The Dark Clouds Come Rolling Into Arizona But Moments Later Things Nuts!

It is amazing that this unusual weather phenomenon was actually caught on video. Known as a microburst, a “wave” of cool air and rain falling to the ground, it most often occurs at high speeds during a thunderstorm.

This wet microburst, seen here, results in creating high winds of an extremely high magnitude. They can go over 150 miles per hour, because they hit the ground horizontally. This kind of dispersion results in what can literally be called “balls” of rain.

The video you are about to watch is a series of wet microbursts caught by Bryan Snyder, above Tucson, Arizona. He time lapsed the footage to accentuate nature seen at it’s most powerful, and emphasizes the rapid changes that occur in weather. The sight is magnificent.

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This Pup’s Evil Owner Left Him Outside During A Hail Storm. Now Watch What This Lady DOES.

A simple kind act from a stranger can go a long way in the life of another, whether it’s another human being, an animal, mammal, insect and so on. All that it takes is a single moment in time to make a lasting difference and positive impact. Which is exactly what we see on display in this heartwarming video captured in Denver Colorado.

Casey Boatman had gone to shut his front window because water had started to rain and leak inside. That was when he noticed that across the street someone had left their dog tied to a tree outside in the pouring rain. By the time he had gone to close the window it had already been raining and hailing steadily for at least ten minutes. The poor dog looked like his spirit was broken as he stood sopping wet under the small tree and no owner was anywhere in sight.

That’s when Casey noticed that his neighbor had seen the dog as well. He picked up his camera and recorded her running up to the soaked pup, pulling on the leash, checking it, and then running back into her house. She appeared to have troubles with removing the wet leash and after a few seconds she came running back outside. With a quick snip she cut the leash and freed the dog. Then she grabbed his collar and steered him towards and into her warm, dry, open house.

Her simple act of kindness, and choice to not sit idly by, showed this dog that someone cared. He must have been so cold, scared, and lonely sitting out there while the wind whipped and the rain and hail pelted down from the sky above. We don’t know what happened after this, but hopefully the dog’s owner felt bad and had a good excuse for leaving their poor pet outside in a storm.

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Dark Clouds Rolled In He Sensed Something Scary Was On The Horizon. THIS Is What The Camera Caught

Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightning. In comparison to other types of phobias, it effects a very large amount of the population, especially young children. According to, a website that tracks fears and phobias, it’s the 6th most common fear in the world. That spot places it ahead of claustrophobia and both the fear of flying and public speaking!

If you happen to be one of the millions who are affected by thunderstorms, and lightning in particular, you may want to skip this video. It was captured by Clint Blevins and shows the moment that lightning struck the water off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. As rain falls all around a huge electric bolt suddenly comes out of seemingly nowhere, it spiders down from the storm clouds above and strikes the ocean surface, lighting up the sky! As the electricity from the lightning bolt fizzles away it leaves a faint trail of smoke or vapor behind in the air. Thanks to the clip being in slow motion, and shot from only a couple hundred yards away, we get to see details like this that otherwise we’d miss out on.

After watching that and when you look at the numbers, having a healthy dose of fear towards lightning may be a good thing since it means you avoid it at all costs. The odds of being stuck by lightning change yearly but National Geographic News places the odds at 1 in 700,000 for any given year. Over the course of the average persons lifetime the chances of being struck skyrocket to 1 in 3,000. To put those odds in perspective, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the Powerball lottery or being killed by a shark!

Make sure to check out the video because Mr. Blevin’s lightning strike footage is absolutely incredible. It showcases the immense power and sheer force behind one of mother nature’s most beautiful and scary displays!

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It Was A Serene Gorgeous Day For These People At The Beach. Moments Later Wow.

We have a saying in English when things in life go wrong that goes: “It was no day at the beach!” A day at the beach takes you out of the hassles and stress of every day life, and brings you a day of tranquility of water, sun and a kind of otherworldly peace. Before makingĀ a plan for a beach day we check the weather forecast to be sure that no rain is predicted. We get all our beach gear together and ride off with high hopes for a frolicking day.

Such was the day that was sunny and beautiful on a beach in Russia, as you will see in the video that you are about to watch below. Riding the waves and enjoying the sunshine, the relaxed people are suddenly startled by “Mother Nature’s” new plans! As we all know weather isĀ capable of changing suddenly, without forewarning, when an unexpected front appears.

What happens in the video below, seems to be sudden rain, as people scurry for their belongings laughing at the unexpected change. However, the mood becomes more dire as they realize that the skies have opened up for something far worse than a rain shower in the middle of a sunny day. People quickly go from laughing to sheer terror as the severity of the weather is anything but funny! I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything quite like this!!

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