This Guy Bought A Dog Proof Food Box To Keep The Dog Food In. But A Hidden Camera Caught THIS!

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All dog owners know how hard it is to keep certain dogs from eating either their own or human food.  Dogs can get sick from so many things they get into, so it’s always a challenge.  We try to “dog-proof” things we don’t want our pups getting into so that don’t overeat or make a mess.

That is what Gil Jacobs had in mind with the really unique dog food container that you are about to see in the video below. He was trying to keep MeMe, his Australian shepherd, from stealing his dog food when it wasn’t meal time. When you see this clever contraption it looks like it will do the job…

This doggie-proof container seems like it will be a challenge for MeMe.  Try, try again seems to be his motto.  This clever pup has other ideas, as Jacobs sees when he reviews the footage that is caught on camera!

This is great enjoy the video below!

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What’s Your Psychological I.Q?

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Psychology is commonly known as the study of the human mind and behavior, and practically everyone knows a little something about it. After all, the amount of information that falls under the general category of “psychology” is vast, diverse, and ever-changing (depending on studies).

Some people may have studied psychology in-depth while at college, while others may have been exposed to its principles through the media. There are even a few who know about psychology only because they were diagnosed with some disorder that falls under it.

Perhaps you think you know more than the average layperson about psychology, or maybe you’re a little fuzzy on the subject and would like to see if you remember the core concepts. It may surprise some to learn that how much they think they know about psychology doesn’t actually match up to how much they actually do know.

If you want to test your psychological IQ, and know where you stand, take the test to get your score. And don’t forget to share with friends and family because it’s so much fun to compare results and talk about!

What score did you get? Let us know!

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This Naughty Dog Thought No One Was Watching. Hidden Cameras Caught Him Doing THIS!

Who let the dogs out?!?! That was the question everyone was asking at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London, England. Several times the staff had returned in the morning to the sight of open kennel doors and dogs roaming freely around. They had somehow gotten out overnight and raided the kitchen for all the food they could find.

At first the staff thought it was because of human error and that cages weren’t being properly locked. However, it kept happening even after new measures to prevent it were put in place. They had a real mystery on their hands.

Which is why they decided to get high tech and installed a few security cameras around the premises. One was placed strategically looking down the hall at all the kennels, another in the kitchen, and the third in a specific dogs cage; AKA Red, a lurcher dog.

The first couple of nights saw no action but on the third evening cameras caught Red breaking out of his cage by unlocking it with his mouth. He then was seen on the hall camera going strait to the kitchen. The camera there showed him stuffing his face with tasty dog food before returning to the kennel area. Which is where Red gets caught red-handed, or red-pawed, methodically going around and unlocking his friends cages and letting all the dogs out!

The crafty dog and his pals had a raucous overnight party and it was all caught on camera. Red and friends ran wild around the whole place and scarfed up all the food in the kitchen. He even broke his girlfriend out and brought her back to his kennel to snuggle up with.

Having solved the mystery staff decided to double lock the kennel doors. It has worked so far, as no more escaped dogs have thrown any parties since. And what happened to that clever dog Red? He was happily adopted two weeks later and went to his forever home!

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Mom Thinks She Hears Her Kids Eating Whipped Cream From A Can And Goes To Confront The Guilty Party.

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Whipped cream makes the perfect topping on many sweet treats and desserts. It compliments everything from ice cream and cake to apple pie and fresh berries. It’s also just as yummy and great on its own, which is why it’s so hard to resist when it comes in a can.

Who hasn’t ever snuck in a mouthful of the light and airy creamy stuff at least once in their life?! It’s just too easy to pop the cap off, tilt back your head, and pull the whipped cream nozzle. It can be done in seconds so even though it’s bad manners, no one will ever even notice.

Apparently, whipped cream is just as irresistible to dogs as it is to humans. Casey Officer found this out one day while she was at home in California. She thought one of her kids was up to no good in the kitchen when she heard the unmistakable sound of a can of whipped cream being dispensed. Like any good mother, she went over to investigate but instead of seeing one of her kids eating straight from the can, she found her dog Stig on the floor with it!

The adorable white dog had the can in front of him and he was licking happily away at it. He was using one of his front paws to hold it in place and keep it from rolling while he used his teeth to gingerly dispense the tasty topping straight into his mouth. Watching him go at it is hilarious and Casey can be heard in the background cracking up at the sight of her dog being so silly. Stig is either really smart and clever or he just loves sugar and spice and everything nice!

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