She Puts Her Feet In Apple Cider Vinegar For 30 Minutes a Day For a Month. The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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Many of you may have heard about some surprising benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. However, I think that you may be as surprised as I was, at the diversity of it’s uses, in remedying both health and household issues. The video you are about to watch below, will actually cover 20 different benefits, in depth, only some of which are discussed in this article.

FOOT OR FINGERNAIL FUNGUS, is a very uncomfortable condition that, in feet (known as athlete’s foot) can result in rashes that burn in between the toes and on the feet and between the toes. In both hands and feet it can also occur under the nail bed, causing constant pain.

Soaking fingers and feet in Apple cider vinegar for 10 to 30 minutes daily, until the fungus is gone, is one of the best solutions. The bowl of vinegar can be slightly diluted with water, if it causes any burning sensation.

An UPSET STOMACH can be, somewhat surprisingly, calmed down by a small amount of apple cider vinegar diluted with water or apple juice. This is particularly useful when the cause of the stomach pain is due to a bacterial infection, as apple cider vinegar is a potent enemy of bacteria.

Adding 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to one cup of cold water, 2-3 times per week will ADD SHINE TO YOUR HAIR. The video will also discuss how it treats dandruff.

The PAIN OF SUNBURNED SKIN can be cooled, by the anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar. A cup can be added to cool bath water to relieve the burning pain, and for smaller areas follow the video suggestions.

Believe it or not, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, has been shown to GET RID OF HICCUPS! This may have something to do with nerve stimulation in the throat, according to “Reader’s Digest”.

WEIGHT LOSS may be aided by the acid in the apple cider vinegar suppressing appetite. It also has the capacity to reduce uncomfortable water retention.

Equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar filtered into a spray bottle is a natural way to DISINFECT your home.

This next one amazed me! According to “Greatist”, adding 10 ounces of vinegar to 10 gallons of water can make your garden grow…by spraying and KILLING the ROOTS of WEEDS!

GETTING RID OF HEARTBURN with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, certainly seems counter-intuitive. If you have acid stomach why would adding acid help? Well, it turns out that it, in fact works, by balancing out low acids in the stomach.

There is nothing worse than the horrible grip of a LEG CRAMP that wakes you out of your sleep like a claw. According to “Reader’s Digest”, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey mixed into a glass of warm water gets rid of the cramp!

In addition to these uses, the video goes on to discuss how to use and the reasons why, Apple Cider Vinegar is effective in:


This video comprehensively guides you in how to best use apple cider vinegar to remedy this diversity of issues.

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The Easiest Most Natural and Effective Way To Get Rid of Annoying Skin Tags

A while back, I kept feeling this little annoying thing on my neck, that was really irritating when it rubbed against my shirt.  It was really bugging me, and then I felt one on my armpit when I was showering.  A few more developed  over time, and it was not only annoying, but I became a little nervous.

I just kept trying to ignore them, and then found out that they are called “Skin Tags”.  I was actually really relieved when I came across the video you are about to watch below; somehow I thought it was something only I had.  It  was good to hear that they are quite common, and tend to develop where the skin folds naturally in different places on the body.

I was actually getting ready to go see a dermatologist for removal, but as you will hear, there is a really easy home remedy to get rid of them without being cut.  If you’ve had these annoying tags, “The Health Fixer”, does a good job of explaining why we develop them and an easy solution for removal.  As they tend to recur, it’s good news that the way to remove them is probably already in your kitchen…APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to the rescue, yet again!

I would never have guessed it would be the solution for this problem, but as it turns out, “the Mother” form of  this vinegar, has multiple uses for skin problems.  The video will show you how to apply the vinegar, for how long, and how to achieve the best results.  If you have any concerns about your skin tags, of course, see your doctor before trying this.  I was amazed at how effective a remedy this is!

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The Health Benefits Of Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey In The A.M. On An Empty Stomach

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People will go to extremes in order to stay looking good and feeling healthy. They turn to diets, fasts, detoxes, special exercise programs, and even surgery to try and achieve their optimal mind, body, and health. The vast majority of these things are either passing fads or prohibitively expensive to pursue. Oftentimes it turns out that the best path to health and wellness is a more simple and all-natural one. If you truly want to feel good and purify your body from the inside out you should do the following; drink apple cider vinegar-honey water first thing in the morning.

This recipe for apple cider vinegar and honey infused water is an easy way to cleanse your body at its basic cellular level. Apple cider vinegar works wonders for our bodies because it’s alkaline, which helps maintain our pH balance. The more processed and refined foods you consume, the poorer your diet and more acidic your body becomes. Acidity is linked to a number of health problems such as inflammation, joint and muscle pain, infections, fatigue, nausea, digestive issues, and more. One of the top best things you can do to restore and balance your body’s pH is to drink raw apple cider vinegar regularly. In addition to being alkaline, it contains amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals like manganese, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Honey is also a wonderful detox agent for our systems because it helps us stay regular by increasing urine flow, which in turn flushes and cleanses our kidneys. This leads to better water balance and toxins being removed from your body more regularly. Raw unprocessed honey also improves immunity because it contains various enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which all make us stronger and healthier. Plus, it has natural anti-bacterial properties, and the antioxidants in it fight off free radicals and limit the damage they cause.

If you wish to drink to your health, then you’ll want to make this drink. It will reduce joint pain and inflammation, aid in digestion, increase energy, treat a sore throat and conquer stinky breath, it even supports weight loss! Not only is it something that just about everyone can manage to do, it’s affordable too! Here’s the ingredients and directions on how to make the simple health tonic:

1 Teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Teaspoon Pure Natural Honey
1 Cup of Water

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a glass and mix them together well.
2. Allow it to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes and then drink it before you eat any breakfast, on an empty stomach. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as it will help to further flush out toxins from your body.

For this recipe try to use both apple cider vinegar and honey that is labeled as raw, all-natural, unfiltered, and organic. Essentially, the purer and less refined the ingredients, the better they are for you. Overall, the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar honey water are too good to ignore. The simple drink is easy to gulp down and will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. Please spread this healthy drink recipe and pass this information along to let your friends and loved ones know how they can naturally clean out their systems and feel good. Try it for yourself and see what a difference it can make in your life!

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