If Your Yard Ever Has One of These Brown Patches Don’t Go Near It or Touch It and Keep Your Kids and Pets Far Away!

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So now that summer is here we are all going to be spending so much more time outside. Nothing feels better than stepping out of your house or apartment breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warm sunshine hit your face and just simply enjoying a beautiful day. We will all be spending a lot more time outside whether it is our backyards, the local park, the pool or the beach. Laying in the grass with a towel and catching some rays is definitely a favorite hobby of mine.

This brings us to today’s article. We have all been out in our backyards, our friends lawn, a public park or basically anywhere where the grass grows. Seeing a brown patch of grass doesn’t really seem like a big deal and most of us just overlook it and think, “What’s the big deal it’s just a circle of dead grass?”

While sometimes this can be the case, a brown patch of grass can be something much more than that. Now have no fear, the brown patch of grass is not dangerous and it isn’t going to hurt you, however what’s lurking just beneath it could be potentially hurt by you.

Confused? So was I until I learned about this little known fact about nature. As it turns out, that innocuous patch of brown grass could have a family of animals living right beneath it. In today’s story a man in Ontario, Canada noticed one of these brown patches on his lawn and then looked closer and saw the patch moving like the earth beneath had a mind of it’s own! He immediately called Ontario Wildlife Removal to see if they had any idea what this could be.

The expert from the Ontario Wildlife Removal got to the house inspected the strange brown moving patch of grass and quickly realized it was a rabbit’s nest filled with a bunny family just below the surface. He took a closer look and saw a litter of tiny hairless rabbits. He took some pictures in and a video you can watch in the video below.

The expert explains if you see one of these brown patches do not touch it under any circumstances. Even if you see a litter of ‘abandoned’ baby rabbits moving, the mother is most likely very close by and only brings them food twice per day. Many people don’t know this, but the reason the nests are usually in plain sight near human houses or apartments in the middle of your lawn or park is because predators tend to stay away from these places because they are afraid of people!

These dangerous predators who would otherwise eat baby rabbits won’t even attempt to approach the nests because they are too scared to come too close to the human population. Little did I know I was a baby rabbit protector! I don’t know about you but that’s a job I’ll take and do it free!

These baby rabbits are safe from their natural predators such as foxes, wolves and coyotes however, little kids, dogs and outdoor cats now become their biggest threat. Your best bet if you spot one these brown patches in your yard is to make sure your kids and pets can’t get to it until the baby bunnies are ready to leave the nest.

Baby rabbits grow extremely fast and within just a few weeks, that brown patch on your lawn will be vacant because the baby bunnies will be big enough and strong enough to fend for themselves in the wild. So next time you see one of these brown patches on the grass keep your distance and let your friends and family know.

Watch the video below for a full explanation and footage of the baby bunnies and what you should look for:

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Dog Lived In A Rusty Cage At A Meat Farm. Watch His Reaction When He Walks On Grass For The First Time!

This story is heart-wrenching, whether you are a dog lover or not.  It is almost unbearable to report stories of such animal cruelty, but without shining the light on these horrendous acts, I feel that we would be contributing to the horror This video tells the story of Pocket who was incarcerated in a cage in a dog meat farm in South Korea.

Having spent his entire life in this metal cage, he had never experienced the normal things of a dog’s life; no sunshine, walking on grass, chewing a stick and exploring… never even enjoying a bowl of water.  Thankfully his luck changed when he, and 100 other dogs were rescued by the Humane Society International, and brought to the United States.

Like any living being who had lived in such wretched, isolating conditions, introducing Pocket to a normal dog’s life took encouragement and a gentle approach. Pocket’s entire life had been spent in that metal cage, which made the outside world an overwhelming place for him to absorb initially.

What is so amazing about many dogs, once rescued, is that they are capable of learning to eventually trust and enjoy a normal, beautiful life, despite the horrible conditions they have endured. I shed a tear watching the video below, in which we see footage of Pocket hesitantly walking on grass for the first time.  His body language is one of fearful caution, as he is lovingly encouraged by his new family.

In this second video below, taken on day 2 of his rescue, your heart will be warmed by his progress in just one day.  Pocket has never played with another dog; he and his new pal gnaw on a stick together. Pocket is so gentle in his play.

Your heart will burst with joy for this animal who is getting a second chance to have a normal, loving life.

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Herd Of Cows Have Not Seen Grass For Months. Watch Their Reaction When They Finally Touch It!

It’s been a long and freezing cold winter, that have made us all who have experienced it, feel like we’ve been held captive.  Many of us enjoy the seasons, but enough is enough!  That moment where we first smell the first scent of spring and the warmth of the sun on our skin, is a welcome relief. Fresh flowers, buds on trees, the birds and the bees, crickets, cicadas and all the sounds and smells of the warm seasons. That incredible moment when you take that first Spring deep breath of fresh air and your olfactory nerves just know it’s time to finally say adios to winter!

Spring Fever hits! That great feeling of going outside without coats and hats and scarves is here.  That sense of freedom is intoxicating when we are no longer cooped up by the inclement weather of winter.  Well, we aren’t the only ones who are ready for Spring! Many animals hibernate, migrate, or just find a nice spot where they can survive the cold winters.  These Dairy Cows have to stay inside in the warmth and don’t get to go outside all winter.

Watch this delightful video of dairy cows,  who are let out the barn doors to romp in the grass, after their long hard winter.  The scene is just delightful to watch. The joy the cows are feeling just emanates of them as they trot around happily in the fresh grass! Watch and enjoy these beautiful animals play like young children!

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