If You Push This Spot On Your Foot Before You Go To Sleep THIS Happens To Your Body!

Sleep issues are extremely prevalent these days, they plague millions of people all across America. The most common ones complained of are a lack of overall sleep and insomnia. If you’ve never experienced them before, you’re incredibly lucky because both are extremely stressful.

Not being able to pass out right away brings with it a horrible feeling, it makes you feel almost desperate. The same goes for problems with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to stay asleep, they’re equally bad.

Insomniacs and problem sleepers will try just about anything if it helps them fall asleep faster. Some people completely overhaul and change their diets, others take pills like melatonin or sleep aids, and some massage their feet. That’s right, a simple foot massage before bed can be immensely helpful in helping you to relax and fall asleep.

One of the most effective massage treatment methods comes from the ancient Chinese alternative medicine field of acupressure. Acupressure involves applying pressure to various points on our bodies and it does wonders to alleviate aches, pains, tension, and built up stresses. Acupressure works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in our hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow.

An average human foot has over 15,000 nerves that all inter-connect, forming a network that reaches different areas of the body, such as our main organs and glands. Many people have found that by using simple acupressure techniques at home they could dramatically improve their sleep quality and also relieve pain and discomfort caused by common ailments.

All you have to do is find the points on your feet which are associated with the area in which your issue stems from and massage it! One such point is called the Great Rushing or LV3 point, which is well-known for being an effective full body health booster. To locate the area on your foot go to the gap between your big toe and second toe, move two finger widths back up from there, and you should feel a slight depression- that’s the point!

If you feel a hard bone keep looking because it’s a soft area. Check out the video for more details and information about the point and where to locate it. By pressing down and applying firm pressure to this point on and off for 4-5 seconds at a time, it can help to relax and calm your mind and body. Do this for at least 2 minutes at a time, several times a day, and most importantly right before you go to bed at night.

According to WebMD studies have been done which suggest that activating the LV3 point helps to lessen the negative impacts of depression and anxiety by lowering subjects overall stress levels and instances of insomnia.

That alone makes it worthwhile to do and it also helps alleviate and lessen a variety of other health issues. Some of them include nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, hangovers, indigestion, abdominal pain, back pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, and more.

This treatment is incredibly simple, easy to do, convenient, and doesn’t cost a penny. You’ll automatically feel more relaxed and at ease and while it may sound too good to be true it may be just what your body needs.

So tonight kick off your shoes, peel off your socks, and give yourself a massage! Doing this right before you go to bed will help you to relax, fall asleep faster, and sleep better overall. Try it and share this with others to help them find comfort and better health in their own lives!

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If You Have Dry and Cracked Feet THIS Simple Foot Hack Will Get Rid Of It For Good!

Dry, rough or cracked heels, is a common problem most people face at one time or another. With summer here, we become more conscious of it as our feet are exposed in sandals. The reason our feet suffer from intense dryness is that there are no oil glands in them, making sweat glands their sole source of moisture, as they bear the weight of our entire body each day!

As sweat glands alone usually aren’t enough to keep our feet comfortably moisturized, it is necessary to avoid things that cause excessive dryness. Finding home remedies that will replace moisture, needed to avoid uncomfortable cracked heels, is provided in the video you are about to watch below.

Cold weather, drying soaps, aging, low humidity, overly hot and prolonged showers and sun exposure are the usual suspects that contribute to dry feet, according to “Foot Vitals.” Their recommendations for home remedies include a 10-minute lemon juice foot bath, because the acid helps to dissolve dead skin; a homemade cream of olive oil mixed with lavender essential oil or lemon help to soothe and heel.

Livestrong” recommends Vaseline spread over your entire feet and covered with cotton socks overnight for a great healing effect over time, as well as an exfoliating scrub with equal parts of olive oil and brown sugar for 10-15 minutes. Sesame Oil, Honey and Milk as well as some other great solutions are illustrated in the VIDEO below. It offers some easy-to-follow remedies to resolve troublesome cracked heels.

