She Sings A Lullaby To This Sick and Blind Baby. His Reaction Tore My Heart Up!

The bond between an animal and their human can be incredibly strong, resilient, and beautiful. We often think of our pets as an extension of ourselves and wouldn’t hesitate to give them anything they may need, especially when they are not feeling well. Such was the case of a woman and her pot-bellied pig.

Bentley, a nine month old pig who was rescued, suffered a sudden seizure at the end of February. His owner immediately took him to the vet for medical attention where he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal infection, bacterial meningitis. Chances of his survival were slim, only 10%, yet the little piggy soldiered through the sickness even though it left him blind.

Bentley survived, but he is still recovering in the hospital and his wounds have yet to heal completely. Every day his loving human companion takes a trip to the hospital to visit and hold him close. Realizing how scary and confusing a hospital must be for a little blind pig, she sings to him while snuggling and comforting the pig as if he were a baby.

The tender moment is both heartwarming and sad all at once to witness. The pig clearly finds the song and human touch soothing as he nuzzles up closer to the woman and responds affectionately towards her. The two share a loving connection that is stronger than ever and lovely to see.

Bentley has since recovered and even regained his vision back. He endured multiple surgeries and months of care at the vet, which was made possible by donations from hundreds of people across the world. He currently lives at E.A.R.T.H. Sanctuary and Rescue in Illinois alongside other animals who have been rescued and need care or a home. E.A.R.T.H stands for every animal deserves respect, transformation, and hope, which is the programs goal and mission.

The sanctuary takes in any animals that were abused, neglected, or unwanted and works to rehabilitate and advocate on their behalf. Thanks to their efforts Bentley received the care and attention he so desperately needed and pulled thorough, surviving the odds that were against him every step of the way.

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