I’ve Been Peeling Post-it Notes Wrong For My Entire Life! I’m so glad I learned This!

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Post-it notes are one of those simple, seemingly inconsequential inventions that make life all the more easier. The small pieces of paper have a strip of tacky glue on the back and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Sticky notes come in most handy when organizing paperwork and files and they’re great for leaving messages and reminders on. Besides attaching them to paper, you can stick them just about anywhere.

Most people press them onto the fridge, mirror, doors, their arm, computer screens, and really on whatever they’ll stick to. Post-its are the original brand name of the product and they’re sold just about everywhere these days. The original yellow-colored squares are iconic by now, after being developed back in the 1970’s by a man named Arthur Fry.

Fry was a scientist and inventor who worked at 3M when he accidentally created the glue that is now on the back of all Post-it notes. He was trying to make a super-strong type of adhesive but instead he ended up making the less strong, yet reusable, tacky glue that makes Post-its so great to use. The glue doesn’t leave behind any residue and won’t stick so hard that it tears anything when it’s removed.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do just about everything in life, and that includes using Post-it notes. Recently it has emerged that most people have been peeling the sticky notes the wrong way their entire lives. The most common way to go about removing a single Post-it note from the pad is by taking the bottom edge and peeling it upwards and off the pad.

This leaves the non-tacky part of the paper sticking up in the air and curled so that you can’t view it quickly. It also results in the notes catching on things and coming loose or falling off the surface they were stuck to. The correct way to remove a Post-it note is to peel it from the side while pulling along the adhesive line using a down and away motion.

Check out the video for a clear demonstration of the process and once you see it, you’ll never use a Post-it note incorrectly ever again. That’s because peeling them the right way leaves you with an ideal, flat note that won’t come off the surface you stick it to.

This is a great bit of information to know going forward so pass it on and share the knowledge!

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He Cuts The Ends Off This Orange Next He Slices One Large Cut Down The Middle. The Reason Is Genius!

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If you have ever struggled through attempts at peeling open an orange then you need to see this video. It shows you how to properly go about removing an orange rind in a simple, quick, and efficient manner. The whole process can be done with only 3 cuts in less than 60 seconds.

Best of all, it leaves a minimal mess and reduces the likelihood of orange juice getting sprayed in your eyes. Start by positioning the orange down securely so that it sits length-wise. Carefully take a sharp knife and slice off each of the 2 ends. Then slice width-wise down the middle, but only cut to the center and not all the way through, so you still have one in-tact piece.

Take the orange and open it up at this last cut. It should unfold and reveal the delicious inner fruit pieces that you can now easily peel off the rind and eat. And voila the perfect way to peel an orange your probably never knew existed!

After learning this I want to challenge a friend to an orange peeling contest to see who can do it fastest. It’d be a quick way to make a buck if we bet on it….But seriously, try this technique next time you eat an orange and definitely watch the video to really see how it’s done.

Try it out and let us know if it works for you!

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Apparently I’ve Been Peeling Oranges Wrong My Entire Life. This Is So Good To Know.

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Peeling an orange should be an easy task to do, at least that’s what we all have assumed at some point in our citrus eating lives! However, the sad truth is that most of us have no clue what we’re doing and end up making a big, sticky mess in the process. It turns out that there is a much better way to peel an orange than going in blind. So if you have ever struggled through attempts at peeling one open, you need to see this video.

The accompanying clip shows you exactly how to properly go about peeling a ripe, juicy, delicious orange without making a mess. The method is everything you’d want it to be; quick, easy, efficient, simple. All that you really need is a sharp knife and in less than sixty seconds you’ll be done. This technique will also reduce the chances of getting orange juice sprayed in your eyes, which is always a painful experience that no one ever enjoys.

Here is the best way to peel an orange without making a sticky mess. First, place the orange securely on a flat surface so it sits length-wise. Take a sharp knife and carefully cut off both ends of the orange. Next, make a slit down through the middle, but only cut to the center and then stop. This is key to this trick and you want to still have one piece that’s all in-tact, so don’t cut all the way through the orange!

Now grasp the orange at each side of the slit you just made and pull down sideways to split it neatly open. It should unfold to reveal the delicious inner fruit pieces and now you can remove any seeds or the white part, which is called the pith of the orange, if you don’t like how that tastes. What you’re left with are chunks of orange that you can easily peel off the rind and eat, so chow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor without making a mess!

The next time you reach for an orange be sure to try this technique and definitely check out the video to see how it’s properly done because once you see it, it’ll stick with you forever.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

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