This Big Grizzly Bear Slowly Climbs Up The Pool Ladder. Now Watch His Hysterical Belly Flop.

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Grizzly bears are known to have an inherent need and ability to explore. According to the ‘Western Wildlife Outreach’ they are highly intelligent and inquisitive creatures, both their memory and “smarts” are cultivated and exhibited by their need and talent in tracking down sources of food. An adult female grizzly bear can weigh anywhere from 280 – 400 pounds and adult males can be a whopping 400 – 800 pounds. You can only imagine how much force a nice sized belly flop would do to the water in a tiny pool…

Before we get into today’s hilarious and entertaining video of a very special Grizzly Bear who has a very special talent let’s just go over some facts and history of the legendary creature:

A grizzly’s ability to reason, as you will see in this amazing video, isn’t limited to their survival instincts in getting fed. Can you imagine having all that fur on you in the heat of summer? Just the thought of being out in the oppressive summer heat without any water to cool off in is unbearable, excuse the pun! If there were a special Bear Olympics I’m pretty sure this big guy would take the gold medal!

Perhaps one of the main physical traits that makes grizzlies stand out is the large and very noticeable hump on their backside shoulders. You can easily spot it on the bear in the video and it’s not extra fat as many assume it to be, instead it’s a large muscle.

It gets worked out a lot and needs to be bulky because it’s the main power source for their forelimbs. All day long they use the hump muscles to walk, run, dig, climb, and it greatly helps them in their search for food.

In fact, a wild grizzly spends more time than any other type of bear digging for food, whether it be the ground or logs, they tear through things easily thanks to their powerful muscle.

Grizzlies have many specially honed skills that help to ensure their survival. One happens to be their sense of smell which is sharper than a hound dog’s! They can smell food, such as an animal carcass, from up to 20 miles away if they are upwind.

That’s why anyone who is spending time in bear country hiking or camping should always use special odor-proof plastic bags and bear-safe canisters to store any food.

Once a bear gets a whiff of bacon or trail mix (they have a sweet tooth just like us and love sugar!) they will seek out the source. In the end, simple precautions when storing and transporting food will greatly reduce the chances of a run in with a hungry grizzly.

Another skill that grizzly bears have evolved is their speed. The massive animals can easily outrun any human on Earth, including Usain Bolt. According to worldatlas, they can run up to 35mph comfortably. Whether it’s downhill, uphill, or through difficult terrain, a grizzly will inevitably overtake any person on foot and even someone on a bike would probably lose.

Just as you can’t outrun a grizzly, you can’t outswim one either, not even Michael Phelps could if he tried. Bears are naturally talented swimmers who don’t think twice about plunging into a freezing cold lake or river to cross it or search for tasty fish.

Their shoulder hump muscles help propel their bulky bodies through the water while their fat protects them from the cold. They can doggy paddle for hours at a time and dive under the surface to hunt for food.

Even though grizzlies are excellent swimmers, it’s polar bears who reign supreme in the water. Polar bears have been observed swimming hundreds of miles straight without taking a single break. They do this in freezing arctic waters and while most dips last a few hours, some swim for days at a time.

All the observation and research done on grizzlies clearly shows they have exceptional talent at running and swimming, but what about diving?!? In today’s featured video: You can see for yourself how a grizzly bear goes about the art of navigating a pool ladder and diving into the water. Well actually it’s less like diving and more like an epic belly flop!

Grab a towel (because you may get splashed) and get ready to watch this bear cool off in an above ground pool. His movements are astoundingly human-like, it’s quite amazing to see. Even if you’re not so impressed by it, at the very least the video will give you a good laugh for the day!

We’ll leave you with one final note to ponder; if a bear dives in a pool and no one sees it, did it really happen? 🙂

Hopefully you enjoyed this big funny bear as much as I did. Let us know what you think.

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If you enjoyed this video watch our second favorite bear video ever, where a local neighborhood bear keeps coming on this married couples property everyday. That is until hubby sounds out his “enforcer” (AKA – his wife) for a hilarious video that will put a smile on your face:

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The Grillo family has been getting an unexpected visitor on their porch for the past few weeks.  They weren’t really sure what their best course of action was to going to be to handle this specific situation. Everyday a black bear would show up around the same time of day and take a nice stroll through the backyard, exploring the Grillo family’s property. A few times the bear got a little too curious and caused a little bit of damage and left a mess. Finally on this day they had enough of their new neighbor taking over their property when ever he felt like it.

The patriarch of the family Mr. Grillo grabbed his video camera and started filming the bear doing his usual walk across the property like he owns the place.  Then the bear ascends the staircase on to the porch which he likes to do most of the time. Mr. Grillo knew his wife was sick and tired of this big old black bear taking over their backyard so he yelled for his wife when he saw the bear about to make himself comfortable on the porch.

At first there was no response, however soon Mr. Grillo’s intimidator/wife Mrs. Grillo swings the door open like she is ready to have a championship boxing match against Mike Tyson in his prime! She comes around and you can tell by her body language and voice she is not messing around and she means business!

Mrs. Grillo makes her presence known and stands up to the black bear with absolutely no fear. Instead of running the opposite way like most people would do if they were standing toe to toe with a big old black bear she walks right towards the confused animal! I know if I was her I would be terrified and immediately run back inside, but she doesn’t even flinch.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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If you enjoyed these Two Amazing Bear Videos check out this Remarkable Video of a Man who Rescued This Giant Bear from Drowning in the Ocean By Himself:

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Bears are one of the strongest predators on the planet. They can smell a scent 20 miles away upwind, run upwards of 40 mph, are have teeth and claws that are over an inch long. Attributes like these mean that they are built for hunting and it’s always best to try and avoid them.

