Photographer Discovers a Hidden Home In The Woods But Opens The Door and Sees The UNTHINKABLE!

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Urban exploring has risen dramatically in popularity over the last several years.  People love looking around old abandoned buildings and homes to see what’s hidden behind their walls and Leslie David from Ontario, Canada is one of them.

One day while out looking for places to explore Leslie stumbled upon an old red house with a partially caved in roof and weeds growing over the front entrance.  It looked in pretty rough shape and run down, so she naturally assumed it was abandoned. After making her way carefully inside, she was shocked to see that it was not an old vacant home and that someone was actually living there.  

Rather than be upset that some strange girl had just walked into his house, the homeowner smiled and welcomed her.  He was an older man named Lawrence who had lived there alone for many years. The older he got, the harder it became for him to get around and so he rarely ventured outside.  Adding to his isolation was that he was almost blind, his right eye was gone and the left one was filled with vision blurring cataracts.

Leslie and Lawrence ended up talking for hours about his life and current situation.  She was taken aback at how sweet and kind he was, and it made her sad to see him so alone.  He wasn’t eating very well or taking good care of himself, it was like he had almost given up on life, and so she vowed to help him out.  Before she left, she told him she would be back soon to visit and snapped a picture of him in his living room which turned out to be one of her favorite photos

On her next visit Leslie brought dinner and some extra homemade food she’d prepared for the week ahead.  Lawrence was grateful for the kind gesture and shared more of his life story with her. He told her that he’d suffered a stroke during the week and couldn’t really move his hands, but after 4 days he did visit the doctor for a check-up. 

Leslie was worried about him he was clearly lonely and just needed someone to care and look in on him every now and then. She decided that from there on out, she would be that person and immediately began to make plans on what to do next.  

Wishing to free up some space for him in the cramped house, she started picking up and going through all the trash that had accumulated.  Since Lawrence had terrible eyesight and limited mobility, getting the random junk out of the way and opening up some extra room made a world of a difference for him.  She also figured out what repairs he needed most on the home and vowed to get them done by the time summer was up.

Over the next couple of months she visited him every so often to check in, have dinner or a drink, and talk about life.  She accomplished all of the home improvement plans she’d made, and his home no longer looked abandoned anymore. When he told her that the day she showed up was the best day of his life, she couldn’t help but smile and agree because she felt the same, but vice-versa. 

Meeting Lawrence gave her the opportunity to actually do something kind and helpful for someone, without expecting anything in return. In the end he was better off, and she felt good about it, so it was a win-win situation for them both.

Months went by and Lawrence’s health slowly deteriorated.  He was eventually unable to live on his own and so Leslie helped him find a retirement home where he now lives today.  She still makes time to go see him regularly, bringing along his favorite foods and her dog who he adores. She posted this story and shared her experience with the world in the hopes that other people will reach out to someone they haven spoken to in a while, it could make a world of difference. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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A Photographer Decided To Interrupt This Buck’s Dinner. The Deer Reacts By Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

Passing by a deer with giant antlers, chowing down on the side of a road, a photographer decides to coyly befriend him by asking some video-worthy funny questions.  The deer completely ignores his chatter as he enjoys his meal.

The photographer, undeterred, decides to hop out of his vehicle, and barely five feet from this impressive deer, attempts to get a close-up photo.  He probably thought that the deer, having ignored his chatter from the car wouldn’t notice.  He was wrong!

What ensues is actually not all that surprising, but it certainly surprised the photographer who was happily ready to get his close up of the animal, peacefully enjoying his roadside meal.  The deer thought otherwise and what you are about to watch certainly gave the photographer pause.  Let’s just say he made a joke about his many years of being a vegetarian; Ouch!!  Not so jovial now!

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