Have You Ever Noticed This Symbol On Half The Food You Buy? THIS Is What It Means!

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Kosher is a Hebrew word that means “fit” and when it’s applied to food products it means that the items were produced in accordance with Jewish law. The Torah set out the basic foundation governing such dietary laws and the foods that Jewish people are permitted to eat.

In today’s world of mass production, where thousands of different products are widely available, only items labeled as certified kosher are seen as fit for consumption.

As such, in order to help people adhere to the dietary guidelines that their faith demands, the food industry had to come up with a label that quickly conveys that a food has been certified kosher. The symbol that is used universally all throughout the world is a U enclosed in a circle.

It can be found on product packaging or labeling and its presence means that the food has been certified kosher. While there are many different versions of the symbol that exist, almost all of them contain the circled U in addition to other writing or symbols.

When a P is next to the kosher symbol it means the product contains meat. When a D is next to it, that means it contains dairy. In addition, there are many kosher organizations that certify products and they each use a different image to show they’ve approved of them.

This is what accounts for many of the slight differences among labels and the accompanying video does an excellent job showing and explaining this and more. The kosher label is not only helpful for kosher observers, it also helps a variety of others, and can be of use to you too.

People with dairy allergies, vegans, and those on specific diets use the symbol to avoid meat and dairy products that are labeled as such. Plus, if you ever pick up something and are wondering whether or not it contains milk, dairy, or other animal products, check for the kosher symbol.

There you have it and if you didn’t already know what the symbol of a circled U stood for, now you do!

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The 6 Most Common Dream Symbols You Need To Watch Out For and Shouldn’t Ever Ignore.

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We all dream, even though the vast majority of us don’t remember practically everything we dreamt about in the first place! You know the feeling, right when you wake up it’s all so vivid and real but half an hour passes by and suddenly you can’t recall any details.

The things we do remember dreaming about tend to really make an impression on our minds and stick with us. It often seems like the events or conversations really happened and genuinely affected our thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, many of the dreams we have and remember are actually quite common with lots of other people reporting that they too have experienced them. Over the years the most universal dreams have been thoroughly examined and their meanings interpreted and broken. If you’ve ever had one or more of the following types of dreams, here’s what they mean:

1. Teeth Falling Out
Losing your teeth signifies a lack of confidence. You have recently experienced some type of traumatic event in your life that has seriously and negatively affected your confidence. Teeth are symbols of strength, power, and authority. When we lack them or they fall out it means we’ve lost those attributes and our confidence.

2. Flying
Flying signifies freedom. You have finally disentangled yourself from some situation, person, relationship, or anything else that may have been weighing heavily on your life and mind recently. While experiencing weightless flight in a dream is symbolic of this liberation, at the same time it may also be a sign that you’re not in control of something in your life.

3. Test Taking
Being unprepared for an exam signifies self-evaluation. You are essentially examining and critiquing yourself. Sometimes what the test is about will tell you what part of your life you’re evaluating, but oftentimes you’re reflecting more generally on it all.

4. Falling
Falling signifies the fear of letting go. You have been desperately holding on way too tightly to something in your life that is simply not good for you. Whether it’s a person, a feeling, or a situation, you need to stop grasping for it and let go. Your subconscious realizes this before your conscious mind does, and this type of dream is it sending you the message.

5. Death
Dying signifies finality and the end of something. You likely harbor a deep desire to make a dramatic change in your life. It may be finding a new job, switching careers, dumping or divorcing your partner, and so on. By ending one thing you are then able to move on and start something new.

6. Chased
Being pursued and chased after signifies avoidance. You are not facing the problems and issues that demand your attention in real life. Because you have been avoiding them, they are now chasing you in your dreams. Sometimes the person chasing you is symbolic of the problems you need to deal with as well. Overall, this is the number one most commonly reported type of dream that people experience. It’s highly memorable, vivid, and oftentimes it’s so life-like that we wake up deeply shaken and affected by it. Face your problems and they nightmare will go away.

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The 9 Most Common Dream Symbols You Should Pay Close Attention To. Don’t Ignore These Dreams.

