Apparently If You Put Garlic In Your Ear Overnight THIS Happens!

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Garlic works great for many things. If you want to ward off evil spirits and vampires, hang a clove of it around your neck or on the door of your house. Ancient wisdom and old wives tales say that by doing so it helps to keep dark forces at bay. While that may or may not be the case, garlic has always been highly regarded as a powerhouse of a food that can help keep us healthy.

The pungent bulbs provide our bodies with numerous health benefits and you don’t even have to eat it to gain some of them! If you ever happen to suffer from an annoying, painful, terrible feeling headache or earache, garlic can help relieve your misery.

Take a clean peeled clove of garlic and gently place it in the opening of your ear, like you would an ear plug. After a short while you’ll start to feel a heat sensation spreading through your ear and then the pain and irritation will begin to subside. Leave the clove in your ear for at least 30-35 minutes or longer and if you want you can even leave it in overnight.

Garlic is effective at treating ear infections because it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. They get to the root of the problem and work naturally to cut down and kill the bacteria and germs in your inner ear that are causing all the pain and misery.

It also has natural antiseptic properties that reduce the risk of further or future infection. Garlic is also anti-inflammatory and can work wonders at reducing the swelling and throbbing that accompanies ear aches. That’s why a small piece of it in your ear can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, if you eat garlic you’ll end up giving your immune system a boost because it’s packed with nutrients like fiber, Vitamins C and B6, potassium, and calcium.

Whenever you feel like you’re coming down with something or get a cold, skip the meds and instead pop some garlic since it has been proven to help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with the flu and common cold.

Whether you eat it or place a clove of it in your ear, a little bit of garlic can be an immense benefit to you in the end and your body will thank you.

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THIS Is What Happens To Your BODY If You Eat 1 Avocado A Day For A Month

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Forget “an apple a day” for maintaining optimal health, what you should be eating everyday is an avocado. The tasty fruits are packed full of the power boosting vitamins and nutrients that our bodies want and need, making them one of nature’s superfoods.

The green, tough-skinned fruits are actually large berries that grow on avocado trees. Their insides have a distinct buttery smooth texture, which makes them great for spreading on top of stuff. Since they’re mild tasting and on the bland side, they’re also great for mixing into a variety of recipes.

Those factors make it easy for anyone to work a daily serving of avocado into their diet, and doing so can make a huge positive impact on your bodily health and wellness. Here are the main benefits you can expect to gain from an avocado.

1) Vitamins and Nutrients- Avocados are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate, niacin and riboflavin, plus vitamins K, B6, and E. They even contain twice the amount of potassium compared to a banana!

2) Healthy Fats- While many people avoid avocados because they’re known to be high in fat it’s monounsaturated, or the good kind of fat, that they contain. Healthy fats are good for us because they can actually help to lower bad cholesterol levels, which in turn is great for our hearts.

3) Aid with Weight Loss- When you eat an avocado you’ll likely feel fuller for longer and therefore you won’t be as inclined to snack on sweets and things later on. Studies have shown that people who eat meals which include at least a half of an avocado snack less overall. This is because the healthy fats they contain help keep insulin and glucose levels stable by producing a ketogenic effect, which also optimizes metabolism.

4) Improve your Eyesight- The lutein and zeaxanthin in avocados help to strengthen and improve your vision, plus they protect eyes against macular degeneration.

5) They’re Free of Pesticides- The thick, rough skin that covers the soft inside works wonders at protecting them from harmful pesticides, toxins, and fertilizers. Out of all the produce available in grocery stores that were tested for pesticide residues, avocados were the cleanest and only 1% of those tested showed any trace of pesticides. (

There are lots more health benefits that avocados have to offer. They can help improve just about anything, from protecting unborn babies to inhibiting and preventing certain cancers. The accompanying video goes over all this and more, it’s truly eye opening and amazing just how good they are for you.

Even if you don’t like to eat them, you can use them in beauty treatments for skin and hair. The next time you go to the store pick a few up and start working them into your diet and beauty routine!

Will you be adding this to your diet daily?

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The 2 Benefits of Burning and Vaporizing Bay Leaves In Your House.

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Bay leaves are a common staple in many people’s spice collections. The dried green leaves are most commonly used in cooking and many people drop a leaf or two in the pot to simmer along with their food. The heat releases the flavor and adds to the dish, but there are other ways to harness the power and benefits of bay leaves.

