He Says Hi To a Strange Wild Raven That Approaches. The Bird Has A Very Naughty Response.

If there is one thing for certain when it comes to wild animals, it’s that they are always full of surprises! The black bird in this hilarious video clip is no exception to that sentiment. It manages to really shock the heck out of the couple it chose to interact with and once you see what it does, you’ll be flabbergasted too!

The wild bird appears to be either a raven or a crow but it’s hard to be certain for sure which one it is because the video quality isn’t the best and both species look very similar in appearance. Either way, these two types of birds are incredibly smart so what happens here is totally understandable.

The bird landed right at the feet of a man who was relaxing and sitting outside on a bench while chatting with a woman. The little feathered fella then hopped up next to him and perched on the armrest, so that the two were practically at eye level with one another. The woman can be heard in the background encouraging the man to try and pet the friendly bird, but he takes one look at its long, pointy beak and says no way! At this point it’s quite amazing that the bird is chilling on the bench alongside the man, let alone that it landed so close to him in the first place. But what happens next is the funniest, most unexpected thing ever. The bird opens its mouth and says clearly ‘bleep you’ to the man!

Upon hearing that the guy bursts out laughing and repeats the curse aloud, it’s as if he can’t believe what he just heard this innocent looking little bird say to him. He’s not alone, that was the last thing anyone would expect to happen! Plus, where in the world did a wild bird pick up such foul language?

This video just goes to show how intelligent certain bird species are and both ravens and crows are at the top of the avian IQ scale. They have passed numerous logic tests including ones that test their ability to count and work in steps in order to solve problems. In addition, they have been observed using tools and love to play around, both of which are behaviors associated with intelligent animals. Perhaps picking up foreign languages, or cursing, is yet another one of their unique talents! Note: If Trouble Playing Video Turn Mobile Device or iPad Horizontal.

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