This Mostly Unknown Aspect Of Bic Pens Have Saved Thousands Of Children’s Lives. I Had No Idea!

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Bic Pens were invented in 1949, and have been a “go to” for kids when they buy their school supplies, and adults when they need to buy some pens in bulk. However, very few people are aware that when these pens were designed, they included a potentially life-saving ingenious invention.

We all know how people in general like to bite on the ends of pens, and children in particular tend to do this mindlessly. A pen top could easily be inhaled and be choked on by children…but not the Bic top.

Have you ever wondered what that little hole is at the very top of the Bic pen top? If you never noticed and have one on hand, check it out. With great forethought that hole was put there to prevent children from choking to death!

That small hole allows air to go through, should the top be swallowed, which keeps the person breathing until the top can be dislodged. Because this invention was so successful, many other pen manufacturers have incorporated it into their designs, in order to save lives.

The video you are about to watch below is a public service announcement made in The UK, showing how to prevent a child from choking. Note that it incorporates another move before performing the “Heimlich Maneuver”. Additionally in the US you call 911 if necessary, rather than 999 abroad.

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Disposable Bic lighters are really handy, but they similarly run out quickly.  In this hack he opens up one of those extended lighters that houses a Bic lighter, which, it turns out is refillable!  He shows us an easy trick for opening up the extended lighter to get to the Bic, which it turns out is beyond simple to refill. This is such a game changer.

So instead of continuing to spend money on lighters you can watch this great tutorial below and do it yourself!  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are so satisfying.  Not only is this trick super easy but you will save so much money from now on!

Let us know if you tried this awesome lighter DIY life hack!

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