Dad and Son Were In a Fatal Car Crash and Died. They Bring The Boy Back To Life and He Whispers Something Very Strange.

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When it comes to spirits and the afterlife there are countless theories and beliefs about what, if anything, happens next. Yet despite all the differences, people generally fall into one of two groups; those who believe in a spiritual afterlife and those who do not. The idea that after death our soul passes on to another dimension, or life, or realm is entirely possible. No one truly knows for certain what actually happens when we cease to exist or where our spirit goes when it leaves our body.

In fact, what comes next remains one of the biggest mysteries in all of life..

Despite all the uncertainty, many people from all over the world and all walks of life believe that they have been contacted by the spirit of a loved one after they had passed. You may be one of them. Most people report feeling a special type of presence near to them, one that is unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before.

The feeling they get from it is not a threatening or haunting one, rather it’s more mystical, positive, and reassuring. In the end, they attribute whatever they’re feeling to the spirit of a loved one who is close by.

These otherworldly interactions seem to randomly occur in our lives when loved ones send us messages, signs, and other subtle signals. They communicate with us indirectly and if you’re familiar with what to look for, and are open to the whole idea of spiritual connectivity.

Then you can pick up on these signs and know what each one means. If at some point you’ve ever wondered if the spirit of a loved one was trying to get through to you, then the following information will help you figure that out.

1. You Can Sense Their Presence:
This usually manifests as a sudden drop in temperature or a slight chill that is immediately noticeable. The air may become heavy or still and it means the spirit of a loved one is nearby. This is perhaps one of the most common experiences we’re able to have with spirits and while it may be off-putting for some, it need not be. The next time you feel it happen, embrace it.

2. Lights Flicker and Electronic Devices Act Up:
It’s commonly believed that the spirit world tries to make contact with us through electricity. While no one knows for sure, it’s thought that electricity charges them up and forces us to pay attention when electronics go haywire.

Lights will suddenly turn on and off, bulbs will burn out, computers and laptops will act strange, speaker volume may go up or down, radio and TV channels inexplicably change, your car won’t start. When these types of things occur out of the blue with seemingly no explanation, this means a loved one’s spirit is attempting to gain your attention and let you know they are present.

3. You Dream About Them:
When a loved one who has passed appears in your dreams it’s often believed that they are trying to tell you something important. These types of dreams contain messages or answers to questions you’ve been searching for. Don’t ignore or write them off as just a dream, it’s guidance, advice, and comfort coming from your loved one.

4. Familiar Scents:
When you suddenly smell a pleasant scent that is somehow familiar, it’s a sign that your loved one is nearby or present. Spirits use smells that are special to us because we immediately notice and pay attention to them.

5. The Sudden Appearance of Random Things:
Objects such as feathers or coins that you find in random spots may not be so random after all. The spirits of our loved ones will often stick pennies, nickels, quarters, and other loose change in unusual places knowing that we’ll stumble across them.

They do this as a way to help make us feel happy and to signal that they’re close by. So the next time you find a penny or a dime somewhere random, like on your front porch, thank your loved one for the thoughtful gift.

6. You Just Feel and Know They Are With You:
Sometimes there doesn’t need to be an overt sign that forces you to stop and think about a deceased loved one. Instead, you simply can sense and feel that some loving, otherworldly spirit is present and guiding you. This 6th sense or inkling is calming and peaceful. It’s the type of feeling you get inside which you automatically attribute to the spirit of a loved one.

For some people it even feels like they’re inside their head talking and sending them messages. When this occurs, and should it ever happen to you, it’s never scary or unsettling, rather it’s reassuring and welcome.

This brings us to today’s featured story below:

Twenty two years ago Julie Kemp was driving with her husband Andy and 8 year old son Landon.  The family was headed home from church when an ambulance, not in emergency mode, slammed into them at an intersection. 

Andy died instantly while Julie, although unconscious, was stabilized by first responders. In all the chaos the rescuers didn’t even know that Landon was still in the crumpled up car because the damage was so severe that they couldn’t see him in the back seat.  

Fortunately, by a stroke of luck someone spotted one of his shoes laying on the road and they worked quickly to get him out.  When they finally freed Landon, he was not breathing, but medics managed to resuscitate him.

He was flown to the Carolinas Medical Center and on the way,  he had to be resuscitated again, and when he arrived at the hospital, they had to bring him back to life for a third time.  

His prognosis was grim, and doctors told his mother that if Landon did make it, he would likely not be able to walk or eat on his own and that he’d be like an 8 year old child for the rest of his life.  Two weeks later a miracle happened. Landon woke up, opened his eyes, and was able to communicate clearly. He was not brain damaged at all. Now Julie had to tell him the heartbreaking news that his father had died.

Wanting to be as gentle as possible, Julie asked her son if he knew where his father was.  Landon said he knew and that he saw his father in heaven. His mother was stunned when he went on to say that he also saw two family friends who had passed and two of her other children as well in heaven.  At first, she was confused by this then remembered that before she had him, she’d miscarried twice.

