This 16 Year Old Girl Cuts Her Hair For The FIRST Time In He Life. The End Result Is STUNNING!

Anyone who has ever had long hair knows how nerve wracking and unpredictable a new haircut can be. To suddenly go from long to shorter hair is kind of a big deal. The different lengths feel strange at first, even when you trim just a couple of inches off.

Everything from running your fingers through it and brushing to the way it has to be styled feels new and weird. Your whole head feels lighter and the hair is much healthier, shinier, and manageable.

Imagine that you had been growing your hair your entire life and had never gotten a major haircut. After 16 years your hair reaches a point down past your knees and almost touches the ground. Seems crazy, right? That was reality for 16 year old Roxy Vice, a teenager from Stafford, Virginia who had never trimmed her hair.

Over the course of her life her brown locks had grown extremely long and straight. Having heavy, ultra long hair was the only hairstyle she had ever known and she was way overdue for a full on haircut and style makeover. Roxy finally decided to make a change and cut her hair because she was heading off to college in a few months.

Having average length hair would be more easy and manageable to take care of, plus she’d look older and not so young. When the big day came she documented the experience and remarked how excited and nervous she was about it all. After taking a few last pictures of her long hair she tied it up in a loose ponytail and sat back in the chair for the big chop.

The man who was about to cut Roxy’s hair, Danilo, is a stylist who works with the hair care company Pantene. He performs cuts on behalf of the companies special hair donation program called Beautiful Lengths. People with hair at least 8 inches or longer can have it cut and donated to the program which uses it to make wigs for women battling cancer.

Danilo says that Roxy’s hair is the longest that the program has ever had donated, and perhaps even the longest he has ever seen in all of his years cutting hair! After he did the big chop he styled Roxy’s hair in ways which she has never known. He ended up giving her layers, bangs, and added a lot more texture and body.

At first Roxy was surprised and shocked at how short her hair seemed, even though it was still very long and reached down her mid-back. However, once it was completely styled and finished she says she loved it, and rightly so. She looks like a whole new person and the new look fits her well. She cut her hair for a good cause and turned out looking absolutely beautiful both inside and out!

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Machine Sells Extremely Cheap T-Shirts But Everyone Walks Away Empty Handed After Seeing THIS

What price would you pay for fashion?  Some pay top dollar for designer pieces but practically everyone wants the cheapest, most affordable, clothing they can find.  Fashion is a huge industry and when a bargain catches a person’s attention it can be hard to ignore.  When shoppers at Alexanderplatz in Berlin saw a shiny turquoise vending machine selling 2€ T-shirts they quickly stepped up to purchase the cheap items.  After inserting money and selecting their size no new shirt came right out.  Instead, potential customers were met with a video that started to play on the screen.

The short clip introduced them to Manisha, a young girl who works in a factory making clothes that are sold at very low prices.  Conditions there are cramped, crowded, poor and unsafe.  She makes only 13 cents an hour and works 16 hour days, which is why the company selling the shirts is able to do so at such low prices.  She is only one face out of the millions who work everyday in these deplorable and inhumane conditions.

When the video stops it poses a simple question “Do you still want to buy this 2€ T-shirt?”  It then offers two choices; buy or donate.  Eight out of ten shoppers chose to donate.  The reactions captured were shock, sadness, disbelief and many simply shook their heads or frowned.

The social experiment was set up to test whether people would still choose to buy clothing even if they knew of the deplorable conditions under which it was manufactured.  The aim was to highlight the need for greater transparency about where our clothes come from.  It took place on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th, which is held in memory of the 1,133 workers who were killed in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in 2013.

Ideally, brands will step up and take responsibility to protect the health and welfare of the people and places they rely on to supply their businesses.  Until they actually do, the Fashion Revolution Project will continue to fight and work for improving conditions.  Raising awareness and highlighting the issue is only the first step.

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