This Tattoo Is Showing Up Everywhere. THIS Is What It Means..

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It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, sexslavery is still alive and thriving in the United States.  Thousands of vulnerable women are made prisoners by pimps, who force them into slavery.  They are left penniless, dependent on their captors financially and for the drugs with which they are forcibly addicted.

These women are hopeless and terrified, rarely daring to escape for fear that they will be killed.  These monsters who make their lives a living hell, actually brand the women like cattle, with tattoos that may say: “Property of…” or a crown with the pimps name.

In the video you are about to watch below, you will hear a CNN interview with a victim and survivor of this horrible practice, Jennifer Kempton.  In telling her story she talks about these tattoos which became a constant reminder of her former tortured life.

The crown was used to symbolize one of the pimps that owned her, “King Munch”.  As Jennifer began to recover and try to build a new life, she found her tattoos that branded her the property of her pimps, an unbearable reminder of her slavery.

After covering the pimp tattoos which she said were “a psychological form of bondage”, she began to feel less shackled by her past.  Her relief inspired her to start an organization, “Survivor’s Ink” to raise money for other women to cover the visible scars of their slavery.  Their new tattoos are now symbols of their freedom from from their captors.

Many people are not as lucky as Jennifer.  If you ever see someone with a crown tattoo they are probably suffering in a dark world, and need help.  The fact that women are being bought and sold daily in the United States, is a horrifying fact that needs to be brought to light.

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If You Notice A Thin Blue Line Painted On The Curb In Front Of Your House. It Means THIS

The “Thin Blue Line” is a concept that reflects a conservative point of view concerning police culture.  It is reflective of the worldview held by the police, that when they put on their blue uniform, it represents law and order.  That ‘thin blue line’, they say, is what stands between a society that abides by the rules, and anarchy.

The thin line has grown thinner for police across the United States as “bad cops” have gone too far over that line, committing crimes themselves in the line of duty. The majority of the police force across the country, put themselves in harms way, as they protect citizens from the mayhem that exists in a world that has grown more violent every day.

The sheer magnitude of what they face, particularly in the big cities, is overwhelming.  When the few bad cops, unfortunate circumstances, or prejudice officers result in the harm or deaths of innocent citizens, that thin blue line gets thinner and thinner.  These incidents in our society have been coming to the fore and have resulted in a backlash against the police.

Although some of this is warranted, it has increasingly made it more and more dangerous for good cops to do their job. One citizen, a small business owner Anthony Welichko, saw the public tide turning against the police, and he wanted to do something that would show support for the cops who do a good job, and who have become increasingly afraid for their own lives.

He began an initiative after posting a message to law enforcement on his Facebook page.  He has called the movement “The Safe Harbor Initiative”.  His post has been shared more than 85,000 times by folks who support what he is saying.

The following video shows him expressing his feelings about the police.  He explains that when they see a thin blue line painted on a curb in front of people’s homes (part of his initiative), it is a symbol of support and gratitude for the work they do.  “To all the police out there doing their jobs to keep us safe every day. We thank you.”

His heartfelt expression and explanation of his initiative should be watched in the video below.  It is food for thought in a world in which too often we see things in black and white, and don’t consider the shades of gray that truly represent the work of “The Thin Blue Line”.

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Mom Buys Her Baby A Toy Then Notices A Symbol On It. THIS Is What The Sickening Symbol Means!

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Nicole O’Kelly had taken her two kids to the Monster Jam show in Syracuse.  When her son lovingly wanted to buy his 2-year-old baby sister a present he spotted, Nicole was touched.  He spotted a plush pink monster truck, which she thought was a cool idea for little girls attending the show.

She bought the toy for her son to give to his sister, but it wasn’t until they got home that she had the sense that something was off about the pink truck.  In the video that you are about to watch below, she speaks to WHEC about what happened. She discovered through her older daughter, a big fan of the show “Law and Order: SVU”, that the double heart imbedded on the truck had a sick and disturbing hidden meaning.

Her daughter insisted that she had seen an episode about sexual predators, and that the double heart emblem was a “Girl Lover” logo, that signaled that the monster liked to be online predators.  She tracked down the episode, and felt horrified and infuriated.  She had inadvertently bought her little girl a toy that had an insignia that was a secret code for online predators.

“Immediately, I went into mama bear mode”, O’Kelly said.  You will hear how her determined efforts stopped the selling of these trucks, and her desire to go further in getting to the bottom of who was behind this heinous act.  She felt it was important to make other parents aware of this symbol.

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