Do You Have An IQ That Is Over 140? Try To Solve This Puzzle and Find Out!

This intelligence test has been making the rounds on the internet and has already been shared well over three million times and counting. It’s also being claimed that if you’re able to solve and understand it then your IQ is above 150, which means you’re a genius.

On average, two-thirds of IQ test takers score anywhere between 85 and 115, and just 5% of people score over 125. A score of 140 or more would put you in the realm of the brightest, most intelligent minds on the planet!

Take a look at the puzzle below and see if you can figure out the pattern in the numbers shown. If you can’t solve it then check out the video from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel which goes over how to arrive at the answer and the rule of reasoning behind it.

Even if you are able to solve the puzzle, do you understand exactly how you arrived at the answer and could you prove the intelligence test rule behind it? If not, watch the clip to learn all about it and afterwards you will truly understand what the problem entails. Were you able to solve the puzzle? Let us know.

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Can You Find The 12 Hidden Pandas In This Picture?

At the end of last year Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás posted a winter themed illustration on his Facebook page. The drawing was a hidden search puzzle filled with to the brim with snowmen and included the caption “There’s a panda amongst them! Can you find it?” People loved the challenge and ever since then hidden picture search puzzles have exploded in popularity!

It’s easy to see why, nothing is as relaxing, mentally stimulating, and enjoyable as undertaking a new search puzzle image. They offer us a break from all of the dull, common stuff that we tend to come across and instead give our eyes and brains a much needed change of pace.

So if you happen to be one of the many who love hidden picture puzzles, you have to check out this new one from artist Steve Read. Hidden among the beautiful tropical landscape are a total of 12 panda bears waiting to be discovered! The picture is filled with colorful flowers, butterfly’s, waterfalls, and twelve pandas that have been strategically concealed in the image.

One would think that it’d be incredibly easy to spot a bunch of panda bears, after all the black and white animals stick out, but it’s proven to be much more difficult than expected. Give it a try and see just how fast you’re able to spot all 12 panda bears! How many pandas did you find? let us know!

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Can You Find The 6 Hidden Words In This Gardening Scene?

Take a break from all of the boring, overly serious, or depressing things you’re bombarded with daily and instead feed your brain a fun distraction with this G-rated hidden word picture search. It’s one of the most recent mentally stimulating puzzles courtesy of Playbuzz, and so far it has proven to be quite a challenge for many people!

The cartoon drawing below features a family of four gardening together on a lovely day. Dad is hauling a wheelbarrow full of orange pumpkins, mom just picked up a bushel of cucumbers her daughter picked, and their son is plucking ripe red tomatoes fresh off the vine.

An ineffective scarecrow looks on in the background with a red bird perched on the brim of its hat. Somewhere in the picture is a total of six words that have all been strategically concealed in the drawing. Each of the hidden words relates in one way or another to the happy family gardening scene, can you spot them all?

This is a great diversion that can keep you busy for a minute or two but it could potentially end up taking a lot longer because it really all depends on how fast you pick up the words and whether or not you try hard and focus. See if it takes you ten seconds or ten minutes to solve the puzzle and find all 6 words!

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Can You Find The Hidden Dog Amongst This Herd Of Cows?

If you’re a fan of hidden search puzzles, you’re in luck! The image below is the latest and greatest one to hit the internet and it’s sure to keep you busy for at least a moment or two. Somewhere in this bovine themed picture is a single dog waiting to be found.

The image is filled to the brim with a bunch of cows that have been stacked in neat rows one atop another. The animals hand drawn faces all appear to be quite similar, which makes it that much harder to spot the lonely pup! When you factor in the very bland and basic color scheme of different shades of gray, brown, black, and a soft reddish-orange, the difficulty only increases

While most people look at the picture and assume it will be really easy to spot the dog, it’s not that straight forward. For many, this image has proven to be a lot more difficult than they ever expected and so the saying “looks can be deceiving” aptly applies here! Have at it and test your powers of perception. See if you can spot the camouflaged dog below. Good luck!

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Can You Find All 6 Words In The Image. Watch The Video Below To Reveal The Answers.

There are many different ways to keep your brain active and mind engaged. You can read a book, sing a song, listen to music, write in a journal, draw a picture, play a game, do a crossword, and the list goes on and on. As entertaining as many of the options and possibilities may be, none are as effective and fun as puzzles are.

Over the years multiple studies have proven what many of us assume to be true, that puzzle solving can improve our mental abilities and promote our overall well-being, both immediately and in the long run. That’s because they force you to use your memory, reasoning, and logic skills, all while demanding your focus and attention.

The more puzzles and games that you work at, the sharper and more honed your brain becomes. You’re essentially making new neural pathways and keeping old ones open and strong by engaging your thoughts and perception. This is what helps your brain stay fit and it’s believed to decrease your likelihood of developing dementia later in life.

As the old saying goes, use it or lose it, so put your mind and brain to the test with this quick image search challenge. There are seven words hidden in the drawing below of a family fishing off of a dock. This isn’t just a cartoon image though, it’s actually a video and you have just over a minute to find all six words before they are revealed to you at the end of the video clip. To be precise, at exactly 1:10 they all become highlighted, so work fast and see if you’re able to spot them before that. Good luck!

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There Are 6 Hidden Words In This Image, Can You Find Them All? Find Out Below.

efefeffefefefimage via –

People exercise and work out their bodies all the time. Many even dedicate specific days of the week to improving their arms or legs, yet no one ever really works out their brain. Brute physical strength can only get you so far in this world and what really propels a person ahead is mental strength and ingenuity.

The best way to work on and improve your own mental strength is by keeping your brain and mind actively engaged. Everything from painting to reading, writing, drawing, games, and puzzle solving can help to hone your reasoning and logic skills. The more creative reasoning and problem solving you do, the stronger your brain and mental abilities become, it’s that simple.

Studies have found that puzzle solving, and word searches in particular, can greatly improve our memory, vocabulary, focus, and mental sharpness. It’s even recommended that people do word puzzles and partake in games like bingo as they grow older to help keep up their cognitive functioning. An active mind and brain ages slower and by engaging it with puzzles you’re keeping your neural pathways open and firing. That in turn can only help to guard against dementia so make it a habit now to do a crossword, Sudoku, or some other type of puzzle every now and then.

While keeping your brain sharp and in shape is a wonderful goal to have in mind and aspire to, most people do puzzles simply because they enjoy them. This word search image puzzle is like a fun stretch for you brain and it will keep you busy for at least a couple of minutes. The cartoon drawing of a family relaxing together at home in the living room has six words hidden somewhere within it. They have all been strategically concealed and while a word or two may pop out at you, the rest aren’t so easy to find. Take a moment and see if you can spot all six words, then pass it on to friends and family and see how they do. Good luck!

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