Watch Video of Strange and Unique Crown Flashing Light Beam Behind These Clouds

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This is one of the most incredible videos I have ever seen! I felt as if the man behind the camera was speaking for me, repeatedly pointing out how shocked he was by what he was witnessing. What in the world is it? It looks like a creature made of light hopping around in the clouds! My first reaction was disbelief.

I thought there must be some kind of trick, but the consistency of the light and its constantly changing movements convinced me of its authenticity. My second thought was, “I hope it’s a UFO!” There is some speculation that what we are witnessing is a rare phenomenon called “crown flashing.”

It happens when the ice crystals in the clouds align with the constantly shifting magnetic fields, caused by the electrical activity of a storm. The shifting crystals cause the light to refract and move. Nature is so mysterious and amazing.. No matter how much we learn, she always has another secret. What do you think this is? Let us know!

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She Puts Gemstones Inside An Old Yogurt Lid Then Pours THIS On Top. When She’s Done It’s So AWESOME!

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There is nothing lovelier than introducing a colorful aura into any room in your home. The DIY, in the video you are about to watch below, shows you a crafty and inexpensive way to diffuse sunlight, by making a colorful sun catcher to hang in your window.

The tutorial is easy-to-follow; all you will need is: clear Elmer’s Glue; a Scissor; a plastic yogurt lid (for a round catcher) or a larger one if you want to make a bigger one; assorted colored glass gems (from the Dollar Store); fishing line or yarn for hanging.

She creates a translucent sun catcher that casts beautiful colors in your room, during the daylight hours. It will brighten your day during the remainder of winter, and usher in the warmth and beauty of Spring.

I’ll be making one of these this weekend! If you make one let us know how it comes out! 🙂

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