Video: When The Dance Cam Focuses On This Usher He Stuns The Crowd With Moves No One Expected!

Sports games around the country now often feature cameras that scan the crowds to capture audience members who are dancing or doing silly things.  Some arenas call them “kiss cams” and if they focus on you, you are expected to kiss the person next to you or whomever you came with.  Other places have “dance cams” which zero in on people dancing around.

Many attendees purposefully bust out their best moves so that the camera finds them.  However, others are oftentimes unaware they are the center of attention until they look up and see themselves on the big screen.  These cameras have caught all sorts of wacky happenings, but one performance stands out above the rest, put on by none  other than an usher at a Detroit Pistons game.

The Palace Arena was hosting a March 8th home game against the Dallas Mavericks and the crowd was eagerly showing off their dance moves to Micheal Jackson’s hit song “Scream.”  The camera had turned its attention to a number of people before stopping on an usher who seemed unaware that he was even being focused on.  He goes about his job smiling as he directed two women up the stairs and continued to ignore the camera.

Then, out of the blue, he transformed into a modern day Michael Jackson and began to smoothly glide and thrust his hips to the beat!  The stunned crowd loved it and began to cheer even harder, which led to the usher putting on an awesome showcase of his rhythm and beat skills. The usher is undeniably a very talented and unique dancer.  You have to see it to really appreciate this man’s abilities.  He is so energetic and happy, it makes me wish that I had this much fun at my job!

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