He Cuts The Ends Off This Orange Next He Slices One Large Cut Down The Middle. The Reason Is Genius!

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If you have ever struggled through attempts at peeling open an orange then you need to see this video. It shows you how to properly go about removing an orange rind in a simple, quick, and efficient manner. The whole process can be done with only 3 cuts in less than 60 seconds.

Best of all, it leaves a minimal mess and reduces the likelihood of orange juice getting sprayed in your eyes. Start by positioning the orange down securely so that it sits length-wise. Carefully take a sharp knife and slice off each of the 2 ends. Then slice width-wise down the middle, but only cut to the center and not all the way through, so you still have one in-tact piece.

Take the orange and open it up at this last cut. It should unfold and reveal the delicious inner fruit pieces that you can now easily peel off the rind and eat. And voila the perfect way to peel an orange your probably never knew existed!

After learning this I want to challenge a friend to an orange peeling contest to see who can do it fastest. It’d be a quick way to make a buck if we bet on it….But seriously, try this technique next time you eat an orange and definitely watch the video to really see how it’s done.

Try it out and let us know if it works for you!

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This Simple Life Hack Will To Stop Your Thighs From Getting Chafed This Summer!

CHAFING is caused when heat causes us to sweat, our thighs touch, causing this painful rash. As women, this can occur whether or not we are overweight, (although it has been nicknamed “Chub Rub”), as many women carry more weight in their thighs, so the tendency for skin-on-skin contact in this area is quite common. Not that many women have the good fortune of having thighs that don’t touch. The video you are about to watch below, offers several great tricks for preventing the pain of chafing from occurring this summer!

WHEN EXERCISING wearing shorts, leggings or any compression type material will prevent your thighs from touching and causing the pain of chafing. If you enjoy WEARING SKIRTS OR DRESSES, there is no need to skip them; wearing a bike short underneath will do the trick. Not only are they designed to wick moisture away from your skin, but they will keep your thighs from touching. A more appealing and prettier choice that is less bulky, are BANDELETTES which slip around your thighs to keep them from touching.

There are also creams, oils and ointments that can be applied for prevention, which won’t get on your clothes as they get absorbed into your skin. According to “Runner’s World”, any DIAPER RASH CREAM that contains ZINC OXIDE will protect your skin, just as it does for babies! ANTI-PERSPIRANT works, but there is a much better solution known as BODYGLIDE which you can get in sports stores or through Amazon. COCONUT OIL, the natural wonder, is a great solution that not only smells great but has anti-bacterial properties.

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He Sprinkles Salt Into This Bowl Of Ice Then Places A Can Of Soda In It. The Reason Is Brilliant

Nothing is as refreshing as an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day. And nothing is as disgusting as chugging a can of warm soda or beer that you thought was cold. Well, chugging a hot can of something would be worse, but you get the point. This summer, if you find yourself stuck with warm cans or bottles that you want to drink sooner rather than later, try this trick from DaveHax. He shows us how to quickly bring a beverage’s temperature down from warm to cool by using 4 things that are in most everyone’s kitchen. All you need is a bowl, ice, water and salt, plus a warm beverage.

Put some water in a bowl then add about 1-2 tray fulls of ice to it. Sprinkle on a couple of tablespoons of regular old salt and mix it all up. Now place a can or two in the bowl, stir after one minute, and after 2 minutes the can will be cold. Take the can out of the bowl, open, drink, and enjoy!

DaveHax explained the science behind this bevy hack by attributing it to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that 2 substances with different temperatures reach thermal equilibrium over time. He said that the salt causes the ice to melt faster but it needs to draw heat energy from somewhere, wherever it is possible and present, to do so. Here it was from the warm can.

Thus, the can rapidly cooled down as the salt melted the ice even faster than it normally would have. The 2 different temperature things, the lemonade can and the ice, transferred their heat and cold to one another as they went towards thermal equilibrium, with the salt added to speed it up.

The temperature change was measured and shown to us in the video to prove the point. The lemonade started at a room temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit/24 degrees Celsius. After it chilled the can temperature measured 41F/5C, which means it dropped down a total of 34F/19C in just 2 minutes.

This method works great with soda, beer, juices and any other drinks that come in a can or bottle. It works wonders for all those people out there who hate waiting over half an hour or more for a drink to cool down in the fridge, or those like myself, who are just impatient. Now you can quench your thirst in minutes with a delicious ice cold beverage and skip the painful wait!

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