He Heard Strange Sounds Inside THIS Old Dresser From An Estate Sale. Opens Hidden Drawer and Is STUNNED!

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Estate sales are a great opportunity to snag really unique stuff. Maybe you never knew you needed an artisan waffle maker. You can find all sorts of treasures that are far too unique to be mass produced in stores. Estate sales can match you up with the perfect piece of furniture to make your house personal to you.

Emil loved estate sales. He would regularly scour the internet and newspaper for such sales. One day, he went to an estate sale in Texas. He found an antique wooden dresser that he immediately had a connection with. The dresser had 3 wooden drawers and a marble top. He looked inside the drawers but they were empty.

Nonetheless, Emil knew the dresser was perfect for him. Fortunately, the dresser had been on sale for three days. When Emil approahced the salesman about buying it, the price was lowered from 300 dollars to 100. Emil bought it on the spot.

Emil enlisted the help of a friend and began rigging up to his truck. That’s when he heard odd sounds coming from it. Almost a clanking, the sound resembled that of metal objects colliding with one another. Emil pulled the dresser down from the truck.

Flipping it over, Emil scoured the surface for signs of a secret entrance. He felt around and finally discocered a hidden drawer. He wedged it open and gasped. There was gold, jewels, foreign cash, and miscellaneous antique objects. It valued a total of 1400 dollars. Emil decided to return the treasure to its owner. Content with his good deed, Emil took the dresser home.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Each Time He Squeezes This Parrot’s Belly He Makes The Most Funniest Noise Ever

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Out of all the different types and many thousands of species of birds in the world, none are as well known and popular as Parrots are. The lively birds have long captured the hearts and imaginations of people. Not only are they highly interactive and intelligent, they’re also full of personality, funny, socially engaging, and oftentimes beautifully colored. The lovable birds usually have more than one gift and Kanji, the pretty girl in this clip, happens to have the most unusually adorable talent!

Kanji is an African Grey parrot, which is widely considered to be thee most intelligent and smartest talking parrot in the world. They are known to mimic other animals and random sounds they hear as a way to trick predators and throw them off. Even though she lives in a home alongside her human family, whom she loves to talk and play with, she hasn’t lost her wild mimicry instincts.

Kanji’s unusual talent is that she makes a squeaky-toy-sound whenever her little belly is squeezed! To get her squeaking all that it takes is a gentle little poke, even just a pretend poke does the trick, and she doesn’t need to be prodded at all. You simply have to hear the adorable sound that she makes because no description can or ever will do it justice.

The fact that she’s making this particular noise means that she’s been exposed to it enough times to pick it up and mimic it perfectly. I may be wrong here but it’s safe to assume that Kanji is not the only animal in her household. There is probably another pet around, most likely a dog, who loves to play with squeaky toys and that would be where she picked up and learned the squeaky noise.

Above all else it’s vocal abilities like Kanji’s that parrots are best known for. Some species know how to say a couple of often repeated words, whereas others can learn 300-500+ and are able to speak in full sentences! In fact, the record holder for “the bird with the largest vocabulary in the world” was a Parakeet who lived in California named Puck.

He spoke an astounding 1,728 words and observers from the Guinness Book of World Records recorded each and every one of them. They officially bestowed the title on the handsome baby blue parrot back in 1995 and no other bird has yet to break his record.

Kanji may not hold a record but regardless of that, you can’t help but smile when you hear her squeak. She’s undeniably sweet and cute so be sure to check her out and share this awesome video with anyone who could use something positive and simply uplifting in their life!

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