Dreaming is something that we all do each night, for 90 minutes to 2 hours; scientifically it is known as REM sleep.  Whether we remember our dreams or not, we all have them.  Freud brought dream interpretation to the fore, and saw it as a window into the unconscious.  While his interpretations may not be held as doctrine by modern psychology, the fascination with common themes in dreams and what they mean, persists today.

The appearance of certain actions or things in our dreams are commonly found in many people.  While each individual who remembers their dreams need to examine them through the lens of their particular conscious life, these SYMBOLS can act as a guide for self-examination of issues you need to pay attention to.



If you have ever had this dream, you are not alone.  In the dream you feel your teeth loosen, and usually feel horrified as they fall into your hand, as you try to save them.  LOSS OF TEETH while dreaming usually represents a LOSS of CONFIDENCE, CONTROL or POWER somewhere in one’s life.  It can be occurring in a relationship at work or in one’s personal life.  The dream signifies your anxiety about this development, and bears looking at, to help resolve the issue when you are conscious.


This again is indicative of a loss of control in one’s waking life; in this circumstance it can be showing a fear of loss.  Examining whether it is something or someone that you fear losing, when you are awake, may help you to resolve the issue.


This generally is pointing you to examination of a lack of confidence, or a fear of being exposed in one’s life.  Are you being yourself in your interactions with others, or are you people-pleasing to fit in?  Are you lying and feeling anxious that the truth will come out?  Only you being truly honest with yourself, when you awake from such a dream, will reveal what aspect of your life you are afraid will be UNMASKED.


Flying in a dream can be a truly exhilarating experience.  If you are soaring up high it can denote a feeling of freedom…perhaps you are feeling liberated from something that has plagued you.  If you are flying lower to the ground, perhaps nearly missing obstacles like cars, or wires, or other people, this can be more troubling.  Are things getting in your way in your life, that are frustrating or upsetting, that you want to resolve?


While dreaming about death can be upsetting, it strangely may be symbolic of positive endings in your waking life.  Perhaps you have moved on from a situation or person that was having a negative impact. It generally is symbolic of change, which is a part of life that is ongoing, and some of us have more difficulty being in transition than others.


This commonly appears in dreams, and is an overall representation of the SELF.  Is it a house from our past or present? Is it intact or is it falling apart from a flood or fire?  Are there animals in the house making you feel in danger?  What goes on in a dream about a house indicates how generally secure or insecure you are feeling.


The common dream experience where you are being chased and you either can’t move very quickly, or seem to not being moving at all as you try to run, is a common ANXIETY dream.  Looking at what you are running away from in your waking life, and facing it, will help to relieve this anxiety.


This common anxiety dream represents a fear of being unprepared.  Perhaps you are procrastinating about certain things in your life; this dream may be alerting you that ignoring or putting things off are causing you unwanted stress.


Last but not least is the symbol of water that commonly appears in our dreams.  What is important in analyzing what it is telling you, is the form it comes in.  Water is the ultimate expression of the unconscious mind expressing your true emotions.  Is it a giant wave coming at you that will suck you under?  Is it a calm relaxing pool or lake?  Is it a waterfall that gently cleanses you, or a torrent of water where you feel like you are drowning?  Looking at how water comes to you in your dream, is a generalized indicator of the degree of ease or uncomfortability in your life.

As you can see, there is a lot to be learned by trying to remember and interpreting our dreams, so that we can make changes or adjustments that will lead to a more peaceful life.

All this being said, there has been a lot of scientific research around sleep and dreams.  Recently, there have been some extraordinary breakthroughs, done by a team at the ATR Computational Neuroscience  Laboratory in Japan.  We watch our dreams, just as we watch things in our waking life; this research that revealed scans that can actually re-form an object a person sees while awake, could lead to identification of visual imagery occurring in our dreams. Eventually we may be able, according to these researchers, to watch our dreams the way we watch waking events!

Let us know which of the above dream symbols have occurred in YOUR DREAMS, and what they have meant to you.

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