows how to cobble up a spare in no time at all.

The basic items you will need are the original key, a lighter, a tin can lid, a piece of tape, and scissors. The type of key you’ll end up making is more of an emergency, last resort type of spare to have on hand. Check out the video for an easy to follow tutorial and read on for more information on how to DIY.

Take the original key and place a flame underneath it. A candle or lighter works best for this, and if you hold the key with a pair of pliers you’ll reduce the chances of burning your fingers. Hold the key over the flame until it’s coated black and then place it somewhere safe to cool off.

Meanwhile, take a strip of tape and carefully place it onto the key and then peel it off. This picks up the black soot and makes an exact copy. You can clean off any remaining black left on the original key by rubbing it with a paper towel.

Next, take a lid from a can of food, place it flat on a table, and stick the tape onto the lid. Grab a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut out the key, making sure to cut it as close and accurately as possible, without cutting yourself on any sharp edges.

When you’re finished you should have a replica key that matches up exactly with the original. To ensure that it works, test out the copy you made on whatever lock it goes to.

You may have to wiggle it gently to make it fit, so be careful no to bend or break it because the key you make is going to be much thinner than the original.

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His Disposable Lighter Was Empty And Wouldn’t Spark A Flame. This Easy Trick Will Make It Work Again!

I don’t know about you, but I find that I have endless uses for lighters around the house, and I particularly like the ones with the extended end that you don’t burn your fingers on.  I was really happy to find this hack, because they seem to run out of fluid rapidly and replacing them can get quite expensive. I’ve probably been through 1000’s of lighters in my lifetime!

Disposable Bic lighters are really handy, but they similarly run out quickly.  In this hack he opens up one of those extended lighters that houses a Bic lighter, which, it turns out is refillable!  He shows us an easy trick for opening up the extended lighter to get to the Bic, which it turns out is beyond simple to refill. This is such a game changer.

So instead of continuing to spend money on lighters you can watch this great tutorial below and do it yourself!  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are so satisfying.  Not only is this trick super easy but you will save so much money from now on!

Let us know if you tried this awesome lighter DIY life hack!

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