If You Place and Hold an Ice Cube On This Spot On Your Neck For 20 Minutes THIS Happens To Your Body

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I love getting massages, and have always found the most relief, after getting deep pressure point massage at the base of my skull where the neck meets the head.  This being said, I was amazed to hear that part of the Chinese modalities of acupuncture and acupressure, incorporate this place of the anatomy in a practice known as “Feng Fu.”

According to “Start of Happiness” the belief is that this particular area, is the key to relieving many pains in other parts of the body, reducing symptoms from some diseases or conditions, improving sleep and achieving an overall sense of well-being by increasing your energy.

Amazingly, as you will hear in the video you are about to view below, you can achieve the same results as Chinese acupuncture of the feng fu point, on your own at home.  It involves placing an ice cube on the back of the neck at the feng fu location, in order to stimulate it, and receive some of the many health benefits.

The video discusses these health benefits in more detail, instructs you exactly where to place the ice cube and the length of time that is necessary to achieve results.

Let us know if you think you will try this unique method.

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Woman Places An Ice Cube On This Spot Of Her Neck For A Month. I Had No Idea It Would Do THIS

For as long as man has existed on earth he has been searching for a fountain of youth. The world has been searched over for some secret, powerful, life enhancing elixir that could make humans healthy and ageless. Today there are areas of medicine and science devoted to studying and searching for the right chemicals, plant extracts, and other combinations that can enhance beauty, turn back the effects of aging, and cure us of any and all ills.

Companies tout the latest and greatest breakthroughs and sell all sorts of creams, serums, crystals, magnets, and so on to consumers eager to snap them up. Most of these things promise the world but don’t work as hoped for. There is an easier, more affordable, and all natural way to heal and refresh your body. All it requires is that every day you lay on your tummy.

Place an ice cube at the base of your skull on your neck (see the point on the neck shown in the video), and allow it to rest there for 20 minutes. Do this in the morning on an empty stomach and before you go to sleep. It has been said that this technique can provide a variety of benefits to your body, as well as boost your mood and mental health.

After consistent use for a month potential health benefits include improved digestion and sleep, reduced thyroid issues and PMS symptoms, cure common colds, alleviate headaches or toothaches, and reduce overall risks associated with lung and cardiovascular diseases.

This alternative method dates back to ancient Chinese medicine and pressure points. The point it centers around is where your skull and neck meet, which is known as the Feng Fu. Many people report feeling younger, energized, and full of life after doing this everyday. Perhaps this simple practice is the way to go when trying to stay healthy and clean. Plus, there’s no harm in trying!

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He Sprinkles Salt Into This Bowl Of Ice Then Places A Can Of Soda In It. The Reason Is Brilliant

Nothing is as refreshing as an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day. And nothing is as disgusting as chugging a can of warm soda or beer that you thought was cold. Well, chugging a hot can of something would be worse, but you get the point. This summer, if you find yourself stuck with warm cans or bottles that you want to drink sooner rather than later, try this trick from DaveHax. He shows us how to quickly bring a beverage’s temperature down from warm to cool by using 4 things that are in most everyone’s kitchen. All you need is a bowl, ice, water and salt, plus a warm beverage.

Put some water in a bowl then add about 1-2 tray fulls of ice to it. Sprinkle on a couple of tablespoons of regular old salt and mix it all up. Now place a can or two in the bowl, stir after one minute, and after 2 minutes the can will be cold. Take the can out of the bowl, open, drink, and enjoy!

DaveHax explained the science behind this bevy hack by attributing it to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that 2 substances with different temperatures reach thermal equilibrium over time. He said that the salt causes the ice to melt faster but it needs to draw heat energy from somewhere, wherever it is possible and present, to do so. Here it was from the warm can.

Thus, the can rapidly cooled down as the salt melted the ice even faster than it normally would have. The 2 different temperature things, the lemonade can and the ice, transferred their heat and cold to one another as they went towards thermal equilibrium, with the salt added to speed it up.

The temperature change was measured and shown to us in the video to prove the point. The lemonade started at a room temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit/24 degrees Celsius. After it chilled the can temperature measured 41F/5C, which means it dropped down a total of 34F/19C in just 2 minutes.

This method works great with soda, beer, juices and any other drinks that come in a can or bottle. It works wonders for all those people out there who hate waiting over half an hour or more for a drink to cool down in the fridge, or those like myself, who are just impatient. Now you can quench your thirst in minutes with a delicious ice cold beverage and skip the painful wait!

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