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All She Did Is Put Her Feet On The Dashboard But It Would End Up Changing Her Life Forever

Parents are always warning their children not to put their feet up on the dashboard when they ride in the passenger seat. “It’s dangerous” is what my own mother used to say when I called shotgun and propped my legs up to comfortably rest on the dash, which she’d promptly swat away.

She, and everyone else who said that it was dangerous, is absolutely correct in their warnings. According to the website gm.ca, airbags typically deploy at around 200 mph. They need to open faster than the accident is happening, which caused them to deploy, so they can provide the protection they are meant for. However, such rapid deployment can result in serious injuries, and sometimes they are even be fatal.

Bethany Benson knows this all too well. Back in August of 2010 she was just 22 years old when her life changed drastically. She was returning back from her aunt’s house along with her boyfriend who was driving her mom’s 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. She was trying to get as comfortable as possible so she reclined the seat back, propped her feet up on the dashboard, and fell asleep.

The chain of events that happened next would seriously affect her for the rest of her life. A car and a motorcycle collided, which tragically cost the biker his life. A transport truck came upon the scene and suddenly hit the brakes to try and avoid the accident. The Sunfire was right behind that truck and Bethany’s boyfriend tried as best he could to avoid crashing into it, but it was too late to avoid. The car slammed into the back of the big rig and the passenger side airbag slammed into Bethany’s legs.

When the airbag deployed it hit her hamstrings, which caused her feet to push up through the windshield, and her knees to drive back into her face. When her knees slammed into her eyes they cracked her left eye socket and cheekbone, broke her nose, dislocated her jaw, and caused a tooth to slice through her lower lip. Both her feet were broken in multiple places and she lost her spleen along with her memories. Worst of all she suffered a brain bleed and her entire personality changed.

Now she is moodier and angrier than she was before the accident, and understandably depressed, but these changes caused her to lose friends and even the boyfriend she once had. She’s in constant pain and has been struggling to deal with the after effects of that night ever since. Bethany wants to get one thing across by telling her story. She wants people to know that everything she had, and who she was, all changed because she put her feet up on the dashboard. Please help pass on her story, if it can help save a life or prevent such massive injuries from ever happening, then some good can come from it all.

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Before You Put On Sandals Get Your Feet Ready With This Simple Trick Using Two Items In Your Kitchen

Summertime means sandal season is upon us. Whether it’s open toed shoes, flip flops, or sandals, they all make us stay cool and help our feet breathe in the heat and humidity. It often feels so good and relaxing to finally free our toes from the cramped sneakers and boots that have been covering our feet for months.

However, lots of us don’t really pay attention to our feet until we have to show them in public. If your feet are not yet sandal ready, or maybe just need a little pampering to get them into tip top condition, then you have to try this nourishing foot soak that will leave your toes looking amazing.

YouTuber Tabitha Blue from Kitchenwise shows us how to make a quick and easy foot soak that uses two simple and all natural ingredients that you likely already have on hand in the kitchen; milk and baking soda. If not, you can pick them up at the store for under $5 total and still have plenty left over for other things or more foot soaks down the line. It only takes about ten minutes total of your time and will leave your feet soft, glowing, and rejuvenated.

Warm up 2-4 cups of milk and pour it into a bowl or container that’s large enough to fit both your feet in comfortably. Once you have soaked your toes for about five minutes grab the baking soda and lightly sprinkle some over them in your foot bath. Work the baking soda around by gently massaging and scrubbing it onto the feet for about a minute or two.

Pay attention to rougher areas or where the skin is thicker, usually heels and the bottoms of feet. Don’t forget to scrub the tops of feet too and around the upper ankle areas that are most visible when you wear sandals. After you’re done scrubbing, keep soaking your feet and sit back and relax for another five minutes.

In case you’re wondering how milk and baking soda work to beautify your feet, read on. Milk naturally contains lactic acid within it, which is often used to soften skin. This helps to prepare any rough patches for removal of the dead skin cells on them. Baking soda is naturally abrasive, so by rubbing it on milk softened feet, you can effectively remove rough patches.

