Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Pit Bulls Morning Routine. So He Caught THIS On Camera

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Pit bulls get a bad wrap because of their tough personalities, but inside the solid muscle and thick bone structure is a sweet and squishy heart. The pit in this video seems to have been an early peeping bird in a past life because her morning routine is flawless. She ever so gently wiggles up to her human’s bed and coos a soft cry of wake up. The man politely replies that its not quite time to get up yet and the dog reluctantly slinks away.

About fifteen minutes later, the grey dog comes back again! This time a little more persistent, the mongrel almost starts talking to her friend as if to explain to him why she believes that is in fact time to get out of bed. Likely, she’s detailing the itinerary of her morning and how he is major part in getting her day going.

The man has to get out of bed so that she can be let outside and then back in again to be served her sunrise meal. Then she’ll need to go back out again to chase squirrels and generally just patrol the area. It’s an important job for a dog in the morning. But alas, the human is still reluctant and shoos the poor girl away.

Finally, after another twenty minutes of unattended yard go by, the patient pup tries again. Still as unobtrusively as possible, she sounds her nurturing alarm and insists that she will not give up. Sweet success! The sleepy fellow agreeably begins departing his haven in order to assist the ambitious canine at his side.

With great excitement the dog realizes her achievement, jumps her front paws up onto the bed as if to say thank you, and is off to start her day.

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This Pit Bull Notices This Girl Do A Cartwheel. Then He Does The Unthinkable! I’m Speechless!

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Pit bulls are often viewed by many as dangerous dogs who behave unpredictably. People hear more bad than good things about them and the negative reputation attached to the breed follows them everywhere. There are many people who automatically assume that all pit bull dogs are violent, unpredictable, and aggressive animals.

This type of mindset is wrong, not every pit bull is dangerous or waiting to snap, and there are more good ones than bad. If you treat dogs with love, compassion, respect, and train them right, they can make loving and loyal family pets.

One woman uploaded a video displaying how a little love and the right environment can turn out a pit bull who is incredibly sweet, happy, playful, and non-aggressive. The adorable clip of a little girl doing cartwheels with her dog was uploaded to YouTube by Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler.

Her friend’s four year old daughter Kailyn can be seen dancing around and performing acrobatics while Oakland, Ziegler’s brown and white pit bull, follows her around. After Kailyn does a cartwheel Oakland tries his best to imitate her by turning his body head over heels.

His attempts at pulling the move off are hilarious and as best you can expect a dog to do. After his landing he adorably plops over and flails about on the ground in pure joy and happiness. Soon after that he makes a second cartwheel attempt and this one goes just as well as the first.

Everyone watching can be heard laughing in delight before the clip ends with Oakland and Kailyn on the floor wiggling around on their backs. According to Ziegler, Oakland was rescued in Chattanooga Tennessee back in January 2015. Her family adopted the now 18 month old pit bull from Pit Happens Rescue Inc. and he’s the third dog they’ve taken into their home from the rescue organization.

The response to her video was huge and immediate with over seven million views in just a couple of days. The overwhelming response inspired her to set up a Facebook page for Oakland which she hopes will help the breed and show the dogs in a positive, loving light.

Once you see how sweet and adorable this pit bull is, it’s hard to make negative generalizations about the rest of them.

Let us know what you think of this video!

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THIS Man Posted This Photo Of His New Rescue Dog On Social Media. But Then Instantly People Began Calling The Cops On Him!

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There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a dog and their human. Many people admit that they are closer to their dogs and prefer to spend time with them over other humans. If you have ever had a dog or been around one you can understand why. They are the most loyal, loving and faithful companions anyone could ever ask for. Whether it’s a big dog that you can take hikes with all across the world or a small dog that is your devoted companion that you bring everywhere, there is a breed for every person and personality type out there. Today’s story is a bit of a strange and surprising one…

A man named Dan Tillery and his girlfriend Megan decided that they were going to take their relationship to the next level and get a dog together. Anybody who has ever been in a relationship knows that once you get a dog or cat together, this is a huge step in a relationship which brings you one step closer to marriage and children. This couple after thinking it all the way through decided that it was time to get a dog together so they could test out their parenting skills. The couple had just bought their first house together in Michigan, they had a lot of space and some land and figured a dog would be the perfect addition to the new house. Before they got the house they were in a pretty cramped apartment and although they wanted a pup they knew it was too small and wouldn’t be fair to the canine.

They decided to go to the Detroit Dog Rescue center and find the perfect dog to adopt and give a furever home! At the rescue center they looked at tons of dogs but one in particular stood out from the rest. This canine was an American Bulldog whose name was Sir Wiggleton! The moment they laid eyes on him they knew it was fate and this was their dream dog that would be perfect for their new home and family.

This dog had so much character and charisma and he always had this funny look on his face like he was smiling at something hilarious in the room. Dan quickly noticed that this happy and smiley pup was super photogenic. Almost every pic they took together became an instant classic. He began posting some of the pics to social media expecting to get tons of likes and happy responses letting him know how adorable his new buddy was. One photo in particular really launched off as the internet couldn’t get enough of the adorable pup and his new dad.

