Mom Noticed a Strange Bruise on The Back of THIS 5 Year-Old’s Leg. But The Drs. Reveal The Terrifying Truth!

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Finally sweet sweet Summer is here. The long cold winter is over and now we can finally go outside and enjoy the warm sun on our faces, swimming in pools, laying out at the beach and going hiking through the woods!

With all that good coming from mother nature there is always a flip side. In this case all our outdoor activities require us to be vigilant and have a raised awareness for all the types of creepy crawly creatures. From red ants, wasps, bees, hornets, ticks and worst of all spiders!

This brings us to today’s story which features 5-year-old Kailyn Donovan who spent a beautiful day outside in her backyard with her parents. The young girl was having so much fun that she was too distracted to feel a small pinch on her leg from some kind of bug. After a great day outside she came inside and everything seemed fine.

A couple days went by and her parents spotted what appeared to be some kind of bruise on the back of her leg. Her dad and mom didn’t think much of and decided it was no big deal. They brought her to the bus stop and she got on the bus to go to school.

Later that afternoon the school nurse called Kailyn’s parents and explained that she was feeling really sick and had a high fever. The fever was high enough that it warrented a hospital visit with a doctor.

Her mother and father picked her up from school and drove her to the nearest hospital. The doctor on rounds quickly realized it was a spider bite of some kind but he wasn’t sure exactly what type of spider or how bad this bite could potentially get.

He gave her a prescription of antibiotics and she quickly began to feel better and her high fever broke. She felt good enough to attend her pre-school graduation but her mom and dad were still keeping an eye on that mysterious spider bite on the back of her knee even though she felt so much better.

After her graduation mom’s ‘spidey senses’ began tingling as her motherly instincts kicked in she believed something was truly wrong as the bite began to transform in shape and size. It clearly wasn’t healing well and it was starting to look pretty bizarre.

She brought little Kailin back to the doctor who decided to refer her to a Pediatric Infectious-Disease Specialist who would have a much better grasp and understanding about this type bite. The specialist quickly figured out that she was bitten by a Black Widow Spider!

Black Widow Spiders are one of the most poisonous spiders in all of North America! This was become a very serious situation as her parents, doctors and young Kaelin were all becoming very scared.

If Kaelyn was not treated immediately this could have become an extremely dangerous situation. Luckily the specialist recognized the bite because it has a very distinctive look to it. Just like in majority of these cases, Kaelin was administered a dose of anti-venom that will be fully remove the venomous poison out of the body.

Just for your information these are the signs and symptoms of a Black Widow Spider bite:  First you can feel nauseous, get a fever, cold sweats, chills and sometimes even muscle spasms that will begin at the original bite area and then slowly spread out to the rest of your muscles all over your body.

Every year in the United States about 2,000 Black Widow Spider bites are recorded and sometimes they can be fatal if not treated. However the number of fatalities from one of these bites is very low.

Luckily for Kaelin her parents realized this was no ordinary bug bite and they want other parents out there to be aware this summer so the same thing doesn’t happen to their kids.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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