If You Place and Hold an Ice Cube On This Spot On Your Neck For 20 Minutes THIS Happens To Your Body

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I love getting massages, and have always found the most relief, after getting deep pressure point massage at the base of my skull where the neck meets the head.  This being said, I was amazed to hear that part of the Chinese modalities of acupuncture and acupressure, incorporate this place of the anatomy in a practice known as “Feng Fu.”

According to “Start of Happiness” the belief is that this particular area, is the key to relieving many pains in other parts of the body, reducing symptoms from some diseases or conditions, improving sleep and achieving an overall sense of well-being by increasing your energy.

Amazingly, as you will hear in the video you are about to view below, you can achieve the same results as Chinese acupuncture of the feng fu point, on your own at home.  It involves placing an ice cube on the back of the neck at the feng fu location, in order to stimulate it, and receive some of the many health benefits.

The video discusses these health benefits in more detail, instructs you exactly where to place the ice cube and the length of time that is necessary to achieve results.

Let us know if you think you will try this unique method.

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This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Sleep On Your Left Side Every Night For a Month.

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After a long day of working, running around, and being on your feet, nothing beats getting home to your nice comfy bed. For many of us, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, it’s where we can fully unwind, let our guard down, and relax. It’s also the one place where the vast majority of our lives are spent. That’s because the average person sleeps for about eight hours a day. Over a lifetime this amounts to spending about one third of our total lives asleep.

While it’s common knowledge that a good nights rest is vitally important for maintaining our health and wellness, both mentally and physically, it’s not so well known that the position you sleep in can also greatly affect your health.

There are many different ways that people like and prefer to sleep in. The most common seems to be on either the left or the right side, on your back, and curled up in the fetal position. Each and every position affects your health in different ways that can be either good or bad. For example, sleeping on the back can be dangerous for people who have asthma and/or sleep apnea because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties. Alternatively, sleeping on ones right side can aggravate digestive problems and end up making them a lot worse. These negative effects and issues lead to not only lower quality sleep, but also less amounts of it.

The one side to sleep on, that is far and away better than all of the other sleep positions in terms of the benefits it has on our bodily health, is the left side. Sleeping on the left side can do many things, including helping us digest better and easier. It improves the overall digestive system by allowing the body to extract nutrients and dispose of toxins faster and more efficiently. In addition, it also affects our circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart is better able to pump downhill and the blood circulates more efficiently back to the heart.

Furthermore, the left side position also allows for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and helps improve spleen function. This results in better lymphatic drainage and more toxins leaving the body, with less overall stress and negative impacts to our health. Dr. John Douillard explains these benefits in greater detail and covers much more in the accompanying video. It’s incredible how much of a difference the position that you sleep in can have on your body.

If you are not sleeping on your left side already, you should try to make the switch as soon as possible. We each have a habitual, preferred way to slumber and it can be hard to break that habit, but it is possible to change with a few minor adjustments. You can train your body to sleep on the left side by switching on a light that’s located on the right side of where you sleep. Your body will naturally want to face away from the light source and thus you’ll turn on to the left side. There are lots of other ways that people have used to effectively change sleep positions, you just have to find out which one will likely work for you. If sleeping on the left side improves health and promotes better sleep, why wouldn’t you want to do it!

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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Water In The A.M. On An Empty Stomach For 1 Month!

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Detoxes and fasts are all the rage in health and beauty circles right now but they’re often astronomically expensive. Some programs charge $10 or more for a juice or bag of tea and that’s on the lower priced end. Many of these detoxes are ineffective scams and some can potentially do more harm than good.

If you truly want to cleanse and purify your body from the inside out you should do the following; chug a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is something that just about everyone can manage and afford to do and it works.

Water in the morning can be compared to a detox because it helps cleanse the digestive tract, intestines, and colon. A cleaner system gives our bodies a better ability to absorb much needed nutrients from the foods we eat.

Naturally getting more vitamins and nutrients makes us healthier, stronger, and better prepared to fight off sickness and diseases. To fully harness all of the health benefits from water it’s best to drink a full 8 ounce glass of fluoride-free water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Allow the water to digest and do not eat or drink anything else for at least 45 minutes afterwards. Doing this helps to activate all of our internal organs and you start the day feeling refreshed.

The origins of this practice originate in Eastern Asia where both the Chinese and Japanese have followed it for years. In Japan, where it’s known as Japanese water therapy, it’s believed to provide several other positive changes to our bodies over time.

According to the Japanese Medical Society consuming water every morning can treat certain gastric issues, such as constipation, in 10 days and help lower high blood pressure in 30 days. There’s more information in the accompanying video on all of this and in addition to a morning glass of H2O there are several other ideal times you should aim to drink it to maximize it’s effectiveness, they are listed below:

1) Before each meal. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water about 30 minutes prior to eating a meal aids digestion by helping to prepare your stomach for the food that will soon follow. It also makes you feel fuller faster which can help you eat less and lose weight.

2) Before and after a workout. Drinking a glass at these times can help prevent dehydration caused by water loss due to perspiration.

3) Whenever you are tired. If you feel sluggish or exhausted chug a glass of water, it’ll wake up your body and help keep you alert.

Of course, you can always drink a glass of water anytime you’d like to! The points covered above are the best times to drink water when your body really needs it, so pass this along to loved ones and let them know how they can best clean their systems out.