Little did he know these uploaded photo would bring a black cloud of contraversery he never could’ve imagined. First, he posted the photo on his personal accounts and thenthe Detroit Dog Rescue reposted the picture and in the caption said stated that after 100 days this amazing dog was finally adopted and they were sure this pic would “break the internet”. Soon after it was uploaded the pic went mega viral racking up over 100,000 like and was being shared all over the world. Dan was elated that he and his new best bud had become overnight internet sensations.

But the celebrations quickly came to a halt when a couple days later the police showed up at his house. He had no idea why they were there or what he did but this definitely wasn’t a prank and these cops were super serious. There had been a law put in place in Waterford the town he lived in, that banned owning pit bulls because of the perceived danger they could inflict on neighbors and neighbors pets. Even though Dan showed the cops the paper work from the rescue center stating that the dog was an American bulldog and not a Pitbull the cops just weren’t convinced.

They told him if he didn’t return the pup back to the shelter he could get a 500 dollar fine and actually be sent to jail for violating the town laws. Dan was completely devastated and people all around the world were lending their support. A battle between the law and the couple and animal activists from all sectors of the globe was exploding. Heated debates, anger and confusion were dominating the conversation. Inevitably the final verdict would be decided by a judge in their district court!

Watch the video below to find out what ended up happening to the pup and his new family:

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Pit Bull Saved From A Fighting Ring. Now Watch His Unexpected Reaction When He Feels Love For The First Time!

What you are about to watch in the video below, is both a story of the power of love and bravery.  The Pit Bull who was rescued and brought to this shelter, was the victim of people who abused him for a dog fighting operation.  It is appalling how animals are repeatedly put in dangerous situations for human profit.

A woman comes to visit this traumatized animal whom we see is behind bars.  It seems that she is there to assess what he needs and his current level of aggression.  Although she is clearly experienced with regard to animal body language and sound, I still found her approach to this frightened dog to exhibit not just compassion, but bravery.

He was moaning a sound that could be interpreted in different ways, but given the fact that he wagged his tail as she soothed the dog in a loving tone,  she felt she could extend her hand to him through the bars. The look in his eye when she initially approached him, spoke volumes.

He looks mistrustful and beyond skeptical about approaching her.  What eventually happens should not be missed.  Pit Bulls, as a breed, have an aggressive reputation.  Here lies a dog who has been used for just such a purpose.  Tell us what you think about this stereotype after watching this injured dog’s response to this woman.

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This Girl Gets In Between A Pack Of Pit Bulls And Their Food. Now Watch Their Unexpected Reaction!

What do you think might happen if you put a four year old girl in between six male pit bulls and their dinner? That is the exact situation in which we find ourselves at the beginning of this video. Your first reaction might look or feel something like a cringe, and you might even close an eye or two as you wait for the inevitable horrible carnage that is sure to befall this girl.

After all, she is standing squarely in harm’s way, is she not? Does her mother not realize the immediate danger that threatens her young daughter? Forty pounds of flesh is nothing when you are a tight knit pack of full grown pit bulls.

They could have their dinner in mere seconds if they chose, and she could easily be removed at any moment. They could simply push her out of the way, bark and growl her into submission, or do something more dramatic.

Any way you look at it, she poses no threat to them, and the only way they are going to be held at bay by her tiny frame is if they choose to let her. What will they do? We have all heard the stories and seen the headlines about the supposed dangers of the pit bull breed.

Due to this notoriety, they are often left in shelters due to our collective fear. Is this fear warranted? If it is, what is the cause? Is it the fault of the genetics of the dogs themselves, or is it because of the way we tend to treat pit bulls and the situations in which we place them?

After watching this video, your answers to these questions just might change.

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A Young Girl Gets In Between Six Pit Bulls and Their Food. Now Watch Their Reaction!

Pit bulls are often viewed by many as dangerous dogs who behave unpredictably. Over the years there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not they deserve this reputation and the saying “it’s the owner, not the breed” always comes up. People invoke this expression to defend the animals, claiming that it’s how owners treat the dogs and their environment that factor into whether or not they turn out to be viscous or sweet.

If a pit bull is treated well and trained properly then the dog will act in line with how it was brought up to behave. The same goes for the opposite, if the dog is treated bad, untrained, and never disciplined, then it will likely act mean and aggressive.

One woman made a video displaying how the right training and environment can turn out pit bulls who are incredibly patient, attentive, loving, and non-aggressive. In the clip, uploaded to YouTube by the Pitbull Channel, a little girl stands in front of 6 adult male pit bull dogs.

She tells them all to sit and makes sure they fully comply before turning to prepare their dinner. The girl is only 4 years old and not much bigger than each of the dogs that surround her. Yet they all sit patiently waiting for their food, and not one of them whines, barks, or moves out of position.

She pours the dry food onto the floor as they watch, spreads it out, then counts to three before giving them the okay. All six dogs immediately spring forth to scarf down their dinner and even while they are eating the girl moves around them. They don’t nip, growl, or bite at her, as some dogs do around food, and clearly they have been trained extremely well.

In the background a woman explains “six male pit bulls, some people say it could never be done. They live and eat together. We are a family.” She is indirectly referring to the stereotype that many people cite when talking about pit bulls and how uncontrollable and aggressive they can be.

Her video is proof that this definitely is not always the case and that she trusts them around her young child. It’s strong evidence that the dogs have a bad reputation based on a few bad apples in the bunch. They have the ability to be family dogs who are gentle and patient, and should be loved just the same as any other type of dog.

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