Guy Grabs His Fish By The Face. In My Entire Life I Have Never Seen Anything Like THIS

Many living creatures seem to love expressions of physical affection.  People enjoy the beauty of fish. Their gorgeous colors are so pleasing and watching them in beautiful tropical tanks is often really tranquilizing to watch. The relaxing sound of water the lights in the tank the stunning coral and of course the fish are all a delight to to observe and experience.

Roland Giroux and his family have such a fish tank, in which they have their beautiful favorite orange fish, that they say is the most special fish they have ever owned.  When they come home from work, this Blood Parrot Cichlid creates a big splash to say hello and get Roland’s attention.  This is probably one thing most fish would never do to get some attention from their humans. But what does he want?

He wants Roland’s hand in the tank so that he can be petted!  It was amazing to watch this fish mesmerized by the soothing massage.   They have this lovely routine every day.  Who knew that a fish needs tactile comfort too?  All creatures on this earth want to be loved.  Watch and enjoy!

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This Is The Main Reason Why You Should Never Touch The Glass On A Shark Tank!

Some families love pulling pranks on their loved ones.  Video of a family trip to the International Spy Museum, in Washington D.C., shows one grandmother’s reaction to being set up by her grandchildren.  While she was not completely unsuspecting of them trying to pull a fast one on her, she was nonetheless caught completely by surprise.

The poor woman entered the blue hued shark tank room at the museum and asked her family “are you trying to scare me?”  A girl off screen answers “no, touch it” in reference to the glass viewing window.  Grandma touches the tank window several times and seems confused as to why she has been told to do it since nothing happens.

She moves in a little closer, inspecting the display, when out of nowhere a huge, menacing, toothy shark slams into the glass.  The force appears to shatter it into a web of spidery cracks and sends the woman flying backwards to the ground in complete shock.  Once she realizes it’s fake and a joke, she cries out “Oh my God, you scared the crap out of me!”  Her family laughs as she gets up, rattled and yet in good humor, laughing off the prank too and playfully slapping at the kids.

The video was captured in part of the “Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains” exhibit, specifically in the museum’s “Earth Redesigned” area.  The “tank” that she tapped on was not a real one, but rather a clear screen that showed a pre-recorded video.  Her grand children timed it just right so that she would become the victim of the virtual shark attack, and her response to it has since gone viral on YouTube.

It is safe to assume that any trusting family member would have had a similar reaction to the scary and sudden set up.  A shark bursting out of the blue straight at you is not something anyone expects on a nice day trip to the museum.  But then again, she did ask if they were up to something, so maybe she has been set up before and knows better than to trust the grand-kids!

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Grandma Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Tap The Glass Of A Shark Tank

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 4.17.51 PMimage via –

Some families love pulling pranks on one another and relatives will oftentimes go to elaborate lengths to fool someone into falling for their tricks! However, the best type of prank to pull off is one that is simple, easy, and yet totally effective. The one featured in this video fits that bill.

The chosen victim for the family shenanigans happens to be grandma this time around. She was accompanying her children and grandchildren to the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. for the day when one of them set her up!

It seems that grandma was already onto the pranksters when she asked them aloud “Are you trying to scare me?” At this point in time she had just entered the museum’s neat shark tank exhibit room and one of her relatives was telling her to touch the aquarium’s glass window. So grandma gingerly reached out and touched the tank, but nothing happened! After tapping it again, still nothing.

When she looks back towards the camera she appears confused, nothing is happening and she’s not sure what to make of it all. That’s when she decides to move in for a closer look at the fish tank window, and then BAM!! A humongous, terrifying looking Great White Shark zooms into view and heads straight towards grandma. It smashes headfirst into the glass, shattering it into a spiderweb of a thousand pieces, as she recoils backwards in terror. The shock of it all causes the poor woman to lose her footing and she ends up on the floor across the room!

In the background you can hear her family laughing aloud that they finally got her good. The moment grandma realizes that it’s all fake and she was set up, she laughs and cries out “you scared the c#*p out of me!!” What a good sport, she really has an awesome sense of humor about the whole entire situation. That’s what makes this prank one of the better ones out there, everyone involved had fun with it all!

Looks like grandma got punk’d, but the rest of her family better watch themselves because it’s only a matter of time before she gets them back!

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