Mama Cow Kept Hiding Her Baby Calf Every Day. The Reason Tore My Heart Up!

At Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia a dairy cow named Clarabelle was acting nervous and not like her usual self. She paced around the paddock and seemed to have lost her normally strong appetite. Knowing she was pregnant and her baby due in about a week the sanctuary workers quickly honed in on an engorged teat and inferred she must have already given birth. But where was her baby? It was nowhere in sight and nothing gave any indication of where it could be!

After searching around for the baby they found the little brown calf carefully hidden in tall grass and brown logs. She was laying down and looked up with her big soft eyes innocently blinking and curious at the sight of them. Clarabelle had given birth, but must have done so awhile ago as there was no umbilical cord and the calf was clean and dry. She had hidden her baby.

Cows are best known in many places for producing milk and associated dairy products. In order to make that milk a cow must become pregnant and give birth to a calf, whom it will nurse. However, in the dairy industry young calves are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth so that the milk can instead be collected for human consumption.

This separation of mother and child is done early on so as to try and cause minimal stress to both but it is also done repeatedly in order to keep the cow producing milk. Clarabelle had tried to hide her calf to prevent it from being taken away, as time and again her calves had been in the past.

This time around Clarabelle will stay with her baby at the farm sanctuary. Her life has changed dramatically for now she is able to live alongside and nurse her calf the natural way. On a side note, Clarabelle’s calf was discovered on Valentine’s Day and named Valentine “in honor of the love between mother cows and their babies” according to the Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary website ( Thanks to them and the work they do, Clarabelle and Valentine have a chance at leading happy and comfortable lives.

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Make Your Own Organic Bug Spray With Two Simple Ingredients You Already Have. Glad I Learned THIS

With the warm weather and sunshine people are heading outside and spending more time enjoying the great outdoors.  Unfortunately, this time of year is also when pesky mosquitoes come out in droves looking for blood.  While bites can be annoying, itchy and uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous and transfer diseases or cause severe skin irritation in some people.  Store bought repellants usually smell disgusting and are chock full of harsh chemicals.

Fortunately, there is a natural and organic alternative for keeping the bugs away that you can make in your kitchen.  This simple 2 ingredient recipe for the homemade repellant was shared by YouTube user Colorful Canary.  In her tutorial on how to make it she starts by placing 1 teaspoon of fresh parsley in her mortar and pours 4 ounces of apple cider vinegar over it.

Then, she takes the pestle and grinds it together, macerating the two ingredients until they are well blended.  It is preferred that you use fresh parsley for this, but if you only have dried on hand that will work as well.  Once it has been finely ground together allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes or you can let it sit longer overnight.  All that is left to do is strain out the liquid into a small spray bottle and you’re done!  You may also add essential oils to make it smell more to your liking, but stay away from citrus based ones because they tend to make skin more sensitive to the sun.

Even without essential oils the vinegary smell will fade and become unnoticeable when it’s spritzed onto skin and dries.  The non-toxic formula can be sprayed anywhere on your body, skin, on clothes, and even in hair.  While is works best for naturally repelling mosquitoes it also keeps black fly’s at bay.  It is also beneficial for skin because it can help heal and prevent sunburns.  Toss a small spray bottle in your bag so you’ll always be safe and covered when headed outside.  It will make summer all the more enjoyable without having to slap at swarming mosquitoes or itching any bites.

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Video: It Was A Calm Beautiful Day At The Beach. But What This Camera Caught Is Terrifying!

The Siberian region in Russia is not exactly known for having many hot sunny days that merit a relaxing trip to the beach.  When such weather does present itself people naturally flock to the waters edge to cool off.  On one particular occasion, people in the southwestern Siberian city of Novosibirsk were enjoying the sand and water, when a cold front suddenly rolled in.

Temperatures reportedly dropped from 41 to 21 degrees Celsius (about 106 down to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in a matter of minutes.  Strong winds picked up and, before anyone could gather their friends and family to pack up the beach gear and head home, hail began to rain down from the sky.

A man and woman recorded the storm and off camera can be heard commenting in Russian about how it had been clear, sunny, and perfect just a minute ago.  Other beach-goers idly start picking up towels and gathering their belongings.  The woman cracks a joke about Siberia and everyone shares a laugh.  Then we hear “that’s hail” as it starts to fall from the sky.

Things start to fly by when the wind picks up and the mood changes noticeably from lighthearted to concerned.  People come running out of the water as the hail continues to fall down even harder.  Everyone heads for shelter and some take cover under water rafts, umbrellas, towels, or whatever they can find to shield and protect their heads and bodies from the golf ball sized ice pellets.  The whole scene is chaotic with kids screaming, people running, and debris being picked up and tossed around by the gusty winds.

A few stragglers remain in the water, perhaps trying to beat the icy deluge by staying submerged for as long as possible.  One poor woman comes out of the water towards the end of the video, shielding her head with her hands and clearly not happy about the situation.  And why would she be?

Imagine being nearly naked and suddenly pelted with balls of ice falling from thousands of feet above.  The film cuts off mid-storm, but it appears no one was seriously hurt.  To end on a positive note, at least the change in weather cooled everyone off, so they have that to thank the skies above for!

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