She Boils Oranges In A Pot. The Reason Is Surprisingly Brilliant!

I don’t know about you, but chemically scented household products make me gag, and I now know why.  It was revealed in a 2007 study, that at least a dozen brand-name air fresheners contain Phthalates.  These endocrine disruptors are capable of causing birth defects, hormonal abnormalities and problems with reproduction!

This information is enough for me to never use anything artificially scented again.  The video you are about to watch offers an easy-to-do natural alternative to freshening the smell of your home.  The basis of all of these natural scents is using real citrus in the blend.

The first DIY natural home scent combines: oranges, cloves, cinnamon and water.  Secondly you can try a mixture of: lemon, vanilla, rosemary and water. Last but not least try: lime, thyme, mint, vanilla and water.  Watch the video to watch how this is done.

Once your scent is ready, you boil it and then let it simmer to make your house smell deliciously fresh and inviting!

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