These days it seems that there are more and more run-ins between people and bears, specifically black bears. They have proven to be incredibly resilient animals who’ve learned to adapt to our human ways and that has led to an uptick in the number of incidents.

Oftentimes the bears are simply being bears and looking for an easy meal. They smell a birdfeeder or trash and will rummage through it to get a bite to eat. On a few occasions, bears have been known to break into cars to get at a candy bar or tasty treat inside, and left the vehicle torn to shreds in their relentless pursuit of a snack.

In many states when a bear becomes a nuisance, by continuously breaking into dumpsters or other sources of food and being too comfortable around humans, they get tagged and trapped. The bear is then relocated far away from where it was captured and released in the hopes that it will not find its way back.

This was what authorities in Florida were trying to do when they received reports of a 400 pound black bear wandering through a residential neighborhood in Alligator Point, Florida. The bear was spotted going through the trash before entering into a home and had already been ear tagged, so they knew it wasn’t the first time this particular bear had wandered too close for comfort.

After locating the massive animal they hit it with a tranquilizer dart, but that spooked the bear and it took off towards the ocean. The bear started to swim out into the Gulf of Mexico just as the tranquilizer was taking effect.

If he went out too far, he would certainly drown and so a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist looking on went in right after him. Adam Warwick jumped into the ocean without even thinking twice about his own health and safety in order to try and rescue the huge bear. He swam out to it, grabbed the bear around the neck, and started kicking his way back towards shore.

When he first reached the bear it was still awake, but the tranquilizer was quickly causing it to lose its ability to move. The panicked bear struggled to stay afloat and like any drowning animal, it tried to climb on Adam to stay above the water, pushing him down in the process.

Thankfully for Adam, the bear stopped struggling soon afterwards and he reached shallower water. Working calmly, he grabbed the bear by the scruff and dragged him as far as he could using the water to buoy the bear’s massive weight.

Once they reached the shore, it became too difficult to move the heavy animal and so a backhoe was brought in and picked up the groggy bear. From the beach it was loaded onto a truck and driven far away, eventually being relocated to Osceola National Forest.

In the end, the bear survived the traumatizing ordeal and suffered no injuries. Incredibly, Adam suffered only one scratch from his daring rescue mission.

At any moment the semi-lucid bear could have easily bit or swiped at him, but it never once even tried to. All in all, it seems that the worst case scenario of the tranquilized bear running into the ocean turned into the best case scenario of a successful rescue with no one harmed.

This man is a true hero and legend.

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The Most Incredible Thing Happens When THIS Horse Finds The Blue Kiddy-Pool!

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There’s something about a kiddie pool that brings out the inner child in everyone, from kids to adults and animals alike. When you see one it’s hard to not jump in and go crazy. The convenient little pools of refreshing water are especially irresistible on a hot summer day.

After all, nothing cools you down faster and feels more invigorating than a dip in an ice cold pool. As it turns out, horses are not immune to the special magic of kiddie pools. If given the chance they will splish splash and take a bath in one in a heartbeat.

Which is why one man decided to set up a kiddie pool for his special horse named Duke. He knew Duke really liked water and would appreciate it, but he didn’t know just how much fun he’d end up having! As you can see, Duke’s inner child came out in full force when he saw the kiddie pool. He stepped right into it and began pawing hilariously at the water.

He was churning up a storm and sending water flying everywhere, much to the delight of his human companion and son who were looking on. Not content to simply splash around, he laid down and immersed his whole body, really cooling himself off in the process.

Luckily for him the pool held up through all the commotion and didn’t bust wide open! Horses are known for loving water and judging by all the fun he’s having Duke is no exception. Check out the video for more.

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Video: They Just Put The Cover Over The Pool. But Some Unexpected Visitors Show Up Creating a Scary Situation!

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Boxers are usually super smart have unlimited energy and love to play. They are great family dogs and tend to be great with kids. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They can be a bit tough to train and can sometimes be hard-headed. However if you don’t give up on them and have a little persistence they can end up being really well trained and behaved pups.

The Boxers in this video may not be the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but they sure know how to have fun.  Their humans had just put the cover back on the swimming pool when they looked outside and caught their do pups getting crazy on top of the pool cover!  It looks like a doggy slip n slide and these two are having the time of their lives.

If you ever put your cover on your pool make sure your pets are inside. In the video below luckily no harm came to either of these boxer pups but your pet could easily drown in this situation. Luckily their humans were home and caught them in the act on camera. Can you imagine looking out and seeing this?

How would you react? leave a comment below

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Video: Nobody Believed Her When She Described What These Bears Do Every Morning. So She Caught THIS

The Basso family has quite a surprise as they awaken to find a Mama Bear and her five darling cubs frolicking in the welcome oasis of their backyard.  Even bears need to cool off!  They had the further bonus of all the kids play equipment; enjoying the swing set and the little slide.

We get to listen to the audio of the family’s toddler Sophie and her parents react to the bear shenanigans.  It’s really great to see the parallel of the mama bear leading her cubs and Mama Basso setting the positive tone for the ‘goings on’ as both Sophie and her dad alternate in their upset over the invasion.

Sophie wants the police to take care of the situation as she cries “They took my floatie!” Mama Basso’s calm narration as she reframes the situation for both Sophie and Dad,  telling them, “Let the animals enjoy themselves”, is just delightful.

She is filled with wonder watching the bear family play, except when they start mangling her expensive float.  Little Sophie is pretty territorial about the invasion of her stuff, but can’t help but enjoy some of the bear family’s antics as her mom keeps spinning a positive note on this rare moment.

This video was so much fun to watch.  The ongoing commentary of the Basso family is hysterical! Enjoy!

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