One such way is by burning the aromatic herb in order to release the active compounds that are found within the leaves. These properties can help to fight against bacterial infections, detoxify our bodies, improve cardiac and respiratory health, and even slow down the effects of aging. Here’s more on what burning a bay leaf can do for you!

Ease Tension, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Help You Relax- Bay leaves contain compounds such as cineol, pinene, and elemicin that when burned produce a relaxing and energizing effect. These chemicals get released into the air and can be breathed in for the stimulating effects which have been described by many as feeling slightly psychedelic in nature. Here’s how to do it:

Take a dried bay leaf and light one end of it on fire over a metal tray, glass dish, or any other type of fire-proof container. Once it’s lit gently blow out any flames so that it smolders and place it safely on the container. The air will soon fill with smoke, don’t breathe this directly. Rather, aim to breathe in the vapors it produces indirectly, as if it were incense.

Once the leaf has burned itself out and the smoke clears you should be able to feel the calming effects. You will be more relaxed and at ease and your mind will be clearer. At the same time, you will feel more awake and less drowsy, so if you ever feel stressed try burning a bay leaf!

Helps to Clear Respiratory System- Bay leaves are a natural remedy that can help treat clogged, backed up respiratory passages and lungs. It acts naturally to help break up and remove the nasty mucus and phlegm that’s causing all the problems. Instead of burning the leaves, soak fresh ones in clean water or pick up a small vial of bay leaf oil and use it in a humidifier to create a steamy vapor which you then breathe in. You can also simply boil the treated water on the stove top or rub the oil on your chest area to alleviate respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma.

Helps to Improve Cardiovascular Health- Bay leaves are rich in a caffeic acid which is a natural organic compound that helps strengthen and support the heart’s capillary walls. In addition, caffeic acid also works to eliminate low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), which is the bad type that no one wants in their cardiovascular system. Rather than burning or inhaling treated steam, add the bay leaves to your cooking and you’ll take in all the heart healthy benefits by simply eating the delicious food you make!

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Apparently You Should Never Throw Out Rice Water. The Reason Is Priceless!

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The next time you cook rice for dinner, make sure to save the leftover water it was boiled in. Rice water, that milky white liquid you’re left with, is brimming with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that your body craves.

Japanese women have used it for centuries in their health and beauty routines to make their hair shine and skin glow. It’s one of the easiest and all natural ways to effectively moisturize and protect hair and skin, plus it’s super affordable and you get a meal out of it!

To get the most out of rice water, you should aim to use organic rice and distilled water. First rinse the rice off and then simply boil it, drain the excess water into a container, and allow it to cool. Now you can use it right away or pop a lid on and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Below are some of the most common ways that people use it in their health and beauty routines: Facial cleanser and toner- After washing your face, soak a cotton pad in rice water and gently apply it all over your face and neck area.

This helps to even out skin tone, as well as smooth and tighten it, and your skin will feel soft and moisturized. The antioxidants and B vitamins in it help slow aging and protect skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation by preventing age spots.

Hair treatment- After shampooing and rinsing your hair, drench it in rice water. Massage it gently into your hair and scalp and allow this to soak for about 5 minutes. Rinse well with plain water and do this once or twice a week for best results.

The proteins in the rice water strengthen and fill in cracks in hair shafts, leaving you with silky smooth, shiny hair. Full body soak- Add some rice water to your bath, or place a ½ cup of rice in a muslin bag and drop that in the tub.

Sit back, relax, and soak it all in for at least 15 minutes. Taking a rice water bath is an excellent way to alleviate painful or irritating skin conditions, like eczema and rashes. The moisturizing and healing properties of the rice water helps to reduce inflammation and restore moisture to skin.

There are other ways to harness the powerful benefits of rice water, the three above are the most simple and main ones. Check out the video for more easy and effective ways to work it into your beauty routine.

Try them out and see what it can do for your hair and skin!

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Apparently You Should Be Taking A Shot Of Whiskey Everyday. The Reason I Had No Idea!

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Whiskey is the fastest growing area in all of the alcoholic beverage industry and annual sales figures for the spirit have steadily gone up over the past few years. In fact, the Distilled Spirits Council of the US reports that the entire spirits market in America has been sustained, and the total volume increased overall, in large part thanks to the current resurgence in whiskey.

The immense popularity of the drink is due in part to the many different varieties and blends of it that are available, from Canadian and Irish whiskey to Tennessee bourbon. Add to that the fact that it has a multitude of health benefits, and it’s easy to see why whiskey is currently king.

