He Grabs A Very Strange Looking Egg. What Pops Out Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Baby tortoises are known as hatchlings.  Like all other species, two babies can form in one egg; the twins in the upcoming video, were the hatchlings of a Western Hermann tortoise.  As the tortoise was giving birth at the Garden State Tortoise Center, it’s founder, Chris Leone, noticed that the larger of the two hatchlings was struggling.

The two babies were sharing the same yolk sac and couldn’t detach.  Although intervening in such circumstances is not the usual go-to for Leone, he made a judgement call when observing the struggle that was occurring.  He felt that neither twin would survive without help separating.  It was necessary to wait for the yolk sac to be absorbed before he could intervene.

The procedure he used is a very delicate one.  Watching him, (with the aid of an assistant to hold the hatchlings still), use a piece of unwaxed plain dental floss to help them to naturally detach, was amazing.  The video below shows them doing so, in an incubator, after being placed on moist paper towels.  Within a few days they were able to separate.  They were eating and drinking well. These adorable little twins are thriving, thanks to Leone’s good judgement call.

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Video: The Fastest Tortoise Ever Chases A Pit Bull. The Dog’s Reaction Is Hysterical!

Over the years we have seen a wide variety of odd animal couples. From cheetahs and lions hanging out with dogs to donkeys and goats becoming inseparable. Meet the latest pair, an American pit bull terrier named Dolly and a sulfate tortoise by the name of Sheldon. The two have fast become best friends ever since they were rescued from the Humane Society of North Texas (www.hsnt.org/) by their awesome human friend.

The six year old turtle and three year old dog love to play and romp around together in the grassy yard. Dolly can be seen in the video barking as Sheldon speeds towards him. Dolly crouches low and smiles at her friend before side stepping out of his way. Little Sheldon is relentless and continues to hone in and bear down on Dolly but cannot quite seem to catch her. It looks like they could go back and forth for hours toying around and larking about. In fact, according to their owner, oftentimes Dolly will try to get her turtle pal to play with her favorite ball but Sheldon has yet to show any interest in doing so.

The pair are further proof that rescue animals often thrive and go on to fulfill long happy lives. They clearly have looked past their differences and accept each other regardless of species. And can you believe how fast Sheldon is?? He must be on TGH- turtle growth hormone!

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