Will you start drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning?

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Apparently You Should Always Go To Sleep On Your Left Side. The Reason Is Brilliant!

Sleep. We all need it and yet for many of us a good nights rest is hard to come by. There are a multitude of reasons as to why someone may be having trouble sleeping. Everything from stress to diet, exercise, and our overall general health has some type of impact on the quality and quantity we’re able to get!

While it’s common knowledge that sleeping is vitally crucial, as it keeps us mentally and physically balanced, it’s not so well known that the position we tend to sleep in can also greatly affect our health. People sleep in all sorts of different positions, the most common being on either the back, right side, left side, or curled up in the fetal position. Some of these ways can end up impacting us negatively, such as sleeping on one’s right side. This position can actually worsen and aggravate digestive problems and lead to other health issues that lower our quality of sleep.

The absolute best position you can sleep in is on your left side. In terms of the overall benefits that it has on bodily health, it’s better than every single one of the alternative ways in which we can rest our weary bodies! Below are some of the positive impacts that laying on your left side can result in:

Improved Digestion- when you sleep on your left side your body is in a position where it’s better able to efficiently dispose of the nasty, unwanted toxins that build up inside it during the day. At the same time, it’s also able to extract and use the nutrients your body needs to function its best, both faster and more efficiently as well.

Improved Cardiovascular Health and Circulation- You put less stress on your heart and cardiovascular system when you lay on your left side because the heart is essentially pumping blood through your body in a downhill manner. Your heart doesn’t have to work so hard because the blood flows more efficiently this way, which leads to better overall circulation and less strain in general.

Improved Lymphatic Drainage and Spleen Function- Many of us overlook how important it is to eliminate the toxins, wastes, and unwanted or unusable substances that build up inside our bodies over time. Sleeping on the left side helps to facilitate their removal because bile and other types of wastes are able to travel more freely through our bodies via this position. In the end, this leads to increased lymphatic drainage and thus more toxins leaving our bodies, all while keeping the stress and impact on our system at a minimum.

To hear and learn more about all of the above benefits in much greater detail be sure to check out the accompanying video. In it Dr. John Douillard goes over and explains each one of them comprehensively and covers how sleeping on your left side can make a huge difference in your life. If sleeping on the left side can improve your health in more than just one way, plus lead to better overall sleep, there’s no excuse for not laying down that way! If you don’t sleep on the left side already then try making the switch tonight!

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If You Take 1 Serving of Coconut Oil Per Day For a Month THIS Happens To Your Body

All things COCONUT have been touted in the last few years. It’s been used in water, dried and used as a condiment on yogurt, replaced flour for baking, and coconut milk is a favorite to use in curry dishes. Many people have loved the smell and taste of coconut, but never realized how potent the health potential of the OIL derived from it, actually has!

The video you are about to watch below, does a great job of explaining how and why coconut oil SUPPORTS THYROID FUNCTION and is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which the body processes quickly aiding your digestive functioning. This is integral to WEIGHT LOSS as it doesn’t get stored as fat! As such, it balances your thyroid, by REDUCING INFLAMMATION and BOLSTERING your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron, laurie acid and caprylic acid, according to “LiveStrong”, Coconut oil has the power to both prevent and treat viruses and bacteria, such as YEAST INFECTIONS. Dr. Bruce Fife recommends an intake of 3.5 tablespoons of Coconut Oil daily, for people prone to yeast infections.

Protecting and rejuvenating your SKIN is another benefit of increasing your intake of coconut oil; adding it to tea or coffee in the morning is a good way of doing this. It builds your TOLERANCE AGAINST SUNBURN, according to “Wellness Mama”, and also acts to REJUVENATE SKIN when used both internally and externally.
The video goes into greater detail about how Coconut Oil boosts metabolism and aids digestion, which lends powerful support for HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Emphasis is placed on eating the proper fat in order to lose fat, particularly in hard to lose areas of the body. HEART HEALTH and improvement of the ratio in your CHOLESTEROL is further discussed.

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If You Mix Honey and Garlic and Ingest It In The AM On An Empty Stomach For 1 Month THIS Happens.

There is nothing like the smell of garlic simmering in one of your favorite dishes; the scent alone makes my mouth water, and it enhances the taste of many dishes. It can be roasted, stir-fried, or sautéed and added to main courses, veggies, sauces…and for once something that’s delicious is actually really good for your health!

Garlic is actually a SUPERFOOD, as it has antiviral, antibacterial, anti- fungal and anti-oxidant properties. While you can benefit from garlic in it’s cooked form, the multitude of ways that it strengthens the immune system, come from consuming it in it’s raw form.

The video you are about to watch below is a tutorial of how to ingest it raw, mixed with honey, without tasting it or getting bad breath. Unfortunately, heating garlic reduces it’s anticancer properties and prevents the enzyme Allinase from being released, which is essential for receiving garlic’s most potent health benefits.

In addition to seeing exactly how to ingest this easily, the discussion in the video goes into how cutting the garlic releases the enzyme, and will keep you from getting colds and flu. Swallowing this combo of garlic masked by the sweetness of honey on an empty stomach, will also lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, promote heart health and overall embolden your immune system against the free radicals that cause cancer.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial.

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