For centuries whiskey had been used mainly for medicinal purposes. It was popular for the the treatment of smallpox, digestion problems, coughs, tuberculosis, colic, and much more. During prohibition the government even made it available via licensed pharmacies to those who had a doctors prescription.

The medicinal value of the spirit was widely recognized, so much so you could get prescribed whiskey! Below are a few more of the health benefits that whiskey can provide.

Helps prevent weight gain- whiskey contains 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, and the carbs and calories in it are simple so they break down quickly instead of staying on your waistline for years to come.

Aids in digestion- whiskey acts as a natural digestive aid because it stops you from overeating, which can also help with weight loss.

Promotes heart health- it can actually prevent excess cholesterol from building up in arteries by relaxing them, leading to a better functioning cardiovascular system. Plus, antioxidants naturally found in whiskey help to lower the risk for heart attack or stroke by lowering LDL cholesterol, aka the bad type, while increasing good HDL cholesterol levels.

Reduces risk of cancer- whiskey contains more antioxidants than red wine and one type, ellagic acid, has been found to prevent DNA from coming into contact with cancerous compounds, like carcinogens. It also helps to protect the body from the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Boosts memory and brain health- All those antioxidants mentioned above also make our brains healthier, while boosting circulation, which can lead to better recall ability. There’s also a link between drinking whiskey and a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia, although additional studies are needed to explore this more in depth.

Helps you de-stress and relax- a shot of whiskey can help you become less tense and relaxes your muscles. It also helps open arteries up and improves circulation, which takes more stress off your body and leaves you feeling much better.

It’s diabetic safe- because it’s low in sugar it won’t spike blood glucose levels, and a drink or two has been shown to improve the bodies ability to regulate insulin and glucose levels

These are just a few of the ways in which whiskey can help your body and health. The key to harnessing any of these benefits is by using the spirit wisely, never overindulge or drink to excess, and as with all alcoholic beverages, moderation is essential. Check out the video for more information.

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If You Push This Spot On Your Foot Before You Go To Sleep THIS Happens To Your Body!

Sleep issues are extremely prevalent these days, they plague millions of people all across America. The most common ones complained of are a lack of overall sleep and insomnia. If you’ve never experienced them before, you’re incredibly lucky because both are extremely stressful.

Not being able to pass out right away brings with it a horrible feeling, it makes you feel almost desperate. The same goes for problems with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to stay asleep, they’re equally bad.

Insomniacs and problem sleepers will try just about anything if it helps them fall asleep faster. Some people completely overhaul and change their diets, others take pills like melatonin or sleep aids, and some massage their feet. That’s right, a simple foot massage before bed can be immensely helpful in helping you to relax and fall asleep.

One of the most effective massage treatment methods comes from the ancient Chinese alternative medicine field of acupressure. Acupressure involves applying pressure to various points on our bodies and it does wonders to alleviate aches, pains, tension, and built up stresses. Acupressure works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in our hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow.

An average human foot has over 15,000 nerves that all inter-connect, forming a network that reaches different areas of the body, such as our main organs and glands. Many people have found that by using simple acupressure techniques at home they could dramatically improve their sleep quality and also relieve pain and discomfort caused by common ailments.

All you have to do is find the points on your feet which are associated with the area in which your issue stems from and massage it! One such point is called the Great Rushing or LV3 point, which is well-known for being an effective full body health booster. To locate the area on your foot go to the gap between your big toe and second toe, move two finger widths back up from there, and you should feel a slight depression- that’s the point!

If you feel a hard bone keep looking because it’s a soft area. Check out the video for more details and information about the point and where to locate it. By pressing down and applying firm pressure to this point on and off for 4-5 seconds at a time, it can help to relax and calm your mind and body. Do this for at least 2 minutes at a time, several times a day, and most importantly right before you go to bed at night.

According to WebMD studies have been done which suggest that activating the LV3 point helps to lessen the negative impacts of depression and anxiety by lowering subjects overall stress levels and instances of insomnia.

That alone makes it worthwhile to do and it also helps alleviate and lessen a variety of other health issues. Some of them include nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, hangovers, indigestion, abdominal pain, back pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, and more.

This treatment is incredibly simple, easy to do, convenient, and doesn’t cost a penny. You’ll automatically feel more relaxed and at ease and while it may sound too good to be true it may be just what your body needs.

So tonight kick off your shoes, peel off your socks, and give yourself a massage! Doing this right before you go to bed will help you to relax, fall asleep faster, and sleep better overall. Try it and share this with others to help them find comfort and better health in their own lives!

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