Kittens Walk Up To a Street Performer With a Guitar. Now Watch Their Reaction When The Music Begins!

Sometimes you come upon a street singer, who has a certain quality in his voice, that resonates in a way that just makes you stop and listen with awe. The lilting sound of this particular singer/guitarist playing on the  streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, had that certain something that just pulled you into his musicality!

In the video you are about to watch below, you will see why he draws an audience. At front and center are four fans who are mesmerized by his sound; they sit right in front of him in complete fascination with what they are hearing.

Their heads are tilted up, as they barely move, except to occasionally bop their heads to the beat. What makes this quartet of fans so unusual is that they are kittens!! Sitting in rapt attention, their postures and absorption in the performance is so unbelievable, that if it hadn’t been filmed by someone.. well, no one would believe it!

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