That’s how milk and baking soda work so well together to soften and remove hardened areas of skin, such as tough calluses. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot! Healthy, well cared for, sandal-ready feet will make you feel confident and prepared to take on whatever summer has to offer.

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6 Reasons Doctors Are Now Warning People To Never Wear Flip Flops Again.

sdfsdfeefefeffeeffefefeefimage via – shutterstock.com

Summer is officially in full swing and now that the weather is all hot and humid people everywhere are taking it easy and going into vacation mode. For most of us that means kicking off our shoes and going barefoot, but when we do have to go somewhere we usually just stick our feet in a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Who doesn’t own at least one pair of flip-flops? Not only are they the most convenient and classic summer footwear option, they also help to keep feet cool and comfortable. However, that’s about all that they’re good for! Flip-flops are actually terrible for our feet and the rest of our bodily health and wellness. Once you read on about why this is so, and just how bad they truly are, you’ll definitely think twice before you spend hours on end in your flippies this summer.

Here’s why podiatrists and doctors agree that the rubber-soled footwear should only be worn poolside, at the beach, or in gym showers:

1) Injuries- Every year flip-flops are responsible for countless foot injuries that range from minor to severe because they offer the feet practically zero support. A lack of arch and heel support, combined with the fact that they make us walk awkwardly to begin with, are what leads to pain and strain on our feet. The most common injuries that people seek treatment for are things like tendinitis, stress fractures, and heel, arch, or muscle pains. Other problems you can expect to experience from wearing them include cuts and scrapes, jammed toes, rolled ankles, infections, sunburn, bunions, blisters, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, hammertoe, pinched nerves, and the list goes on.

2) They Trip You Up- Flip-flops are definitely not the most graceful things to walk around in. They actually cause us to walk really clumsily and it’s super easy to get tripped up by the shoes. Whether someone steps on the back of them while you’re walking or you manage to catch up the front end, they can throw you off balance in a second. Another hazard they present is slipperiness, it’s easy for feet to slide around in them, especially when they get wet or sweaty.

3) Toxic Materials- Those five dollar flip-flops you see being sold at stores are priced so low for a reason; they’re cheaply made! Many of the plastics and materials that go into making them are low quality and can be poisonous or toxic to human health. Many feature plastics that contain BPA which has been linked to cancer and other serious risks. Latex is also widely used, which many people are allergic to, and so it’s best to forgo the cheap plastic versions. Instead, look for ones made with leather, suede, cork, fabrics, and other natural types of materials that don’t pose such a serious threat to your health.

4) Gross Infections- The open, airy style may allow feet to ‘breathe’ but that comes at a price. Flip-flops expose your feet and toes to all sorts of germs, dirt, bacteria, fungus, and other nasty things that can lead to an infection. A number of studies have found that flip-flops pick up and hold a heck of a lot more bacteria than ordinary shoes. This was found to be especially true when people wore them anywhere in public, like at the gym or in restrooms where gross things thrive. Dangerous pathogens such as Staphylococcus and E. coli can easily find their way into any open sore, wound, or cut and wreak havoc on your health. While most people experience mild infections like Athlete’s foot, some have had to have their toes or feet amputated because they picked up a particularly dangerous strain of something.

5) Blisters- Albeit a minor problem in light of the other more serious flip-flop issues, blisters are painful to deal with nonetheless and can lead to further complications. Flip-flops are all but held on to the foot by those two measly little straps that cross over the top of it. This design means that when you walk the straps inevitably rub against your skin. Sometimes this leads to chaffing, irritation, and blisters form which, if and when they pop open, you’re exposed to more bacteria and possible infection.

6) They Slow You Down- The loose fitting shoes change your gait and in effect they slow people down. Findings from an Auburn University study showed that those who wear flip-flops often take smaller sized steps than their sneaker wearing counterparts. Anyone who has ever worn them knows this already because it’s virtually impossible to run for more than ten feet in the darn things!

Watch the video below for more information:

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