THIS 17-Year-Old Goes To The Nurse With a Stomach Ache But 4 Hours Later He’s Dead. The Reason Is Scary!

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Do you remember being back in high school or college. Waking up every morning early sitting in classes all day long learning, making life long friendships and memories you would never forget. Your favorite teachers, books, constant writing assignments, math and everything else that comes with getting an education.

Soon minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and it all becomes one giant blur until you graduate. Before you know it your childhood is over. It’s time to get a job and enter the real world, get married have a family and eventually retire.

Not everyone gets this amazing privilege to live a full and meaningful life here on planet earth. Some of us are lucky enough and should always remember everyday is a blessing just to be alive. That brings us to today’s tragic and heartbreaking story.

It began as just a regular old Tuesday in Perland Texas, slightly cloudy a small breeze, fresh air was filling 17-year-old Joshua’s Grays lungs that morning. Josh was a kid everybody at school  just gravitated to. On top of being athletic his grades were top notch and he was in many advanced placement classes.

His mom said Josh was known for his hipster style and swagger and was quite the fashionista that others looked to for fashion advice. Like many other kids his age he was preparing to go to college in a year and he had quite the bright future and unlimited potential ahead of him.

But this one strange Tuesday would change everything forever. Josh’s mom made him a breakfast and gave him the same bagged lunch with the same sides and sandwich he always brought to school since he was just a young lad in kindergarten. Josh always made sure the bread crusts were cut off because he couldn’t stand to look or tasty the ‘gross bread crust’.

He walked out the front door and his friends picked him up to head off to another day at Glenda Dawson High School. He got to school picked up his stuff from his locker and then went to his first class. He sat there and everything seemed fine at first. But by 11 am his Josh’s stomach started to feel a bit uneasy. This uneasiness quickly became the worst stomach ache he had experienced in his entire life! He knew this was no ordinary stomach ache as the pain soon became excruciating and unbearable!

He went to the school nurse who knew he needed to go to the hospital immediately so she called 911. Josh was deteriorating fast as the stomach ache was now causing his pulse and breathing to slow down as the ambulance rushed to the Emergency Room.

Doctors tried desperately to revive him as his pulse came to a stop repeatedly in the E.R. By 3pm the otherwise healthy Joshua Gray was pronounced dead on site. His family and community were all stunned and had no idea how a perfectly healthy boy could get a stomach and die only a few hours later!

The doctors could not explain it either which left everyone grasping for answers. The tragedy was beyond horrible and the entire community was just broken and confused.  The Doctors were also baffled and seeking answers because they had never seen anything like this in 40 years. What was Josh’s cause of death? How was this possible? Would anyone ever know what truly happened?

As it turns out, an artery leading to his pancreas ruptured and internal bleeding commenced. They believed that Josh had an undiagnosed valve malfunction in this artery since he was a child. Could this tragedy of been avoided? Nobody really knew the answer to that.

This story is a reminder that we need to cherish everyday we have with the people we love because you never know if it will be your last. Make sure to appreciate everyday even the bad days because it could all be over just like that!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Apparently THIS Is What Happens Inside Your Stomach When Consume Packaged Ramen Noodles

People on a budget and many college students have a go-to, fast-cooking food called Ramen noodles. The Ramen noodles discussed in this article are the processed  version.  They are very high in sodium, and contain TBHQ  (Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone).

Utilized as a preservative for inexpensive, processed foods, TBHQ,  (a biproduct of the petroleum industry), is a chemical that is difficult to digest and has questionable nutritional value.  The video you are about to watch, contains an experiment done to compare the digestibility of processed vs non-processed Ramen noodles.

A pill-size stomach camera was swallowed by the subjects, in order to view the digestion over time. Dr. Braden Kuo, a gastrointestinal specialist from Massachusetts General Hospital, conducted this experiment and discusses his findings in the footage below.  What you are about to see is a two-hour time lapse video in which you watch the stomachs’ attempting digestion.

In actuality the ingested camera recorded 32 hours of digestion.  Watch for his conclusions and let us know if you think you will continue to ingest foods that contain TBHQ. Although further more controlled studies with a higher subject pool are needed in order to come to more definitive conclusions about the dangers of human consumption of foods containing TBHQ, other studies should be noted.

Studies done in lab rats, found that high concentrations of TBHQ caused tumors and DNA damage.  There are many foods that contain TBHQ.  A few that are commonly indulged in include: McDonalds chicken nuggets and fries; CHEEZE-IT Crackers; Microwave Popcorn and Pam cooking spray.

I don’t know about you, but going forward I intend to examine the food contents to see if TBHQ is included, before I indulge!

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