She had never told Landon about those losses because he was still too young to understand. She couldn’t explain any of what he told her and so she took it as proof that Landon had been to heaven.  Through all of the heartbreak and loss she’d experienced in the last couple of weeks, she found comfort in the thought and her faith in God was renewed.

Many people have claimed to have gone to heaven and then come back.  Many of these experiences involve near death accidents and tragedies, where people see loved ones who have passed and then are sent back to Earth because their time is not yet up. 

They could very well be seeing the afterlife and heaven, those who see it are convinced of that, and the evidence is compelling no matter what you believe. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Dog Gave Up On Life and Was About To Be Killed. But What Happens Next Left Me In Tears.

The story of Nico, a deaf Dogo Argentino, is so important.  He represents so many other dogs who have been abused, misrepresented and labeled as dangerous after living in animal shelters with no hope.  You will hear of Nico’s devastating journey that almost brought him to the point of being euthanized.

Because of the posting  of his picture on Facebook, the attention he needed began.  The person who was to rescue him for a “death with dignity” was to bring him to the vet in order to be  euthanized.  However, she met a dog who was totally unlike his description.  The Nico she met did not appear to be dangerous.  She saw and felt his soul and his life changed forever.

Nico’s journey from then on, was no immediate happy ending.  He needed veterinary care to remove many cancerous lesions, and he required a foster mom to begin his process of socialization, before he could have the possibility of being adopted by a family and have a forever home.

As you watch this heartwarming video you will hear the tale of his adjustment, his excitement at playing in his first snow and the unfortunate recurrence of his cancer.  His outcome is nothing short of amazing. Nico is a survivor of unimaginable physical and emotional trials, who turned out to be anything but dangerous.

He is a most affectionate dog… a real cuddler, who despite everything is getting to enjoy a life that at one time seemed completely hopeless. Make sure you watch this video to the very end, so you don’t miss an adorable lighthearted moment.

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This Teenage Boy Is Crippled With Chronic Back Pain Until The Chiropractor Does THIS

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Imagine what your life would be like without the ability to use your spine. Your vertebrae contain the cord which provides function to all of your body through your nerves. If just one place in your spine is out of alignment even slightly, the result can be loss of operation of numerous body parts.

For example, an injury to the lower spine can cause difficulty using the legs, damage to the mid-back will effect function of any or all of the organs and upper spine trauma creates trouble in the shoulders and arms. After seventeen year old Muntathar was bed ridden with back pain for three months from pulling out a tree root, he finally found a doctor who wasn’t afraid to help him heal.

The young man could not stand up straight, walk with or feel any sensation in his right leg. It was difficult for him to eat, sleep and he was so hopeless that he wanted to die. Mun traveled from the United States to Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia to under go seven days of miracle work.

X-rays that were taken of Mun’s body revealed that his sacroiliac joint was not functioning properly, which likely is the reason he could not use his leg. This is where Dr. Ian began his manipulations and even just light touches to Mun’s body were extremely painful.

While laying on the doctor’s table in a twisted position, the skilled hero applied quick and firm pressure to move the bones in Mun’s lower back. Only a few minutes later, the patient could feel sensation and even begin to bare weight on his leg.

Subsequent adjustments to Mun’s neck and entire spine, slowly allowed him more movement and a straight back. With time, he even returned to his normal height! Sometimes when we are just about to give up, the magical cure sweeps in at just the right time.

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What Occurred After This Pup’s Human Died Stunned Everyone. This Tore My Heart Up.

Sometimes something unexplainable happens that gives hope to anyone who witnesses the miracle.  This happened on a cloudy day in Newport, N.H. when ABC News 20/20 was running a report on fallen soldier Justin Rollins. On September 11 Justin decided he would become a soldier.  Like many Americans he was distraught and traumatized by the events that unfolded on that fatal day.   Justin ended up going to Iraq to fight for his country.  One day he was alerted that there was a group of puppies stranded in a strange place.  Justin and his fellow soldiers found the puppies and rescued them.

That night he took some pictures with the puppies and those would be the last pictures Justin would ever take.  The next day Justin got killed in combat.  His family received the horrible news while simultaneously receiving an e-mail from Justin sharing the pictures he took the night before holding the adorable puppies.  His family was determined to get one of those puppies in honor of their sons memory.

Somehow, some strings were pulled and the family adopted one of the puppies Justin held on his final night.  They got the puppy soon after and raised it like their own son.  Sometimes, Justin’s mother would pet the pups face and ask “Justin, are in there?”  It was a way for a grieving mother to try to connect with her lost boy.

When 20/20 was running their story on the hero, something remarkable happened.  The dog wandered off, the clouds opened up and a beam of lights from the heavens came down directly on the dog.  The cameraman filmed the moment in astonishment as the whole family looked on in awe.  It had everyone wondering if Just had come back to give them a sign from above.  The family rejoiced and it gave hope to a grieving community.  Watch the amazing footage below. What do you make of this?  Do you believe in an afterlife?

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