Mom Was Really Nervous Before Her Ultrasound. But What The Doctor Noticed Is Super Rare!

For first-time parents, seeing the images of their baby in utero, is both exciting and a bit scary.  All expectant parents are concerned that their child is developing normally.   Technicians and doctors point out the different body parts of the child, and often parents really can’t tell what they are watching on the screen.

Well, this expectant mom and dad didn’t have to pretend AT ALL, that what they were being told to look at, was comprehensible to them.  This is their 14-week ultrasound; their baby is growing healthfully in mom’s womb.  As all parents they are tremendously relieved to hear this good news.

However, what happens next is beyond belief.  None of the professional staff  had every seen a baby do anything like this during an ultrasound.  The unborn child makes it perfectly clear to everyone that it is not only healthy, but quite Happy in the womb.

Get ready for a fantastically unexpected and unique moment that gets accompanied by a song by the giddy parents…This baby’s got moves!

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