This Malnourished Mom Just Realized She’s Being Rescued. When She Sees Her Rescuers She Does THIS

The Villalobos Rescue Center is the largest Pit Bull rescue center in the world.  They work ceaselessly every day and night to give Pit Bulls a second chance at life.  All dogs that are brought in are neutered or spayed and they are given any necessary medical treatment.  They patiently work with scared and fearful dogs to re-acclimate them back into the care of people.

Their end goal is to get each and every Pit Bull rescue adopted.  Sometimes it is a very slow process, but the results they attain are absolutely wonderful. In the following video, the Vallalobos rescue team finds and emaciated Pit Bull mother in New Orleans.  The dog somehow instinctively knew that these people were hear to help.

She approached them willingly and leads them back to where the puppies are. Things begin to get pretty complicated but the team doesn’t give up on reuniting the pups with their mama. This is such an emotional rescue and I am so happy that good people like this still exist in the world.

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Rescued Pit Bull Gets His First Taste of Pizza. His Celebration Dance Is The Funniest.

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Who doesn’t love pizza? The numbers alone don’t lie. According to the National Association of Pizza Operators (NAPO) Americans purchase three billion pizzas every year and 350 slices are sold around the country with each passing second. That’s a staggering amount of cheesy, meaty, saucy heaven being scarfed down!

It’s not only humans who can’t resist the appetizing aroma of a freshly baked pizza pie, our pets mouths also water when they get a whiff of it. A few animals even go nuts when they get a bite of the tasty treat, like The Mighty Finn does in this hilarious video of him getting what his owner calls the “Pizza Crust Zoomies!”

The clip starts off with Finn licking his lips in anticipation of the pizza crust snack that he knows is coming. As soon as his owner places the doughy piece in his mouth he reacts immediately and goes off like a rocket! The pit bull joyfully streaks around the room with the weirdest, yet most adorable run and zooms back and forth as if he’s bouncing off the walls! Finn only stops so that he can finish chewing his food and swallow it before resuming his speedy trip back around to pick up a few pieces he dropped in all his excitement. Then he’s right back looking up at his human for some more pizza crust which she happily obliges! Judging from the sound of her laughter, it seems as if she’s just as delighted as her dog is!

The video was posted on the sweet pit bull’s own personal Facebook page, The Mighty Finn, and while he’s happy and healthy now, things weren’t always so great. Finn is a rescue dog who was saved from a life of neglect during a cruelty investigation conducted by the ASPCA. When they found him, his journey was just beginning. He was transferred to the rescue group Plenty of Pit Bulls who placed him in a foster home in order to help readjust and acclimate him back to a normal, healthy life.

When he was finally adopted by his loving owners they brought him back to his forever home where he met his new family, two cats and three other dogs. Now he always has a friend to snuggle up next to and play with! Life certainly turned out for the better for Finn. These days he can be found relaxing in the sunshine, chewing on a toy, romping around at the beach, and of course, eating pizza!

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